Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well 

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24 jun 2020



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Jenny Lambert
Jenny Lambert 9 månader sedan
SwiFTx 5 dagar sedan
bruh moment
keep itsteel
keep itsteel 16 dagar sedan
Commenting in the hope you still have notifications turned on, I've wasted .12 seconds of your time already, presuming your reading this and now furiously skimming through it..its now a full second of wasted time..
DaMarion The Knight
DaMarion The Knight Månad sedan
danny lost over 85k subs from this comment
an idiot
an idiot Månad sedan
I love how he pinned this tho
Murph theGangster
Murph theGangster Månad sedan
Me tooooooo! Omg we’re so quirkyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Omg!!!!
Mason Whitlark
Mason Whitlark 6 timmar sedan
My memory of Blank Check is purely just that montage of enjoying all the crazy expensive toys he had.
eve change3117
eve change3117 7 timmar sedan
i am danny sinclair - luv Ember Curry
sandwichvamp 8 timmar sedan
i remember watching blank check in middle school and just being extremely disgusted w the whole love interest thing. and my memory may be foggy but when that kiss scene happened, "EWWWW" was the only thing that whole school would ever hear from me except while at the counselor
Identity Unknown A
Identity Unknown A 9 timmar sedan
Btw my Alexa actually told me that she was going to self destruct and then started a countdown, then thanked me when I told her to stop self destructing. WTF 😂
Preston A.
Preston A. 10 timmar sedan
Eeeeyyyy gonna flex my mansion to my 30 year old girlfriend
Ryan B
Ryan B 19 timmar sedan
Got my Alexa thinking I want to kill it, thanks Drew.
Jessabella Productions
We didn’t even have *books*
Get GroGu Malled
Callingallgamers none of ur busness
Him: can you guess what company I’m going advertise Me: DISNEY PLU- wait
Jwubbz Dag sedan
12:49 the writers just got really lazy about how he spent his money so they just wrote “plan 442” as his biggest expense, also he paid 12.5K for a slide.
Daniel Crawford
Daniel Crawford Dag sedan
That at at shirt is fire
AngelofGrace96 2 dagar sedan
I would love to see him react to spy kids
Ubaidillah Ahmad
Ubaidillah Ahmad 2 dagar sedan
please stop blank check this is fucked up
Ubaidillah Ahmad
Ubaidillah Ahmad 2 dagar sedan
beauty and the beast is basically stockholm syndrome
JohnstasBACK 2 dagar sedan
i remember as a kid seeing this and it MESSED me up‼️
balltillifall88 2 dagar sedan
Pedophilia has always been an issue in Hollywood. It's not just some conspiracy theory.
Dalion Flucas
Dalion Flucas 2 dagar sedan
Drew I love you so much . I’m 27 too, and these movies and periods of time made me certain today that Disney totally indoctrinated me 😭😩 All I watched was Disney and now I am a sad adult :/
Noh Buddy
Noh Buddy 2 dagar sedan
I never watched Disney channel as a kid. Always felt off and weird to me. Commercials for only Disney stuff and they conviently had their actors also be singers/pop acts. It felt like watching a weird simulation
emichannn_ 2 dagar sedan
Freaky Friday 2003 is better in my opinion though :/
William Jackson
William Jackson 2 dagar sedan
I live literally a block away from the blank check house. The director of spy kids and shardnado lives in there. He never showed his face on Halloween, he only wore a Frankenstein mask and growled deeply.
Devin Wright
Devin Wright 2 dagar sedan
lol thanks for setting off my alexa self destruct....
write2pras84 2 dagar sedan
Oh man. I remember loving Blank Check. Mainly because growing up in India, many including me fantasized about living in America. So movies like Richie rich, and home alone, and blank check where young boys had the time of their lives really made us awestruck. Especially because we were also quite some ways behind in technology so a personal computer that could do all that was just phenomenal. And the kiss at the end was huge for little boys like me 😂
Enter name here
Enter name here 2 dagar sedan
I once got a ad for lady giga oreos And the night before i was talking to a feiend about that
Naomi 3 dagar sedan
A mansion for $150,000 ???? 😭😭
Moo Moo
Moo Moo 3 dagar sedan
Homophobes: noo, same sex relationship I no like Also Homophobes: 16 year kiss 32??? If straight, is fine
Kay D.
