Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone 

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30 nov 2020



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Andrea C
Andrea C 6 timmar sedan
I’d rather get my own food. What if the driver has grubby hands? Or they breathe on my food? No fuckin thank you
Zach Barlow
Zach Barlow 13 timmar sedan
The only time I order food delivered is if it’s going to be delivered by an employee from the restaurant. I refuse to use any of these food delivery services.
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio
Bryan Benedict Bonifacio 13 timmar sedan
Cyberpunk man. Cyberpunk.
Hailey Findlay
Hailey Findlay 22 timmar sedan
i ubereated food, that’s deadass what i say
Hales Dag sedan
As someone who works in food service, these apps fucking suck. Whenever there is an error we have no way to contact the customer or the driver so the order just gets lost in the abyss and then we get called with complaints.
16TheGotohell Dag sedan
Delivery apps don't ask restaurants. Doordash would send drivers to the restaurant I worked at when we didn't do takeout in general. The drivers would stand there awestruck at the idea that a pretty expensive restaurant didn't want to be undercut by a monster company that forces its way into their business. Fuck delivery apps.
Kevin mchebri
Kevin mchebri Dag sedan
This might be fucked up but I purposely mess up making ice cream orders where I work so people will stop ordering from us via delivery service app
CrownedByTheSun Dag sedan
i actually saved like 38% on my dinner tonight because I went directly through the restaurants website- who needs promo codes when you can save money while directly supporting your local business establishments :)))
zizzlevizzle Dag sedan
uber eats for sure
vegterble Dag sedan
I'm in shock there's no pinned comment
Ian Dumych
Ian Dumych Dag sedan
I actually do use Grubhub
Isaac Stevenson
Isaac Stevenson Dag sedan
I just say I ordered McDonald’s/whatever
Le Pie
Le Pie Dag sedan
grubhub perks give you deals on the food you love
Daniel O
Daniel O Dag sedan
uhhh the bigger delivery apps probably "loose" money because they are expanding so quickly. that quite a common theme along those new tech companies: amazon lost money for like a decade, uber is still losing money, airbnb lost money for quite a while. they are all basically buying market power with their losses
Berlian Aditya
Berlian Aditya Dag sedan
Maybe this is a chance for Gojek to come in
Needlepointsunrise 2 dagar sedan
Uber has since gotten rid of the small cart fee completely but the fact that they felt it was okay to take the money for so many years is ridiculous
BIGROBwazHERE 626 2 dagar sedan
Pretty sure I canceled my dash pass a few months ago only to see a subscription charge on my bank account. I was so confused....
Sam Fielder
Sam Fielder 2 dagar sedan
I got a survery about delivery apps before this video
CJ R 2 dagar sedan
I was about to say how glad I am that my work stopped working with doordash, but I was just fired/quit today so FUCK EM ALL IM GETTIN DRUNK
woeb0t 2 dagar sedan
Fuck door dash. They’re ruining my favorite businesses.
Odyy Boo
Odyy Boo 2 dagar sedan
Whenever I ordered from this taco place I love from Postmates my order was ALWAYS wrong. If I went to the place myself the order was right. I stopped using Postmates and will never again
Jada Michelle
Jada Michelle 2 dagar sedan
On Christmas, doordash didn't even know which places were closed, so I didn't even know a place was closed till I got there and the customer had already told me to leave it on his porch, luckily I still get half of what I normally get if I take a picture of the store being closed but it probably cost more gas to get there than what I actually made. I didn't even know i could get half pay if the store was closed until a dasher told me about it.
Samsquanch2355 2 dagar sedan
Literally the only delivery app I use is domino's app because I've had a problem like once out of the hundred times I've used it and they gave me a free pizza.
Tristan Dow
Tristan Dow 2 dagar sedan
all these apps are a biginnings to the huge automation of the future so theyre jumpstarting it to make sure it works anyone who made an original service will charge more then come competitors that achieve better prices then better conditions for work
Maggie Bequette
Maggie Bequette 2 dagar sedan
One time we got calls asking why DoorDash had such a long wait time. There was a visible tornado funnel. I turned the DoorDash tablet off so I could get all my employees in the bathroom and away from the front of the store which is 90% glass. Also no sane person is going to be driving for DoorDash during a tornado. Make your own goddamn food.
Harshvardhan Parmar
Harshvardhan Parmar 2 dagar sedan
This is what you get when you live in a country where economic development is more of a priority than welfare of the people
Lee 3 dagar sedan
Unless they find a way to cut costs somehow, I can't see this type of business model succeeding
Peace Master
Peace Master 3 dagar sedan
The monopoly scenario you're describing isn't something that has ever happened in the market. If someone tries to eliminate their competition to raise their prices, more competition emerges to undercut them. Prices being hiked up isn't a realistic problem, the problem is prices being so low that only these giant companies can afford to play in the market and all the smaller businesses get crushed underneath them. There's zero chance of a monopoly, but there's a real issue with the oligopoly.
