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24 jul 2020



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Ben Shawn
Ben Shawn 8 månader sedan
Why did you pin this
Sam Nickell
Sam Nickell 5 dagar sedan
Porky 27 dagar sedan
@Server_ I'm sorry bro 😔
Server_ 27 dagar sedan
@Porky jesus christ, people can't stop brining politics into everything
mayhem ⟭⟬
mayhem ⟭⟬ Månad sedan
almost 500 replies
hhyx fiction
hhyx fiction Månad sedan
Vreilous 58 sekunder sedan
When I worked at Costco there was a sort of training video being like: "Hey here's all the COOL departments you can work in! OH HEY DISABLED PEOPLE CAN WORK TOO HERES A GUY IN A WHEELCHAIR! HE THINKS HES PEOPLE!!!!"
Attins Gaming
Attins Gaming 28 minuter sedan
I have the same shirt as you lol
Cooporial 9 timmar sedan
9:40 mins in is the starting sound from Welcome to the machine by Pink Floyd
Emily Diekemper
Emily Diekemper 18 timmar sedan
Wait, Chuck E. Cheese is bankrupt? Then how come I still see their locations around? Wouldn't they have had to remove all external paraphernalia when their lease expired because they couldn't pay it anymore because they were bankrupt? Or is it the kind of bankruptcy where you just say that you're bankrupt to get a tax break but you do still have money? I'm so confused.
Edit Devil
Edit Devil 21 timme sedan
Garbage Baby
Garbage Baby Dag sedan
Fast food employee horror story (and it’s a doozy): TL;DR: DO NOT EVER GO TO WENDYS IN MICHIGAN So luckily I’ve never worked in fast food but my boyfriend has. He worked at Wendy’s for several months, and within those several months the shit he experienced was ABSURD. now first, not only did they never show him a training video, they literally just never trained him, in fact NO ONE got trained. They threw you into the kitchen, said “make this” and then you had to ask the other employees who were also not trained how to do it, many of which would give conflicting answers. Now let’s talk about some of the bat shit insane people he worked with ok? (Names will be changed lest these people ever see this though I doubt they will. First of all we’re his 2 main managers let’s call them Andy and morby. Not only did these fuckers constantly complain during work and at several points just did literally nothing, but they refused to admit they were only giving my boyfriend HALF of his pay for several weeks (don’t work he got it figured out eventually but damn) and also were pretty sure andy got morby pregnant (they were supposedly not dating and Andy is married with kids) and then THEY BOTH QUIT DURING A SHIFT leaving the rest of the employees stranded with no manager. Next up we have G and Mini. Holy shit these ones are something. For starters They started dating when G was Lin his late 30’s and Mini was about 20 so there’s that but it gets worse don’t worry. Not only was their relationship incredibly toxic with G being abusive, Mini constantly cheating on him with co-workers, and the fact that one day they came into work after having gotten into a car accident that morning because they were fighting so much. They eventually broke up (but still called each other babe at work so yeah sure) BUT THEN BOUGHT AN ACTUAL LITERAL PET BABY ALLIGATOR TOGETHER AND BROUGHT IT INTO WORK LIKE HOLY SHIT WHAT THE ACCTUAL FUCK GUYS??? The last real bad one was Katie, who was pregnant and already had a kid but DID smoke several cigarettes a day WHILE ON SHift AND COOKING NOT TO MENTION PREGNANT. and while my bf was cooking fries she would stand in front of his station eating fries and if he tried to do his job she would tell him to move. There’s nothing wrong with stealing a fry or 2 now and then but she would literally sit there for minutes at a time just eating. The only good employee they had was Zendaya. She has a condition that meant she couldn’t stand for more than like 2 or 3 hours at a time and she needed 15 minute breaks ever hour because her legs were in shrieking pain. Needless to say... she never got her breaks. This job affected my boyfriend so much, this job fucked UP his mental state, he worked 25 hours a week, and with those few hours a week he had already pretty badly injured his wrist and his back. They tried to stick him with 31 hours after the managers quit and the thought of that literally gave him a mental breakdown that’s not a joke I was calming him down and watching him cry for hours over it. Lucky he quit and has a much nicer job in a tea shop now but OH MY GOD THE HORROR STORIES.
Quos Koan
Quos Koan Dag sedan
I would like to think I've seen both ends of it. I train people in this type of work, and I take pride in going both out of my way to prepare them for both the hard work involved, but to make the introduction easier. But if the higher ups merely endlessly squeeze all skill and willingness out of every brand until it endlessly fractures into more franchises.....and middle management plays along....and at the end customers complain about the inevitable decline in service....this type of work is hell. It *can* be pleasant if hard work. The higher ups can be *good*. You can have a place that has largely good customers. That's *never* the norm. If anyone hates this kind of work, I can I think, fully understand them.
tas manian.
tas manian. Dag sedan
Andrew don't interrupt .