Kay D. 3 dagar sedan
Does anyone else remember the Even Stevens movie? That one didn’t age well at all.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Why? What was weird or creepy about that movie?
Gus H
Gus H 3 dagar sedan
"The movie only has one setting...the boat. All they needed was one boat" Ah yes Disney Channel should of just used one of their nimitz class aircraft carriers to shoot the movie on.
MARBLE HELIOS 4 dagar sedan
hahahaha i have a google home. Wait thats weird why are my lights flickeri-
Zwemer Z
Zwemer Z 4 dagar sedan
You just set off my Alexa and I got scared for a second that it actually was gonna happen
Amelia Thornsberry
Amelia Thornsberry 4 dagar sedan
all that boy has to do is get some cAnDiEs fOr cUtIeS
Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez 4 dagar sedan
Tony Borris
Tony Borris 5 dagar sedan
I know it was probably a joke but Beast did not kidnap Belle. Maurice, trying to save his own life from the wolves "trespassed" in the castle for safety. The Beast did not take it well because well he's the Beast. Belle finds him and volunteers herself in his place due to him being very ill. Also after finding Maurice in prison the Beast did pretty much told Belle to leave on her own accord before she made the offer. And no one start with the whole Stockholm crap.
Da Panda
Da Panda 5 dagar sedan
lol when you said “Alexa self destruct” I had headphones on and I don’t have an Alexa
King Moto
King Moto 5 dagar sedan
Black Bean
Black Bean 6 dagar sedan
3:10 This is just SAD smh😑😑😑😑😑😑
phoenix wills
phoenix wills 6 dagar sedan
drew its 4am. my alexa was on full volume. my mum has work in an hour and now shes awake early. im grounded.
M L 7 dagar sedan
Now I wanna watch the one leprechaun Disney movie
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
How was the guy who “gave” him the million dollars the bad guy? He committed fraud. The rich guy was totally in his right to want his money back.
Guilherme Godoi
Guilherme Godoi 7 dagar sedan
I wish i das that kid
Michael-Dillon Hayes
Michael-Dillon Hayes 7 dagar sedan
The woozy distance spectacularly roll because bow sicily coil below a two brochure. meek, cultured cooking
Starkid Pottah
Starkid Pottah 8 dagar sedan
Jokes on you my alexa isn't connected so she just said some random shit
Christian Sullivan
Christian Sullivan 8 dagar sedan
Everything in these videos is basically that one Jontron meme: "That one didn't age quite so well!"
Some_bagel 8 dagar sedan
amogus happy meal
Upson Pratt Jr.
Upson Pratt Jr. 8 dagar sedan
Nostalgia in your 20's? Just wait until you're in your 40's. It will really blow your mind.
Upson Pratt Jr.
Upson Pratt Jr. 4 dagar sedan
@Owen Gratzer I'll take your word for it
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 6 dagar sedan
I have nostalgia and I'm 13
nia 9 dagar sedan
got vv. nhjnnobgb
Jerry Owen
Jerry Owen 9 dagar sedan
The valuable cold interstingly wipe because garlic additionaly label vice a open stocking. nutritious, forgetful santa
Crid Crud
Crid Crud 9 dagar sedan
Crud is such a bad word. Who would ever say such a terrible word!
Admin Team gaming
Admin Team gaming 9 dagar sedan
6:08 im feelin’ so funky i just might break my pockets spraypaint my pants blue my shirt white and spraypaint a 🚫 on there an all of that stuff and push my hands into my pants out the pocket and turn into boyfriend from friday night funkin and start a ritual to summon parappa who will then start a ritual to summon the mouse of disney and then get the microphone and rap battle!
hanna 9 dagar sedan
i only watched like the 2018 version of freaky friday and it freaked me out so much that the mom when in her body felt "young again" or whatever bullshit it was and was ATTRACTED TO A CLASSMATE OF FER DAUGHTER
GoosieGoose 9 dagar sedan
They really put an adult and a toddler kissing on Disney..
mONEy 9 dagar sedan
I lived in a small town in Ontario Canada. It has about 35k people. There is one asian restaurant there. I cant understand them half the time. They have very thick Asian accents. It's not racist. It's real.