MonkeyFeed 3 dagar sedan
yeah so i order from doordash and grubhub alot and ill tell you why they are losing money. their drivers stealing the food. I order there about 5-6 times a week (I know its bad but i work 14 hr days, get off me) and im my 5-6 times a week i have my order stolen by the driver about 1-2 times per week. meaning 1/3 of my orders are just being picked up by the driver and the driver drives home and says 'delivered' and eats my food. you can watch them drive and ive seen someone pull up to my address and i look outside and see them in their car and i walk out and right as i open my door they drive off and when i look back at my computer it says 'delivered' even though it wasnt. of course i always file a complaint and they have always refunded my money but in that is the problem. 1/3 orders is being taken so grubhub is basically losing money by me ordering from them. They REALLY REALLY need a way to track the drivers or write them up or something. Take it out of their pay is what i say. figure out a way that when the food is delivered the person who receives the food has to mark something as delivered or whatever before the driver can leave idk idgaf. All i know is drivers keep stealing my food. its become such a problem that every time i order i immediately call the restaurant and tell them that when the driver arrives to let them know that the customer is tracking the order and will report them if they dont deliver it correctly. THEN I immediately txt the driver once they accept the order and tell them i will be waiting outside and that I am tracking the order speed for 'quality assurance' and that I am a 'tester for doordash' or something to get them to think that I actually work there and that I will be tracking them for some sort of corporate quality control or some crap. that has gotten my orders from being stolen about half the time to only 1/5 so once a week. It got top the point where once I ordered food and the driver drove literally the opposite direction from my house and seemingly drove home and NEVER marked it as delivered. so i watched him parked at what i assume was his house for 3 hours until i called them and they canceled my order and apologized. I then reordered the SAME ORDER and a different driver picked up my food and drove like halfway to my house and marked it delivered. I never had a knock and when i walked outside there was no food. I called again and told them and they apologized and refunded me a second time. At this point I thought well it cant happen again right? like what are the odds? I am far too hungry to spend an hour cooking noodles and sauce and all that and thats all i had. So i placed a different order at a place that was really close.... long story short that order was also taken. 3 in a row. like if you want to know where doordash and grubhubs money is going its those thieves that take your food. some ppl have had better luck than me but i will say its a real problem. if you go onto reddit there is alot of ppl complaining about it.
Owen Gagnon
Owen Gagnon 3 dagar sedan
Lmao I got a doordash add before this video
Cole Hildebrand
Cole Hildebrand 3 dagar sedan
hahaha i got a doordash ad right before this
Shamus Duguay
Shamus Duguay 3 dagar sedan
Skip the dishes is absolutely the verb “wanna get skip?” Is usually how it goes
Langston Collins
Langston Collins 3 dagar sedan
Anyone else see aj Uber eats add before this video , the freaking irony
Bichen Up Ur -
Bichen Up Ur - 4 dagar sedan
So many businesses, companies, products have come about because....we're lazy
OddMakesArt 4 dagar sedan
lmao doordash ad on this video was perfect.
gamo 4 dagar sedan
watching this as i wait for ubereats
GPEGEMGTM3 4 dagar sedan
“Hi, I’m a cringey Postmates robot and would like to place a pickup order. Are you ready?”
Zombl337 4 dagar sedan
delivery apps are robbery
Logan Peerez
Logan Peerez 5 dagar sedan
this is actually super insightful because all of this happens on a day to day basis where i work
Šimon Ondra
Šimon Ondra 5 dagar sedan
I got 2 ads for food delivery apps on the beginning
•• 5 dagar sedan
thank you for the picture of a hot dog Drew Gooden
The Boyos
The Boyos 5 dagar sedan
I use postmates sometimes but when I do get delivery I almost always use uber eats, it's the one that sucks the least in my opinion. So whenever I order delivery I automatically use uber eats as the verb.