Adam G
Adam G Dag sedan
I typed in Andrew for Express VPN so many times, keeps saying page not found. Weird, must be a bug
Disgusted Trevor
Disgusted Trevor 2 dagar sedan
is this an return or an extange? YES
Zoe Lee
Zoe Lee 2 dagar sedan
Drew's eyebrow raises at the Wendy's "revisionist history" part give me life
Mr. Case
Mr. Case 2 dagar sedan
“Selling is service, and service is selling”
Joshua Sanchez
Joshua Sanchez 2 dagar sedan
Love this video I am a little stinker.
Risk Leonhart Gaming
Risk Leonhart Gaming 2 dagar sedan
12:30 As someone who works with food, Why is she back there without a hair net? And why aren't they wearing the appropriate gloves? Seems like she needs to be sucked into a training video about food safety.
Natasha Haley
Natasha Haley 3 dagar sedan
8:53 the biness lol
Matt Rushton
Matt Rushton 4 dagar sedan
I closest thing we had at Red Lobster was online tests we had to do at work
Nathanael Dobson
Nathanael Dobson 4 dagar sedan
I worked at Wendy's where you can get simultaneously get burned by grease, cheated on, yelled at by coworker and costomer and receive payment.
Andrew w
Andrew w 4 dagar sedan
Hey Drew, my name is Andrew, not Drew. I get it.
Kennedy Carpenter
Kennedy Carpenter 4 dagar sedan
no one will see this but when i worked at Justice (a US store for tween girls) i had to watch a vhs tape (keep in mind, it's 2019) about how to stop someone from shop lifting except it was 5 episodes long, each ranging from 15 to 30 minutes and there were 3 shop lifters, Mr. Lift, Mr. Steal, and Mama. it was very weird and in about episode 3, they did sing a song. it overall taught me nothing because it was from the 90s and shoplifting has since gotten new strategies, but watching 2 greasy men in all leather pretend to steal children's jeans was pretty entertaining.
Laina Del Pay
Laina Del Pay 4 dagar sedan
I saw this too
Person I guess
Person I guess 4 dagar sedan
i saw this, and that’s pretty epic
Gianna Hayes
Gianna Hayes 4 dagar sedan
og my gosh i just realized he looks kinda like eddie redmayne lol
That one girl
That one girl 4 dagar sedan
What, that’s not Chuck E. Cheese?🥺😣😖
yaicob.com 5 dagar sedan
The Wendy's grill video was so groovy.
Beth Boyce
Beth Boyce 5 dagar sedan
My mom used to work at Wendy's, she used to open. She actually had a story when someone forgot to add the patty, and the woman came running back in, waving it around and screeching "WHERE'S THE BEEF?" While laughing.
rex on a surfboard
rex on a surfboard 5 dagar sedan
the Wendys training video is the best thing in the entire universe
Mark Twane
Mark Twane 5 dagar sedan
Did they really just insert the intro to "Welcome to the Machine" @ 9:40 thinking we wouldn't notice??
Thomas Bolinger
Thomas Bolinger 6 dagar sedan
At 9:42, is that the beginning of Welcome To The Machine by Pink Floyd?
juliet martin
juliet martin 6 dagar sedan
my training videos have always been terribly boring. at dunkin’ you have to create an account with dunkin’ university i think it’s called? and watch 12 hours of videos broken into 30+ courses and take tests after every one to make sure you were paying attention. quizzing on the heat of coffee and bacon and how to clean the milk machines. i wanted to blow my brains out honestly. you get paid hourly for watching them but it was truly the most grueling part of my time there even when i worked a few 3am-3pm shifts. at jimmy john’s my manager just “forgot” to show me them
Chris Rollins
Chris Rollins 8 dagar sedan
The videos i had to watch at fedex freight were pretty epic. Lots of mannequins driving or being runover by forklifts
Hayley Hellbound
Hayley Hellbound 8 dagar sedan
9:08 as a Wendy’s worker currently I’m cackling
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 8 dagar sedan
5pm + 10 hours = 3am. You worked at wendy's until 3 am ?
