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I think it's time to not do this anymore please
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16 sep 2020



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Christopher Amador
Christopher Amador 7 månader sedan
Im not gonna watch this one, thanks anyways drew
Artistically Annelise
Artistically Annelise 3 dagar sedan
Ay 69
Tequila Joseph
Tequila Joseph 4 dagar sedan
can you watch now
Kerokerokun -
Kerokerokun - 4 dagar sedan
@Endgame is Bad 😐
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 5 dagar sedan
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 6 dagar sedan
69K likes, nice
V. Luck
V. Luck 2 timmar sedan
I love how my ad is for gender reveal parties
Sean Powers
Sean Powers 7 timmar sedan
*Drew using the excuse of a bad day to represent a ridiculous way of getting out of murder* The officer working the case of the vicious hate crime/murder of 8 Asian-Americans: "seems reasonable"
Bread Theif
Bread Theif 7 timmar sedan
ah yes. ginger reveals are great
Friendly Neighborhood Anarchist
3:54 this aged really badly
sketchy. png
sketchy. png 15 timmar sedan
3:53 didn't that age well, huh.
ZJC922 Dag sedan
I just found your channel and my god do you remind me of John Mulaney
Døn't Førget Abøut TØP
Wow, if I tried to buy a bomb online here in the uk I'd probably be arrested and placed under police observation 👀
mum or dad they need help.this is just so sad to look at just look at these crazy individuals have they nothing better to do,just pull the pants down just two choices,look at the food why oh why have this so sad people
this is just so sad to look at just look at these crazy individuals have they nothing better to do,just pull the pants down just two choices, look at the food why oh why have this so sad people
Emily Dag sedan
I was surprised to find out that California has eucalyptus! The history is very interesting. Sorry about the major damage they cause :( - love, an Australian
mokkeflufff Dag sedan
glad i didnt get one cuz im trans and thatll be embarassin for them
Annabelle Roussel
the only good gender reveal parties are transgender reveal parties
Karen Miranda
Karen Miranda Dag sedan
What’s wrong with pregnant women and their brained washed baby daddies? Pathetic, nobody cares....
Blastoise 2 dagar sedan
Welcome to Gender Reveal World BUM BUM BUM BA BUM
jeb bryant
jeb bryant 2 dagar sedan
The coloured dog poop joke has legit turned me around on gender reveals I’m definitely doing one now
Legitamerica 2 dagar sedan
That first court scene did not age well 😐
Destiny B
Destiny B 2 dagar sedan
I’m so mad that the “I was having a bad day.” was actually used in court and it worked.
Twig the trash possum
Twig the trash possum 2 dagar sedan
As a nonbinary person I can cofirm that gender is a scam invented so people can burn down their homes with pink or blue gunpower
Joseph Putnam Evans
Joseph Putnam Evans 2 dagar sedan
Love that 0:45 "ginger reveal party." Having an Asian wife and everything, a ginger would be some really long odds for me...
Dalton Kanton
Dalton Kanton 2 dagar sedan
The “He just had a bad day” comment was way ahead of its time
Reese Baxter
Reese Baxter 2 dagar sedan
Nah birds kill people too, they’re dinosaurs
Kyra deRoo
Kyra deRoo 2 dagar sedan
I kept hearing ginger reveal party which is less disturbing for some reason
N999OON 3 dagar sedan
0:45 ginger reveal? I hope it's a pink ginger
PyGhost386 3 dagar sedan
the kid who indirectyly caused this is prolly borrn now 0-0
Coffee Jack
Coffee Jack 3 dagar sedan
Gender reveal parties sounds like some shit suburban white moms would invent to deal with the plastic fantastic nightmare neighborhood that they live in.
Max Pupillo
Max Pupillo 3 dagar sedan
I’ll be honest me and some family friends throw a SMALL party and we only do it for a party and it’s on the most memorable day, flag day...
Max Pupillo
Max Pupillo 3 dagar sedan
Btw no explosives
miss voorhees
miss voorhees 3 dagar sedan
When I have another child,I will release coloured acid rain to let the UK know my child is an alien 👽
SpaceIt OW
SpaceIt OW 3 dagar sedan
i still dont know if it was a boy or a girl
Kentucky Fried Children
“What’s your favorite band?” “Boy, Girl, and Fire”
Fanis Tsaousis
Fanis Tsaousis 3 dagar sedan
this guy has a loanshark for sponsor
Sir Truths
Sir Truths 3 dagar sedan
"Sorry i burned down your house Debra, cant you just be excited we found out about the genitals on my baby!"
Crandles_Sandles 3 dagar sedan
Hell ye merica
A W 4 dagar sedan
Of course he was border patrol. Only the finest lol
Mugshortty _
Mugshortty _ 4 dagar sedan
The whole “I was just having a bad day” skit hits home now
itsjustbmo 4 dagar sedan
god forbid, if i have children, i will drop one (1) bath bomb into a hot tub or something and it’ll just dissolve into black. surprise! it’s the antichrist!
pizza boy
pizza boy 4 dagar sedan
Imagine having a kill count before you were born.