Casey and Breelyn
Casey and Breelyn 6 dagar sedan
and thats why capitalism isn't sustainable:)
doodoohead Jaworski
doodoohead Jaworski 6 dagar sedan
I got a door dash ad wtf
Sabrina Mitchell
Sabrina Mitchell 6 dagar sedan
Thank God within a 3 block radius I have two Italian /pizza places , a Chinese place a and a combo Thai food/fried chicken restaurant (you heard that right) so I always just go pick it up instead
Neel R
Neel R 6 dagar sedan
This would be great if it was sponsored by Hello Fresh
oh no
oh no 6 dagar sedan
I'm never using doordash again. Everytime I order anything from anywhere I never get the drink ever but always get charged for it. I get ice coffee and frappes and they a fortune and I never get them. And anytime they claim they dont have something they never refund me the whole amount because the workers at thecrestuarisnts steal your shit then claim the machine is broken then doordash wont refund you. I'm never using again. They never tell you they dont have what you ordered until your dasher already picked it up then refuse to refund you. Regardless of which restaurant it is. The bums working at these fast food places wont answer the phone because they know it's you calling to complain that your getting charged for nothing so they drink your 6 dollar drink for free. Then they can just act like the driver took it. I will never use fldoordash again fuck them. If you dont have what I want then tell me and I'll cancel and go elsewhere. Nothing but thieves in this world. 4 out of 5 times I used doordash this happened. I spent 125 dollars this week and got 2 medium fries 12 doughnuts and 2 frappes and an ice coffee and 20 price nugget for 125 dollars. I was supposed to get about twice the food for 100 dollars
Wunder Kidd
Wunder Kidd 6 dagar sedan
God the other day I payed 23 fucking dollars for one chipotle bowl.
Mihail Cholakov
Mihail Cholakov 7 dagar sedan
Business like Netflix make money not off of movies or their streaming service, they make the money off of their stock.
ELITERgamersUK 7 dagar sedan
I Deliveroo vindaloo.
Jonathan Barouch
Jonathan Barouch 7 dagar sedan
Californian here - Prop 22 actually would not have affected driver schedules at all. It was really clear in the text of the law, on purpose, to avoid this confusion. But the apps had so much fun lying loudly about it that no one noticed that the prop wouldn't help drivers at all, and now it's stuck on our books.
Rebby L
Rebby L 7 dagar sedan
Anyone know if skipthedishes is like this?
JAL _ 7 dagar sedan
As one who works in a restaurant DoorDash is sometimes the most annoying with customers calling with issues DoorDash caused. Totally still don’t use DoorDash for myself
Milica Pejin
Milica Pejin 7 dagar sedan
I usually order from Wolt. Prices are same as in the restaurants and delivery is only 1$.
Rylee G
Rylee G 8 dagar sedan
"Convenience.. Is very convenient."
Jeydan 8 dagar sedan
i cant take grubhub seriously
Brice Scanlon
Brice Scanlon 8 dagar sedan
I cook the food, you deliver the food, we do they for 40 years and then we die!
Hi Ich Bin Barney
Hi Ich Bin Barney 8 dagar sedan
Here in Germany there is like only 1 left of these services. It's a Dutch company, I believe, that ate all the other similar companies in one go. I had to order food from my favourite greek ... Well it's really just a small shack next door. But we are good buddies and he told me, he noticed I ordered once via delivery and told me about the price gauges and what not. But some things where inconsistent. In the pricings, like they don't add up so he told me that's because he really just doesn't want to have this hassle anymore, he makes good money because so many people order for delivery but he misses the interaction and people sharing stories when he prepares their food etc. I kinda feel him there, he is an old dude and been doing this for longer than I live. He still makes some of the best stuff I've ever tasted and gets me fed for a day for less than 10 bucks.
Zachary Mangoba
Zachary Mangoba 9 dagar sedan
I got a doordash add on this lol
Andrew Ulrich
Andrew Ulrich 9 dagar sedan
I used to deliver dominos and they don’t pay a delivery fee to you, only tips and in shop, door dash is much more profitable
Christopher Tvaroch
Christopher Tvaroch 9 dagar sedan
I think the only thing wrong with this video is thinking the driver isnt blamed for everything
The driver is just an employee, whose not responsible for the unsustainable and unethical workplace. The businesses don’t care about them and make it nearly impossible to do the job correctly and cleanly. :)
Kondrathe 9 dagar sedan
I know this video is old now but in case you're still curious, when I first started using delivery apps the only one I used was Uber Eats, and thats because I was living in dormitories and skip would always map the dorms to just anywhere on campus and then drivers would get mad at me and tell me I put the address in wrong. Uber drivers always showed up to the building I actually lived in.
Galaxygaurd 9 dagar sedan
**Eats delivered food with malicious intent**
koba 9 dagar sedan
Look at the actual price of things on the menus at the stores in person, they spike the numbers also
Kenny's Life Stories
Kenny's Life Stories 10 dagar sedan
There are a lot of staple Companies in America that run in the red, just like the rest of the country. They are unsustainable, and will eventually die, just like America. America is not the best country, and eventually, nobody will lend to us anymore. Approximate lifetime of a country is usually between 250 and 340 years. America is 244 years old.
