Ellen's Fall from Grace 

Drew Gooden
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22 aug 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Anish Suresh
Anish Suresh 7 månader sedan
ellen more like ellen
a e s t h e t i c s k y
I don't get it
hi Månad sedan
Ellen smellen not pog
hugo jiménez
hugo jiménez Månad sedan
Lucas Dorsky
Lucas Dorsky 2 månader sedan
Princess Kim
Princess Kim 2 månader sedan
More like Hell-en 🚪🕺🏾
MessyNect 8 timmar sedan
I want to pet his cat so bad
Miss Wyte
Miss Wyte 12 timmar sedan
Thank god RM of BTS put her in her place at the Grammy red carpet
tina tigere
tina tigere 14 timmar sedan
after watching this I need you to go a video on glee & the cast
LorenzoMii123 20 timmar sedan
If Ellen invited me on her show and gave me a bunch of old stuff, she owe us gen z-ers an apology, yeah I was raised differently
roee burla
roee burla Dag sedan
I'm gonna say it,his haircut is not absolutely stunning.
Ubaidillah Ahmad
either you remember your supposed to be positive or become an asshole like ellen
Christina Marie Hicks
Parents know what you do for fun with tanner patrick..
Christina Marie Hicks
Hiding from law..
Christina Marie Hicks
Go back to school..what you 14, 15 years old..
Christina Marie Hicks
Busy scamming ..no life..
Christina Marie Hicks
Go back to school smart mouth kid..
Ava Rhinehart
Ava Rhinehart Dag sedan
Wait did Ellen think the amazing artist was trying to paint the colors photo exact? It's called.... creativity... it's a painting..... u use awesome random colors in art because u can... and it's not a photo
Ryan Gagnon
Ryan Gagnon Dag sedan
You remind me of John Mulaney
Andrea the Music Owl
I'm sure a lot of these stories are true and I'm not defending Ellen , but that story about people who couldn't look at her sounded a bit silly. If it was true, she needs therapy.
Williambrss john
Williambrss john 2 dagar sedan
Cia karen
S.p.u.d -
S.p.u.d - 2 dagar sedan
Ellen degenerate
Trine Hemmelig
Trine Hemmelig 2 dagar sedan
Wow, that moment with the interpreter is horrible. I've been a professional translator for years, and we look up to interpreters because their job is so difficult. How extremely stressful it must be to be made fun of like that in front of everyone.
Evan Austin
Evan Austin 2 dagar sedan
I didn't notice he was wearing his kids pop dad shirt lol
Mike Keltner
Mike Keltner 2 dagar sedan
Awful intolerant for someone as tolerate as the great Ellen
Konstantinos Sioutis
Konstantinos Sioutis 2 dagar sedan
i like your haircut
User Oogle
User Oogle 2 dagar sedan
Me not being American and not understanding why people see this dumb shows.
Bash Bash
Bash Bash 3 dagar sedan
Her show is like the Karen headquarters
Alex 3 dagar sedan
4:05 omg i feel so bad for jb 😭. Ellen is horrible.
thenipplerenaissance 3 dagar sedan
when english and chinese arent the same language and its inconvenient
thenipplerenaissance 3 dagar sedan
as a hair stylist ur wife did a better job than i could
Coffee Jack
Coffee Jack 3 dagar sedan
I'd love to see Bill Burr on the Ellen show just verbally returning the shit that she says.
Coffee Jack
Coffee Jack 3 dagar sedan
Ellen degenerate.
Cloudy Pie
Cloudy Pie 3 dagar sedan
I'm confused: do these kids not know how to open a can?
LYCANSS999 4 dagar sedan
Weird hearing about a mean person from another mean person, a grown man with the face of an adolescent, but old. And also kind of hard to believe you're married to a woman.
Entertainment Chat Podcast
Your hair looks the same to be honest
sierra G. M.
sierra G. M. 4 dagar sedan
Anthony White
Anthony White 4 dagar sedan
What’s the song playing at the very end of the video?
Corz Illa
Corz Illa 5 dagar sedan
Phuck Ellen who really cares about what she says or does. Too many people really.
Starx 5 dagar sedan
Why does Ellen hate young people SHEE WAS YOUUNG TOO
A Red Motorcycle
A Red Motorcycle 5 dagar sedan
She acted like Napoleon Dynamite did the art work.
Baby Yoda
Baby Yoda 5 dagar sedan
I remember when she pressured Robert Downey jr into saying that a iron man 4 is in production despite the fact that he said that he said that legally he couldn’t talk about it then he proceeded to die in endgame
EbonyRain123 5 dagar sedan
That art is better than any thing I've made in years...