PUFFER101 4 dagar sedan
I am upset that people are stupid SHE IS THE ONE WE SHOULD LISTEN TO TIK TOK cough cough just saying don't eat tide pods.
Leilani Munch
Leilani Munch 5 dagar sedan
i love your shirt gooden
ThatLittleKitten 5 dagar sedan
Who the fuck names their kids Everleigh and Posie
GlibertTheFrog 5 dagar sedan
Imagine being trans after having you dad burn down California to announce your gender
Clara McGrath
Clara McGrath 6 dagar sedan
Hmm hmm, you said doo doo. I’m so sorry.
re n
re n 6 dagar sedan
Ive never noticed how similar drew looks to the Olsen twins, he looks like the male version of ashley and mary kate
Emily James
Emily James 6 dagar sedan
"Ginger reveal parties"
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 6 dagar sedan
0:36 heh… you said doo-doo
The Sun
The Sun 6 dagar sedan
Does anyone know who started the fire in 2020?
Spooks Rat
Spooks Rat 6 dagar sedan
3:54 the fact that this is lowkey somthing that happened kills me
Eibteeda 7 dagar sedan
No one: My brain: Did he just say ginger reveal...
Beth Boyce
Beth Boyce 7 dagar sedan
There's people like this, then there's me. I would be a smatass/dumbass about it. Like buying a giant balloon that when popped, would reveal a gender symbol balloon, then after a couple seconds I would pop it again and it would shoot out the opposite colour.
iexinoir 7 dagar sedan
broke: hosting a gender reveal for your baby woke: hosting a gender reveal party for your trans friend
Eva Lantsman
Eva Lantsman 7 dagar sedan
Ok im sorry, but 3:50 “i was just having a bad day” Further proves how history repeats itsself but then also multiplies in the damage
Hudson Asher
Hudson Asher 8 dagar sedan
“I was just having a bad day” ...that did not age well...
wild uni
wild uni 8 dagar sedan
The fact that he predicted the Asian hate crime court case is insane
TheBendalorianBricks 8 dagar sedan
“It shouldn’t be this easy” the motto of American weapons
Anthony Rygalski
Anthony Rygalski 8 dagar sedan
FloatingBlossom 8 dagar sedan
“But did you die”?
Wagwan Fam
Wagwan Fam 8 dagar sedan
3:35 well that didn't age well
A Person Who Does Person Things
goosie woosie
goosie woosie 9 dagar sedan
0:44 did he just say ginger reveal party
I’m very Sketchy
I’m very Sketchy 9 dagar sedan
3:50 didn’t age well-
BrownBear 5 dagar sedan
Wait did I miss a news story?
Super 8 dagar sedan
tekiitou 9 dagar sedan
personally i will be eventually becoming the president and then assigning certain countries blue or red and then whichever country wins is the gender :)
x_Alpha_x 9 dagar sedan
Just got an ad for a gender reveal party idea website on a video explaining why gender reveal parties are bad
soyxtic 9 dagar sedan
My parents never had a gender reveal party because in my country no one cares what gender your baby is
Tyler Alberico
Tyler Alberico 9 dagar sedan
3:54 did not age well zoinks
Caroline Luppip
Caroline Luppip 9 dagar sedan
People need to stop making money off of this it's a baby what is the big deal.
Ryann E.
Ryann E. 9 dagar sedan
I also can’t stand the way these parties tend to pit parents against each other. Like, one of them is always disappointed by the gender, which is already terrible, but there’s also video evidence of your dad being upset that you’re a girl like he lost a bet or something. It’s just another layer of disgusting to the whole thing. Honestly, the theme of your party should be “Happy Healthy Child” because that’s something no one can be upset about.
OhSoNerdy 9 dagar sedan
The “Just having a bad day” skit hits a lot harder now
sxturrn Solarr
sxturrn Solarr 9 dagar sedan
guys you heard him go check the link for the description :)
NanobotsRollOut t
NanobotsRollOut t 10 dagar sedan
Gender reveal parties are statistically more dangerous than dinosaurs! 😂😂
Liam Allen
Liam Allen 10 dagar sedan
That bad day sketch hits different.
Lean Armada
Lean Armada 10 dagar sedan
3:47 "...had a bad day" ooof same words said by that officer in GA after the Asian spa shooting..
Ernesto Acosta
Ernesto Acosta 10 dagar sedan
I ran to the comments when he said that
mylastbraincell 10 dagar sedan
But it's not even a GENDER reveal party it's a GENITALIA reveal party. Unless of course you can ask the baby in the mother's stomach and they would already know because that's normal
ImNootPingu 11 dagar sedan
WRONG 1,000 humans are killed per year from crocodiles, CROCODILES ARE DINOSAURS BOOM ROASTED
Courtney bridge
Courtney bridge 11 dagar sedan
There's nothing wrong with a gender reveal. Just do it safely.
