Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden
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i am the only person who makes videos
MTV's Most Awkward Show
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Snapchat is so dumb
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Rich People Have Bad Taste
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Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
3 månader sedan
My New Favorite Bad Movie
4 månader sedan
The 90s Guide to the Internet
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Learning What Love Is
5 månader sedan
The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
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Gender Reveal Parties
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The Death of Laugh Tracks
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Ellen's Fall from Grace
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The Console Wars
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A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers
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Disney Channel Musicals
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The Real Drew Gooden
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YouTuber Books
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This Movie Has Every Stereotype
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casa casa
casa casa 13 timmar sedan
Fav show???
legrandliseur tri
legrandliseur tri 13 timmar sedan
To summ it up, judging by this video, I feel like the most important improvement she could do is more improvisation, less scripted, and just let everything be more natural. Even bad jokes are way funnier when they're spontaneous and part of a random story or conversation.
Sexay Shie
Sexay Shie 13 timmar sedan
4:46 This is my face 79% of the time.
Henry Bean
Henry Bean 13 timmar sedan
I couldnt agree MORE with your statement about bojack horseman that show is so fucking good
JustForComments 13 timmar sedan
hah ha HAAAH
Robert Martin
Robert Martin 13 timmar sedan
I personally liked the fourth season of Community. Don't get me wrong, it was not the greatest season, but for the first time watching the show and not having to wait a week for the next episode, it was ok.
Fish 13 timmar sedan
Just to let y’all know for Amazon, Good Omens is a great show Watch it you’re interested in a fiction/religious-satire/romantic comedy
Captain Sum Ting Wong
Captain Sum Ting Wong 13 timmar sedan
MadTv > SNL
GrizHawk22 13 timmar sedan
I have a terrible movie you need to watch Mamaboy, you Danny and Curtis all watched the trailer. Its so bad but I loved it
PoliteAnimatorGuy 13 timmar sedan
Noah Daugherty
Noah Daugherty 13 timmar sedan
PoliteAnimatorGuy 13 timmar sedan
It's like mainly kids are using these
Milo G
Milo G 13 timmar sedan
Please watch c me dance its incredible please
Alex Jech
Alex Jech 14 timmar sedan
Jake Frantz
Jake Frantz 14 timmar sedan
It's a bummer that Clive sucks so hard on the Big Fib, Rhys Darby is usually really funny. It seems like a case of miscasting the mind-numbing comedy relief with someone who is afraid to accidentally be genuine or off-beat so he's really struggling to ad-lib
Маша Кожевникова
Is this a real video? I’m freaking out. His face looks weird. Why is it so low?
boog 14 timmar sedan
just saying he shouldve called it “team 10k” for 10,000 so he stayed w the 10s
Certamaniac 14 timmar sedan
The captions at 15:05 call him "Daniel."
Brady Johnson
Brady Johnson 14 timmar sedan
He’s one of my favorite actors
Swiftly Several
Swiftly Several 14 timmar sedan
wait is that dio’s voice actor
chimetimepaprika 14 timmar sedan
Damn, I always fill my voids with drugs, sex, and Club Penguin
Reese Miller
Reese Miller 14 timmar sedan
I conquer, Drew. Too many wars going on in the stars
tina tigere
tina tigere 14 timmar sedan
after watching this I need you to go a video on glee & the cast
random gurlll
random gurlll 14 timmar sedan
The Death note movie on Netflix sucks-
Miranda Flood
Miranda Flood 14 timmar sedan
yvette nicole brown fake laughing is so funny
cj moore
cj moore 14 timmar sedan
when ur an enbie *swag*
Nicholas Stilinski
Nicholas Stilinski 14 timmar sedan
Did you just play Hail The Sun?!
Moonstriff Limestone
Moonstriff Limestone 14 timmar sedan
the mcdonalds monopoly thing was a scam??? :(
G White
G White 14 timmar sedan
I only recently watched Community in it’s entirety and while I could tell the last two seasons were off, it really didn’t feel that bad- at least compared to how other shows end up with dumpster fire endings. The sixth season help up to the same level of creativity and it would be awfully to bring it back for any reason. Most sitcoms just don’t seem funny to me, which made Community really stand out.
Pablo Federicci
Pablo Federicci 14 timmar sedan
5:30 why would you remind me of that?
Zach Barlow
Zach Barlow 14 timmar sedan
The only time I order food delivered is if it’s going to be delivered by an employee from the restaurant. I refuse to use any of these food delivery services.
Juan Hansbrough
Juan Hansbrough 14 timmar sedan
Their book looks soo interesting and I would love to buy it! But that would be another possession and I don't need more of those in my life
Xman Gaming
Xman Gaming 14 timmar sedan
Love that movie
Fake name
Fake name 14 timmar sedan
If you go to his about thing on youtube show your name more or less saying you were in you reacted to his video not criticizing him
Abz Vlogz
Abz Vlogz 14 timmar sedan
I never liked the Ace Family ever since the beginning.