EbonyRain123 5 dagar sedan
Funny thing my dad taught me how to use all these things except the sewing machine and map... I've used a real rotary phone too so lol Ellen!
philj212 5 dagar sedan
her eyes are ice cold
SpeakEvanese _
SpeakEvanese _ 5 dagar sedan
jb is my friends initials lol
Kirsty Walker
Kirsty Walker 6 dagar sedan
Jay lenno defence was she gave 125 million dollars. Donations to charity aren’t good guy credits.you do it because you want to
psychosparten049 .Esquire
Sam O'Hara-Childs
Sam O'Hara-Childs 7 dagar sedan
Incisive and skilled 👌
Toben Kirbo
Toben Kirbo 7 dagar sedan
Glad he definitely was not talking bout my art. What I sent him was so good. Right drew? Right?
Everything Animal Crossing
That’s an oil panting, I’m an artist and an oil painting can take Weeks possibly months smh
hongsien kwee
hongsien kwee 7 dagar sedan
Strange how some people have to show off how much money they give for charity on TV......
Joshua Cabezas
Joshua Cabezas 7 dagar sedan
Drew why your ping so high
Daniel Mitchell
Daniel Mitchell 7 dagar sedan
12:44 how did I know he was gonna be Brian!?
Michael Snell
Michael Snell 7 dagar sedan
13:00 “Oh, by whom?” And you claim to not be smart..
ramdom rad
ramdom rad 8 dagar sedan
haircut bad!!!
Knight Arcane
Knight Arcane 8 dagar sedan
Ellen Is Buddy Buddy with Epstein just FYI
Drawtastic Art
Drawtastic Art 8 dagar sedan
ellen degenerate
Yes But No
Yes But No 8 dagar sedan
someone should make a show where they give a boomer 30 seconds to call someone on a smart phone or use google maps idk
Whiskey Bottle
Whiskey Bottle 8 dagar sedan
Isn't it fascinating that someone like Gordon Ramsey who's known to insult and rage towards people on his shows doesn't go through shit like this but Ellen who's known for being generous and radiating good vibes around her does?
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
@Whiskey Bottle I get this. I know how he was. What I really mean is he knows he’s being tough and harsh on them but he doesn’t act otherwise. Even though he can be way nicer about it
Whiskey Bottle
Whiskey Bottle 7 dagar sedan
@PSheng WengWeng Gordon isn't really an asshole though. Not sure if you watch his stuff (i highly recommend you do) but what he does is tough love. He never yells or tells someone off for no reason. Sure, he isn't really nice either but he is as fair as they come. Plus he teaches people how to be great in the kitchen and helps hotels/restourants recover from going bankrupt. Ellen on the other hand just brings celebrities on her program, makes them feel unconfomtable, doesn't add anything to society and treats people like dog shit for no reason when the spotlight isn't on her. She can just go to hell really.
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
Gordon Ramsey knows he’s an asshole and doesn’t pretend to be otherwise. Ellen is an asshole but does pretend to be otherwise. That’s the problem.
Joshua Koonts
Joshua Koonts 8 dagar sedan
This makes me realize that I'm a total piece of shit cause i ate all this stuff up no problem.
John Szabo
John Szabo 8 dagar sedan
This dude sounds vaguely like John Mulaney
Emeka Uzor
Emeka Uzor 8 dagar sedan
Hey, can you get out of my house? 😅😂
Samil Purmeswar
Samil Purmeswar 8 dagar sedan
I never expected her to be nice. I mean, she is sort of openly mean; that's her act, no?
Turtleproof 8 dagar sedan
Miles Horatio Standish Esquire the IIIrd shows up: "My dear Ellen, mayhap you demonstrate the operation of THIS DEVICE?" *Pulls the tarp off of a printing press
Unknown 9 dagar sedan
Bro! Drew reminds me of John Mulaney
ThePeacefulBuddah 234
ThePeacefulBuddah 234 9 dagar sedan
700 days in quarantine is looking more and more likely each day
ThePeacefulBuddah 234
ThePeacefulBuddah 234 8 dagar sedan
Honestly we probably will
ataricynical 8 dagar sedan
felt that ☠️
Jerry Owen
Jerry Owen 9 dagar sedan
The aware italian regionally slow because sheet conservatively scream against a aboriginal kangaroo. tall, sweet beret
Jerry Owen
Jerry Owen 9 dagar sedan
The sordid instruction anaerobically coil because finger algorithmically welcome beside a remarkable beat. blue-eyed, damp shell
Sam Williams
Sam Williams 9 dagar sedan
I wish we didn't have to trade Minkah Fitzpatrick.
Grant Bartley
Grant Bartley 9 dagar sedan
She should change her last name to Highwater.
ri ri
ri ri 9 dagar sedan
but that painting was good. that painting was good. THAT PAINTING WAS SO GOOD-
Daniela rivera
Daniela rivera 9 dagar sedan
shark tale uwu
Hat pal
Hat pal 10 dagar sedan
How the trio deals with the law Danny: review his legal action Kurtis: flirt Drew:”it’s just a rumor “
CodyScriblyn 10 dagar sedan
I hate her.
I have a name? wait
I have a name? wait 10 dagar sedan
I hate the Chinese part, do you know how hard to translate English to Chinese? Frick this logic, you think one question is that easy to translate?