Joseph Majual
Joseph Majual 9 dagar sedan
Damn Wendy’s sampled welcome to the machine by Pink Floyd
Gaming Gaming
Gaming Gaming 9 dagar sedan
hey i have that blockbuster shirt too
oxi egw
oxi egw 10 dagar sedan
wow that hair look really good on you. I think it's the sideburns
spookycat 10 dagar sedan
mmm primark. not a vhs but..... there was such a long video we basically spent the first two days just watching powerpoints and these hordible videos
Noah Harris
Noah Harris 11 dagar sedan
I just realized this, but in the Wendy's one their idea was to make employees watch a training tape of a guy... watching a training tape..?
Ethel Spell
Ethel Spell 11 dagar sedan
I worked at Wendy’s, too. What a time
Angel Mendez
Angel Mendez 12 dagar sedan
I had a friend that worked at Chuck E. Cheese and to be honest with you the costume is very dirty and smells bad
Juliet Whiskey221
Juliet Whiskey221 12 dagar sedan
5:39 sounds like five nights at freddy’s
Victoria Rich
Victoria Rich 13 dagar sedan
I worked at chuckecheese in 2011, I watched that exact outdated training video. I was the pizza guy but everyone had to take turns wearing the costume. So yeah......I've been in the rat suit. You're not allowed to speak while in the costume and the first time I wore the costume I walked out of the training room/costume closet a kid got scared of me and started crying. I apologized to the mom and walked away. My manager pulled me aside immediately and said these exact words "I don't care if that kid was crying, don't fucking talk in the suit." That place was a literal shit show. I ended up quitting because they wanted me to clean shit and vomit out of the tubes lining the ceiling that kids crawl through. I got that job thinking I was going to be making food. I barely made any food.
being sad is overrated
being sad is overrated 13 dagar sedan
I used to work at a CVS, and I had to do this onboarding thing when I first started. Our store had this shitty, greasy ass little iPad that I had to keep at my register so I could do the trainings. It was basically a little powerpoint thing you had to click through while a robot lady read them out loud to you, but sometimes it made you go do stuff. For one of them I remember I had to go over to the fridge, check a thing of milk, and make sure it wasn't expired. My personal favorite "units" were money laundering prevention and teen drug abuse prevention, which I did not get paid enough to deal with. there werent any songs tho, so 0/10 from me
Animal Planet’s
Animal Planet’s 13 dagar sedan
Sorry hi Danny
Gr33n 14 dagar sedan
I am pretty sure I worked at a kitchen for a physical rehab place and under their shitty union we had to watch a vhs about work safety.
tinymeows 14 dagar sedan
as a furry who frequented conventions in the before times, the chuck E cheese time out thing doesn't even faze me, though it shows how cheap the suit must be bc there are ways to install fans in the head and stuff to make the heat more bearable. and those eyes are so small, how can you see ANYTHING in that thing? most fursuiters have a friend as a handler to check on them and make sure they're safe, and cons have dedicated rooms with the AC cranked. not to mention water stations everywhere! not like furry conventions were big in the 80s though, lmao
bioket 14 dagar sedan
Old Navy definitely had a weird ass training DVD. I vividly remember the fashion montage of what to wear to work which was basically just telling employees to also shop at old navy and only wear capris
Rose Winter
Rose Winter 15 dagar sedan
Lmao just the thought of them not actually caring if they have to faint, just that they don’t want it to happen in front of the children is very believable that it’s not even funny yet im also laughing haha
Elly Surface
Elly Surface 15 dagar sedan
The place I work at, when I first started the computer based training was outdated. They had these guys who couldn't act and the did a rip off mythbusters theme. It was so lame. It was hard not to fall asleep. So glad they updated it and got rid of the videos. We do have a CBT for active shooters. Omg was the acting hilarious. You couldn't help but laugh at the guy getting beat with a fire extinguisher.
Whitleypedia 15 dagar sedan
They turned Chuck E Cheese into Poochie
Hidden Manna
Hidden Manna 15 dagar sedan
Who's idea was it to make a mascot a rat for a pizza joint..?
Will O.
Will O. 15 dagar sedan
I like how they pretend the beginning of the Wendy's song wasn't the into the welcome to the machine
Butterflywingz 16 dagar sedan
Shut up, Julie!
Mitch McCann
Mitch McCann 16 dagar sedan
Did you add "Welcome To The Machine"?
negative creep
negative creep 16 dagar sedan
the wendy’s music smacks
Lorenzo Morris
Lorenzo Morris 16 dagar sedan
What if there are sprinlocks so don't sweat😰😰😰😰 oh no aghhhhhhhhhh
Jayla Seymour
Jayla Seymour 16 dagar sedan
Rats are actually one of the cleanest animals
ABBY DUVALL 17 dagar sedan
I get that Drew. People always call me Abigail even though that's not my name.