ShinySahil 11 dagar sedan
What is the weirdest gender reveal party announcement you can think of, tell me, I wanna know how fked people are
Weird Thoughts?
Weird Thoughts? 11 dagar sedan
My family told me they had a huge celebration for mine. And I'm now non binary.. Nice
Joe H.S
Joe H.S 11 dagar sedan
8:16 yeah tell that to anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers
Jemma Pelle
Jemma Pelle 11 dagar sedan
Its a.. abortion?
peter hany
peter hany 11 dagar sedan
i bet corona was a gender reveal bat eating contest
Scootakip 11 dagar sedan
The "I was just having a bad day" joke at 3:50 hits far too close to home now, considering recent events. Holy shit
Weird Thoughts?
Weird Thoughts? 11 dagar sedan
Yeah that just played for me. I feel so bad for what happened
Trezele Mabalaya
Trezele Mabalaya 12 dagar sedan
love that the world has fallen apart so much, that Drew’s joke about a criminal trying to justify their crimes by saying they “had a bad day”, is now being used as an actual excuse for murdering 6 asian women.
The Medicated Artist
The Medicated Artist 12 dagar sedan
Man, that courtroom skit did not age well
melissa Martinez
melissa Martinez 12 dagar sedan
The fact that the excuse of “having a bad day” is no longer a funny joke to make.... how can that joke turn out to be the exact reality
CyberVirtual 12 dagar sedan
If a LGBTQ SJW was invited to a gender reveal party, their reaction would be hilarious!!!
Weird Thoughts?
Weird Thoughts? 11 dagar sedan
Yeah, I still have to come out to my parents as non binary and they told me they had a huge celebration for mine. 😄👍
Lu 12 dagar sedan
I can always tell when Drew takes long to upload, because everytime I see a video of him on my feed, I click thinking it's new, only to see that I've already liked the damn video!! DREW UPLOAD MORE!!!
Sarah Kate
Sarah Kate 13 dagar sedan
"I didnt mean to kill all those people, I was just having a bad day" aged like milk
tt 13 dagar sedan
how the hell did you predict the future drew🤨
hangry 13 dagar sedan
I am upset, that people are stupid
Designed 13 dagar sedan
Imagine telling your grandparents in the afterlife that you died because some guy wanted to tell the world what private parts their babies had.
Doge 13 dagar sedan
Sets state on fire Hey but it’s a girl. Baby born Wait it’s a boy Ah the ultra sound was wrong but at least the fire was pink am. I right
Doge 13 dagar sedan
For my gender reveal party we went to a school shot people and saw what color the blood was to find out
Charles Landry
Charles Landry 13 dagar sedan
3:33 Well that aged well...
occasional memes
occasional memes 13 dagar sedan
Mimi Roof
Mimi Roof 14 dagar sedan
The doctor couldn't find out what my gender was and my mom thought it was a boy, I am not.
Jacob Kwan
Jacob Kwan 14 dagar sedan
3:54 It's sad that this has come true
occasional memes
occasional memes 13 dagar sedan
Christopher B. Kundiman
i just learned today ur more likely to die in a gender reveal party then swimming in shark invented waters. and i didn't surprised by that.
Nathaniel Snider
Nathaniel Snider 13 dagar sedan
penguinz0? misleading stat it should be "you're more likely to die from a gender reveal party than a shark attack" not all shark attacks were in "shark infested waters"
Obxskimmer Vlogs
Obxskimmer Vlogs 14 dagar sedan
3:55 is strangely accurate with the recent shooting in Atlanta
occasional memes
occasional memes 13 dagar sedan
River 14 dagar sedan
the „He was just having a bad day“ didn’t age well
River 8 dagar sedan
@Thomas Greenwood there were 8 asians killed and a police officer sad that he was just having a bad day (so that that was the reason he killed them)
Thomas Greenwood
Thomas Greenwood 8 dagar sedan
Explain (I live in the U.K. And pay no attention to the news)
mya may
mya may 14 dagar sedan
ginger reveal parties
Apeksha Adhikari
Apeksha Adhikari 15 dagar sedan
"I was just having a bad day" was enough for a white supremacists to murderer 9 people, 6 whom are asian american
Isabel Street
Isabel Street 15 dagar sedan
3:49 this didn't age well-
Isabel Street
Isabel Street Dag sedan
@Nabeel Nitro because this man shot 6 Asian women and the police played it off as if the man was having a "bad day". obviously drew posted this video a long time before this happened but what he was saying was very similar to this situation.
Nabeel Nitro
Nabeel Nitro Dag sedan
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