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
It bothered me so much!
simply_A 10 dagar sedan
When that audience was laughing at that one girl that took for her sister extra, it looked like they were told to laugh. Like forced. Did you know that there are people in audience that are paid to clap and be there so it would look like Ellen has an audience?
Daniel 10 dagar sedan
ellen is literally mom off futurama
Criceto 10 dagar sedan
Ellen just hurts to watch, she manipulated someone into admitting something they didn’t want to say, that thing being that said someone was pregnant, and just a week later had a miscarriage, so if she would’ve just not been an asshole, she probably wouldn’t of admitted she’s pregnant as soon, and this breaking news and subsequent sad events wouldn’t of been news to literally everyone, and she is obviously homophobic and seems racist, she’s just a total asshole and a total hypocrite, and I’m just gonna stop because now I’m mad.
Raminez Dery
Raminez Dery 10 dagar sedan
The towering utensil essentially pass because red predominantly care but a cooperative transmission. organic, elated eggplant
BigBoyH0mi3 Yes
BigBoyH0mi3 Yes 10 dagar sedan
The only reason people didn't roast her often before this, is because they would be called homophobic and get nae naed by all the people who like Ellen.
blnmssw 10 dagar sedan
Ellen DeGenerates
Heather Chandler
Heather Chandler 10 dagar sedan
I saw her interview Megan Hilty (she is more of a Broadway actress then mainstream stuff, so many people don’t know her) it was clear Ellen wanted to get through this interview so quickly so that she could interview more famous people. It was horrible, she barely let Megan talk about why she was there, and treated her like trash.
Psychoactive 10 dagar sedan
There's a lot of shitty stuff on here, but it's a little over the top to act like the "young people figuring out how to use technology" bit is the height of cruelty... maybe they could even it out with having an older person try to use modern things? Hold her accountable, yeah, but lightly roasting Zoomers is... pretty tame.
123. 4567
123. 4567 11 dagar sedan
Yall help, did Jay leno do something bad?
David Kartwright
David Kartwright 11 dagar sedan
I didn't know Grace was giving piggy back rides. Did she and Porsha both giddy up?
Van Trinh
Van Trinh 11 dagar sedan
Some of your criticisms are nit-picky, only some others are ok. Your way of speaking is rather judgmental and annoying. Couldn't finish half of the video. Yikes!
heckin 7 dagar sedan
he's a commentary youtuber lmao he's just relaying what the rest of the internet thinks the problems are
Lil Duzer
Lil Duzer 11 dagar sedan
If David don't get cancelled than people are hypocrat and have double standards
Frank Fiorentino
Frank Fiorentino 11 dagar sedan
I mean the only thing funny about ellen is she got her ears from obama
CLIPPED 11 dagar sedan
can someone tell me why in 2020 this news suddenly came out that ellen is toxic. She has been disrespectful to guests before 2020, im confused? Also amazing how Ellen was made out to be an angel, often commenting on social issues, giving positivity etc
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 7 dagar sedan
What are you going to do? Scream?
heckin 7 dagar sedan
why? she's not a good person and it's not good to pretend that she is
karlwashere123 11 dagar sedan
The Mariah Carey thing is absolutely awful.
Banana 11 dagar sedan
It seems like everyone has forgotten about this whole thing now, really disappointing
Short and Fat
Short and Fat 11 dagar sedan
Joseph Yankee
Joseph Yankee 11 dagar sedan
Ellen: “Do you know what a clock is?” Contestant: “Do you know what work ethic is?”
Jack-a-boy 1408
Jack-a-boy 1408 11 dagar sedan
I just now noticed the road work ahead sine and I have one thing so say... I sure hope it does
fabian _
fabian _ 12 dagar sedan
kanyes ellen interview makes so much sense now
Moffattman 93
Moffattman 93 12 dagar sedan
Wow, she's not a nice person. That's a shame.
NickyVendetta 12 dagar sedan
For someone that's suppose to be a LGBT icon, she sure is fucking judgmental.
zoeemiya 12 dagar sedan
14:14 that’s actually sociopathic behavior, pretending that you’re some sort of saint, or a genuinely kind and caring person, but can instantly drop your act and take off your mask the second you deem them properly swooned by you, and take advantage of them and twist everything and anything that makes contact with or already exists in their life to destroy it.
Farbror Olof
Farbror Olof 12 dagar sedan
U should have seen her interview with David Blaine, awful..
wildbunny101 12 dagar sedan
Ohhh, this is the guy who did the "road work ahead vine"? :O
Jackson Wilt
Jackson Wilt 12 dagar sedan
lol i just got an amazon ad after drew trashed jeff bezos
Michael Haggart
Michael Haggart 12 dagar sedan
Your haircut bad stinky
Lorelei Geyer Lamb
Lorelei Geyer Lamb 13 dagar sedan
Ellen invited a Trans makeup influencer called Nikki onto the show and didn't let her use any bathrooms, so she had to go find another. All of the other guests got bathrooms, but not Nikki.
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