Chance Will
Chance Will 17 dagar sedan
Too bad I'm vegetarian. I'd love to eat the best burger inabiness
Falstaff Jr
Falstaff Jr 18 dagar sedan
Aren't all basketball games "blacked-out"?
Freggy can
Freggy can 18 dagar sedan
the first 30 seconds or so is just him talking ab`out his 2021 self
Buckets 19 dagar sedan
Zugly Monster
Zugly Monster 19 dagar sedan
That new Chuck E looks like he's on meth
Justin Wescott
Justin Wescott 19 dagar sedan
The training video calls him Chucky, but that's not his name, it's Chuck. Chuck E. Cheese. Fun fact: The E stands for Entertainment.
Awakening Navigator
Awakening Navigator 20 dagar sedan
Why is the billionaire founder of Wendy’s filming his add in a dark closet? 😄
Lacey Ann
Lacey Ann 21 dag sedan
I lost it at the time out signal 😂😂
Not your Papi
Not your Papi 21 dag sedan
I just found you and honestly havent had this good of laughs in a while.. thank you!
Andrew M
Andrew M 22 dagar sedan
they showed us at Shopko
SouperAsylum 23 dagar sedan
I worked at TJmaxx when I was 17. I actually was forced to sit and watch VHS training videos and two of them were awful 90s raps. This was in 2014 but at least I got paid to do it!
Jean Barque
Jean Barque 23 dagar sedan
You did better videos but at the end, at the begging of advertissement, you remind me to cut my hair, thanks! I m serious.. 🙂🤣 really🙃🏅
DJ Rich
DJ Rich 24 dagar sedan
Hi Andrew
Oya Kaptanoğlu
Oya Kaptanoğlu 24 dagar sedan
I never comment on youtube but i literaly logged in just because i HAVE TO share this lab safety video we watched for a course svdown.info/post/video/a4lslLCVoK-Kksk.html i've seen plenty of safety instruction videos and they're usually incredibly boring but this production was probably the single continuously funny 40 minutes i've ever watched
Justin Schicker
Justin Schicker 24 dagar sedan
YES the Nintendo one was my immediate thought when you talked about the rabbit hole
DuffinThe Muffin
DuffinThe Muffin 25 dagar sedan
That insert of "human meat" made me laugh a bit
Claude Jones
Claude Jones 25 dagar sedan
I know my profile picture is a pink floyd album so I may seem a bit biased, but at the beginning of the wendy's training tape at around 9:45, a clip of the Song "Welcome to the Machine" by Pink Floyd plays before being cut out by the wendy's song
Pspcypis 26 dagar sedan
I don't like that drew says rats are disgusting... I love them 🥺
Kasssandra Gonzalez
Kasssandra Gonzalez 26 dagar sedan
At Warby Parker we watched training videos and powerpoints to teach us how to use the POS system, read Rx, and interact with customers. It was just as corny as the VHS trainings in this video. 🤣🤣
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 26 dagar sedan
That was my experience working at Wendy’s. Short changed on wages.
Pcmast3r 27 dagar sedan
"Turns out they were beautiful women this whole time" the plot of every anime ever
Riddle Me Fish
Riddle Me Fish 28 dagar sedan
5:39 by "in trouble" they likely mean overheating in costume
Isaak Weidman
Isaak Weidman 28 dagar sedan
The wendy's bit where the camera is in the screen used the beginning sound from welcome to the machine by pink floyd. Just wanted to share that
Nearbychannel 29 dagar sedan
is this greg?
Cotton Cande
Cotton Cande 19 dagar sedan
No, it’s a citizen of Kurtistown!
Ellie Bear
Ellie Bear 29 dagar sedan
I was so scared of chucky cheese, I would always get to the other side of the room when he came out.
John Kistler
John Kistler Månad sedan
I remember in high school I opened my school email one day and I found that my friend had emailed me the Chuck E. Cheese training video with no context. I watched the whole thing and laughed my ass off the whole time. I miss that guy.
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas Månad sedan
Is that Owen Wilson in a chefs hat?
just liz
just liz Månad sedan
I found my way back to this video, just to hear the intro, after watching the sad boy podcast, I feel sorry for you. You make me laugh but I never knew what’s behind the joy that I always get from you. We love you Drew, stay well x
Georg3 28 dagar sedan
What happened
Aubrey Low
Aubrey Low Månad sedan
I watched this video so long ago and I’m STILL so mad at your Wendy’s manager. You deserved better.