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 6 dagar sedan
Okay but when the actor who plays them doesn't actually have the accents it's racist lol.
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 10 dagar sedan
im gonna be honest, I thought he was advertising Nord vpn.
saturn 10 dagar sedan
I completely forgot Blank Check existed. I first watched it when I was like, 10, and I didn't understand why my parents insisted on fast-forwarding through the part with the date, and also the ending. Now I know. I vaguely remember it as being a kiss on the cheek, but that was probably just my brain remembering it as something innocent. Damn, that's creepy. Like they couldn't have just framed it as "kid has a crush on an older woman, how cute" but they made her like him back??? WTF
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Same thing for me! Do you think the scene at 11:30 somehow looks even more creepy than the kiss? When the woman was staring at the boy with that hungry look in her eyes I was scared she was going to ask him to spend the night at her house
Isabella Wilson
Isabella Wilson 10 dagar sedan
I’m confused on what he means he didn’t have books...just me?
shocktipuss_ 10 dagar sedan
6:58 oh my gosh you just reminded me of one of the worst Disney movies ever
Sarah Kinnon
Sarah Kinnon 10 dagar sedan
Drew: "my parents were very strict abt what i was aloud to watch. i wasnt even aloud to watch cartoon network until i was 13." me (who wasnt aloud to watch disney channel and nickelodeon until was 11 and really never was aloud to watch cartoon network): you think thats strict huh? do you even know what PBS kids is? try watching mickey mouse club house when youre in fifth grade.
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 6 dagar sedan
Lol I loved pbs.
Elise B
Elise B 10 dagar sedan
stuck in the suburbs was one of my most favorite dcom but i NEVER understood, even as a kid, why they chose taren. i remember thinking how weird it looked but also how badly i wished that i lost my cell phone to a celebrity pop star
I remember blank cheque
Sushmita Tambe
Sushmita Tambe 11 dagar sedan
When he told Alexa to self destruct my Alexa said voice Not recognised self destruct not initiated and I’m not sleeping tonight
UNICA 11 dagar sedan
Hi Ich Bin Barney
Hi Ich Bin Barney 11 dagar sedan
I was today years old when I found out, Disney has a some strange ties with China, given the racist depictions and recent Mulan adaptations being filmed in front of slave camps AND, more importantly, I'd argue, Drew, whom I know for a whopping half an hour is the same age as me.
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
I’m surprised Drew is that many years old to begin with
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 11 dagar sedan
You know, they could have saved the movie if she just said, “You’re too young” just saying
Mr_ Tinez
Mr_ Tinez 11 dagar sedan
Y all, Stephanie Meyer wrote Host and it was a love story between 2 guys nearly 30 yo and a 17 yo girl... And then there is twilight which is a 17 yo girl and a 100 yo dude and her daughter who is newborn gets imprinted on by a 18yo Taylor Lautner... That's a lady that needs to be on a watch list or something.
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 11 dagar sedan
And then never allowed anywhere
Mak 56
Mak 56 11 dagar sedan
I just realised that Danny and Drew’s initials are the same
Bees a little nerd Bird
MikeJ 2016
MikeJ 2016 11 dagar sedan
Blank check was one of my favorite fucking movies when I was a child don’t fucking shit on it. But now that I’m an adult I see how messed up it is but I still like it.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Yeah. Do you think the scene at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kiss?
Food Is good
Food Is good 11 dagar sedan
crapy vloger
Diane Brooks
Diane Brooks 11 dagar sedan
I remember seeing Black Check as a kid and thinking it was a cool movie. Then it got to the dating scene and I was like.. wat..... Even as a kid I was creeped out
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Yeah, it was one thing when the boy had a crush on the woman, but it was weird when she obviously felt the same way about him too. Do you think the part at 11:30 looks even more weird than the kissing scene?