Sippix 14 timmar sedan
27:43 rip
Grace Fitzgibbons
Grace Fitzgibbons 14 timmar sedan
i say “thoughts of scuicide” to myself at least three times a day
MelancholyMoon 14 timmar sedan
oh my god what is this
amanda smith
amanda smith 14 timmar sedan
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio 14 timmar sedan
Cyberpunk man. Cyberpunk.
illusion579 14 timmar sedan
Did he say HSM and not Wandavision... smh
superblouse94 14 timmar sedan
The handmaids tale is the best hulu Hbo Max, i don't really have a favorite Disney + is HSMTMTS Netflix is You!! This is all just my opinion
Carlos Morales
Carlos Morales 14 timmar sedan
the fact that I got a Netflix ad when he started talking about it lol
Holy _Not_Burnt_Potato
Holy _Not_Burnt_Potato 14 timmar sedan
The good day at the end of Stuart's email was the best thing I have ever read
Cyrek Johns
Cyrek Johns 14 timmar sedan
4:32 holy shit
griffin klautky
griffin klautky 14 timmar sedan
I half watched bojack as background noise while I did stuff like homework. I started watching it fully as soon as I realized that it was art.
Alex J Tanguay
Alex J Tanguay 14 timmar sedan
Vin Diesel has cemented himself as the creepiest guy to ever exist based on that one interview.
Mischief 14 timmar sedan
rick laxatives
TRUE NOT DREW 15 timmar sedan
I was watching The Last Man on Earth when it first premiered and I loved it! But then Hulu was the only place I could watch it and I couldn’t justify getting another streaming subscription to watch a single show 😭 Will Forte and Kristen Schaal are two of the funniest people in existence.
Jacob Michaels
Jacob Michaels 15 timmar sedan
bojack good
Devin Cote
Devin Cote 15 timmar sedan
If you want to really appreciate Wanda vision you have to watch every marvel movie ever made beforehand to really understand it
Swiftsaber203 15 timmar sedan
Is it bad that I break into uncontrollable laughter every time I see the scene where the kid falls off the cliff? Around 1:14 exactly.
TibbleTex 15 timmar sedan
Snapchat Discover will have "the best Fortnite trick shots" right above "What's your favorite boob size?"
WowUsagi 15 timmar sedan
I have no doubt that most of the cast are funny, and you can see that when John Mulaney or another good comedian comes in to host. I really do think it's the writers.
ttv temper
ttv temper 15 timmar sedan
Elizabeth olsen is still the best
ttv temper
ttv temper 15 timmar sedan
Jeez they are definitely look like when wanda and agatha were fighting and wanda started to age
maddy bru
maddy bru 15 timmar sedan
Alfredo Torres
Alfredo Torres 15 timmar sedan
Watch once upon atime its great if you are a disney fan
just a your average Joe
just a your average Joe 15 timmar sedan
I loved space force definitely could have been better but I liked it, it just really stands out when you agree with everything but one is thing
Moonlight Mirage
Moonlight Mirage 15 timmar sedan
So what are your opinions on High School Musical The Movie The Series? You mentioned it but just skimmed passed it
Zoe Kim
Zoe Kim 15 timmar sedan
i need you to do one of these annually
thewolfsogood 15 timmar sedan
Why tf are u making a review when u don’t even watch shit
WowUsagi 15 timmar sedan
Vin diesel is the rock's wario
Emiel 15 timmar sedan
He kept the Game of Thrones rant under 50 minutes, which I have never managed so good on him. And now I am mad again.
Ava Patterson
Ava Patterson 15 timmar sedan
Another sketch show on Netflix is aunty donnas big ol house of fun. It’s so much chaos but it’s so funny
sketchy. png
sketchy. png 15 timmar sedan
i was about to cry during the double prank scene I actually felt sad.
Oliver Litner
Oliver Litner 15 timmar sedan
drew you should watch flight of the conchords. i won’t have this rhys darby slander
thiccums 15 timmar sedan
He reminds me of big body bes but 1/4th of the intelligence
Dotcomslash 15 timmar sedan
only after watching this again did i realize he spelled it pespi on the screen in the background :/
sarah lynn
sarah lynn 15 timmar sedan
10:58 PLSSSS
Kitty Kilkup
Kitty Kilkup 15 timmar sedan
Honestly, if I was a youtuber I would save most of my money because that income isn't stable.
Saanvi Srivastava
Saanvi Srivastava 15 timmar sedan
Adam Perkins (creator of the "Hi, welcome to Chili's" vine) actually died recently on Sunday, April 11. Rest in peace
Jaswant Gadjradj
Jaswant Gadjradj 15 timmar sedan
I laughed so hard My bones were getting squishy😭😂😂😂😂☠
christopher 16 timmar sedan
drew, it's obvious that your stupid long finger knocked over the cup because you're clumsy and dumb. stop acting like it's some kind of mystery and own up to it like a man.
Bean Man Loves Turtles
Bean Man Loves Turtles 16 timmar sedan
if ur on computer fullscreen and press 6 on your keyboard
Extra Credit Productions
Extra Credit Productions 16 timmar sedan
To the people who chose the wedding: HA!
meadows brody
meadows brody 16 timmar sedan
Thank you for bringing light to last man on earth!! Everyone needs to watch it
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 16 timmar sedan
I went down on my back too hard and it made a sound and it now hurts, it feels a bit better now but it did NOT feel well
Free Range
Free Range 16 timmar sedan
I love Amazon,Drew!!! 🤬