C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Månad sedan
The elegant cupboard methodologically knit because quart worrisomely strip pro a puny gliding. wrong, irate drawer
Ryan Preston
Ryan Preston Månad sedan
lol ive seen plenty of corny training videos in my day. The worst though was Wal-mart, I had two brief stints there during college. However one of the times they had a whole video on the dangers of unionization. During orientation. An orientation video about the dangers of joining a union. If you can ever find that I think it'd make great content.
A.Ffirmative Månad sedan
Charles Entertainment Cheese
Whitney Jameson
Whitney Jameson Månad sedan
I worked at a Wendy's in a college dorm for 6 months. Some of my favorite management moments (all involving the same manager): -Her telling me I was opening a trash bag the wrong way -Her telling me I was opening a paper bag wrong -Her telling me there was no point in putting a sign out to let the customers know we were out of spicy nuggets because "They'll find out when they get to the counter" (so, after they'd already waited 15-30 minutes) -Me asking her about the pay schedule and her telling me, "Oh, it's complicated. Go clean the lobby." -Going through a 2 hour rush (where we had at least 10 people in line the whole time) with me on the register and the her on the make line. Once we finally got a chance to catch up, she immediately started asking me rapid fire questions about whether I had cleaned the lobby/condiment stand -We hit a rush right as I was supposed to get off. Finally, 1.5 hours after I was supposed to leave, we finally got a chance to catch up and everything calmed down. I told her, "I'm supposed to leave now" because I was trying to be polite about it. To which she replied, "Are you supposed to leave now or are you supposed to ask me if you can leave now if I'm done with you?" -Her routinely scheduling me for 36-38 hours/week (not including the amount of time I worked past when I was scheduled) and then would give me shit about not wanting to come in on my one day off during the week because "I'm only a part time worker" TLDR: Fuck Wendy's
bria •́‿•̀
bria •́‿•̀ Månad sedan
the entire intro sent me
Anna Rose
Anna Rose Månad sedan
I worked for a gas stations and i had to watch a video about not selling booze to drunk people and how to handle it and they had a guy pretending to be drunk in the video
cj222100 Månad sedan
I actually did watch a training video like these back in 1999 when I got a job for Michael's Arts & Crafts. It was just as awkward & badly acted &ridiculous as these. My favorite part was when they were explaining what not to do when bagging glass items customers purchased, & the actor playing the cashier literally throws a vase in a bag, bangs it on the counter, then hands a bag of shattered glass to the customer like nothing's wrong
Ethan Klemish
Ethan Klemish Månad sedan
Bill grew as a person, lived a whole life, made a best friend (or fell in love, i bet their wedding was beautiful), and then came back to reality. I feel
Quatre Raberba Winner
The patties are square to maximize storage volume
TheDoofyEllie Månad sedan
Uh, hello hello! Uhm, for today's lesson we will be continuing our training on proper suit handeling technique. When using an animatronic as a suit, please ensure that the animatronic parts are tightly compressed and fastened, by the spring lock located around inside of the suit. It may take a few moments, position your head and torso between these parts, in a manner where you can move and speak. Try not to nudge or press against ANY of the spring locks inside the suit. Do not touch the spring lock at any time. Do not breathe on a spring lock, as mouisture may loosen them, and cause them to break loose. Incase that the spring lock comes loose while wearing the suit, please try to maneuver away from populated areas, before bleeding out, as to not ruin the customer experience. As always, if there is ever an emergency, please go to the designated safe room. Every location is filled with 1 extra room, that is not included in the digital map layout programmed for the animatronics or (security systems?). This room is hidden to customers and animatronics, and is always off camera. As always, remember to smile, as you are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza
North Warner
North Warner Månad sedan
Look up best buys tag TV songs they are corny as hell
Mriya6 Månad sedan
So when you question the time out signal at 5:52, yes, fainting from overheating is a very real danger when wearing a fursuit or mascot costume. All furry cons that I've been to (since 2012 when I started at least) have a panel for people's first con where they'll explain that if a fursuiter is fanning their face (or making the "out of air" throat chopping gesture that divers use, it varies), don't interrupt them and let them pass, or help guide them to the headless lounge or elevators, because they're overheating and may even need help. And yes fursuiters have definitely fainted in suit at conventions and staff are trained to recognise and respond to this.
Rebecca S
Rebecca S Månad sedan
I like this hair cut
A_BrightDawn Månad sedan
10:23 when did this turn into parappa
reallue Månad sedan
The more I watch this channel the madder I get that drew doesn't have a series of videos on how to do clever videos, especially covering comic editing. I would love to learn how to do this
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