Mushed Me
Mushed Me 12 dagar sedan
13:34 why did i do the swag/ f boy face
Robert Michael Adams
Robert Michael Adams 12 dagar sedan
"thats the song.."
xTB0NEx 12 dagar sedan
Escape to Witch Mtn., remember that?
Sabby G
Sabby G 12 dagar sedan
lmao my alexa actually heard him and said like 3 2 1 kaboom ... phew and then i dont rember the rest lol
Kalil Campbell
Kalil Campbell 12 dagar sedan
My girlfriend and I watched Blank Check a few nights ago. We thought it would be nice to take a trip down nostalgia lane but, nope, we were creeped out. Never mind that the film is garbage, who in their right minds over at Disney thought this was ok???
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Yeah. Do you think the part at 11:30 looks even more creepy than the kissing scene? I was scared the woman was going to ask the boy to spend the night at her house when she was staring at him with that hungry look in hey eyes!
Yeet 42
Yeet 42 12 dagar sedan
Soon as there lips touched I slammed my laptop closed
Pat Lund
Pat Lund 12 dagar sedan
I love Blank Check. The part where he kisses the adult woman is weird though.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur 2 dagar sedan
Agreed! But do you think the scene at 11:30 looks even more creepy?
Pat Lund
Pat Lund 12 dagar sedan
Smart house is so good.
Pat Lund
Pat Lund 12 dagar sedan
I think that the body change in the 2003 Freaky Friday is actually the most believable one.
Overtake Media
Overtake Media 13 dagar sedan
wait that movie was about 9/11?!?!
Seapenguin _
Seapenguin _ 13 dagar sedan
Sorry but I don’t own an Alexa. Get wrecked
11 11
11 11 13 dagar sedan
Michelle 14 dagar sedan
Oh my goodness! I grew up with the Disney channel and watching ALL of these same movies. I haven't thought of them since the early 2000's, but here you are! Thanks for the laughs!
Cal _eh
Cal _eh 14 dagar sedan
I feel like that magic example wasn’t even that bad lol.
Tallulah. 14 dagar sedan
You son of a gun I'm watching this to go to sleep and my alexa starts counting down to self destruct and I'm trying to figure out where the best place to hide from a bomb in my room is ;-;
GDeathNplayzz 14 dagar sedan
Who els s alexa listened to drew
Esther Sparrow
Esther Sparrow 15 dagar sedan
6:48 Anybody else triggered to smoke...and eat? 😅
sus he
sus he 15 dagar sedan
Black check is bad, but milk money is even worse. 😐
izzy chan Nyan Cat
izzy chan Nyan Cat 15 dagar sedan
"Change your location to.. I dont know.. Texas" Me, already there: ;-;
Fairylou 15 dagar sedan
My Alexa went off.
jess xs
jess xs 15 dagar sedan
Eletto Creative
Eletto Creative 15 dagar sedan
It's a shame... SVdown had so many chances to advertise the right show next to this video, but they chose to try and sell me Lizzie McGuire...
Irrelevant Destruction
Irrelevant Destruction 16 dagar sedan
"This is some strange racist bullshit." Random asian movie reviewer.
keep itsteel
keep itsteel 16 dagar sedan
And now.. Micheal the magic magic magic magic 🎩
MIDNIGHT STAR 16 dagar sedan
ok but how di you cancel a multi million dollar corporation.
pinkpeppers55 16 dagar sedan
Oh gosh, I totally repressed blank check and now I'm getting hit with all those plotholes and cringe 😬
Nina Veselinovic
Nina Veselinovic 16 dagar sedan
You can’t fool me, that’s Cody Ko
RuinedReality 16 dagar sedan
in 6 or 7 years he would only be 15 or 16 i am dying.. lmao!
Scouty Riese
Scouty Riese 16 dagar sedan
Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that Danny has a persona named Drew Gooden?
ALegendYT 16 dagar sedan
It’s actually Drew who has a persona of Danny
Zack Green
Zack Green 17 dagar sedan
I guessed nord vpn
aannddrreeaa 17 dagar sedan
My fave disney movies were Pixel Perfect and You Wish.