Pan 10 dagar sedan
got a doordash add. on the video talking about the flaws of delivery apps
Derek L
Derek L 10 dagar sedan
i got a postmates ad on this video
Kane Adams
Kane Adams 10 dagar sedan
My verb is..drive
Kane Adams
Kane Adams 10 dagar sedan
The first time I ever ordered doordash I ordered some food and a drink from an Asian restaurant. I got my food order late and wasn't given my drink. When I called the restaurant they agreed that the driver that they gave the food to was untrustworthy and that they had given my full order and we're happy to completely refund me which I refused. Some doordash a****** was drinking my fruity drink happy as a mother f*****.
BallerBoy 11 dagar sedan
I literally got a door dash ad before this video. Great marketing
Nil_Pog 11 dagar sedan
hey guy
hep the great
hep the great 12 dagar sedan
You're assuming that these apps are the product... They're not. They're basically marketing for the eventual ipo that they're hoping that naïve millennials will buy into.
Rylee G
Rylee G 12 dagar sedan
Doordash is the Craigslist of food delivery apps
Rylee G
Rylee G 12 dagar sedan
I hate that I have to use these services so much lately cause I lost my car. I'M GOING BROKE and I still have to buy I new junker
thtlonelyguyify 12 dagar sedan
As a driver of doordash , while cash tips are appreciated, a lot of times if you only plan on tipping in cash your order will be passed around or declined a bunch because the base pay for an order is like 3$ and a lot of drivers won’t take it because it’s a waste of money and we can’t bank on a customer using a cash tip . Driving 11 miles for 3$ and not getting a tip is a huge waste of gas and time .
Potato Tagg
Potato Tagg 12 dagar sedan
I got an ad for Uber Eats on this video
Dennis Pierre
Dennis Pierre 12 dagar sedan
I once waited over an hour and a half for popcorn, pop, hotdog and candy from Cineplex. I ordered through UberEats. I tried to call three times...never picked up. He apparently had other drop-offs before mine. But one of the drops of was literally a couple blocks from my place. I don't blame the drive. I'm assuming the GPS gave him a certain route to follow.
Justin Dubay
Justin Dubay 12 dagar sedan
Best part is post mates put an add in n this video
TFG Television
TFG Television 12 dagar sedan
“Convenience is very convenient”
Jamie Pach
Jamie Pach 13 dagar sedan
I think this video got shadowbanned
Overtake Media
Overtake Media 13 dagar sedan
I got a door dash commercial before this, oh and like every other 3 videos I watch
jguitar151 13 dagar sedan
Got a grub hub and door dash ad
Scxtch 14 dagar sedan
"Delivery apps screw over everyone." "I've been using Hello Fresh for years!"
Emma Leigh
Emma Leigh 14 dagar sedan
I use Postmates as my go-to verb because it’s the app I used/downloaded first and the one I use most often 🤷🏻‍♀️
Your Local Meme Hut's Channel
There was a DoorDash ad before this video
NimTV 15 dagar sedan
I do work for Door Dash and I gotta say that I wish that a lot of the extra fees went to the drivers more.
Blacklily 15 dagar sedan
I’m the verb in these situations.
Matthew McGuire
Matthew McGuire 15 dagar sedan
Employee vs Freelance, Why not both? Why not just hire a number of drivers as full time employees in order to ensure a more consistent delivery service, but let other people work as independent contractors? Just hire those who apply with the best resumes up to however many employees they feel they need, and then everyone can just operate independently otherwise or when they aren’t on their shift. It would be more consistent with delivery times and those who really want to do it as a full time job could do so.
Vitória Costa
Vitória Costa 15 dagar sedan
in brazil we have ifood. and it is terrible.
Jacob Vautier
Jacob Vautier 16 dagar sedan
I just got a door dash ad on this video lol
Abby Mayglothling
Abby Mayglothling 16 dagar sedan
i like your shirt
Noah Henninger
Noah Henninger 16 dagar sedan
“convenience is very convenient” -Drew Gooden
Winter Wine
Winter Wine 16 dagar sedan
Not me getting a doordash ad before this too
Bo dog
Bo dog 16 dagar sedan
i got a delivery app ad from this
Randall T
Randall T 17 dagar sedan
How do Food Delivery Driver's Deliver Big Orders of $100 dollars to $700 dollars of 1 person holy damn that's alot of food depending on what it is also what if someone ordered $200 dollars worth of 2 Litre bottles of Coke/Pepsi oh what the Excercise would that be ....
Carrotman Mcgee
Carrotman Mcgee 17 dagar sedan
I just got a door dash ad
Christopher Hong
Christopher Hong 17 dagar sedan
There's certaintly a lot of dumb money thrown around by silicon valley investors... cough... Wework... cough*...
GxDLY 007 The Necrophobic
Me who just goes to the drive thru: i am in control.
im bored
im bored 18 dagar sedan
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