Learning What Love Is 

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22 okt 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
mary 5 månader sedan
didn’t even need to watch the video to know i needed to dislike.
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 23 timmar sedan
@maya yaser and that’s 615 at the moment
餅抹茶 氷お茶
餅抹茶 氷お茶 4 dagar sedan
@leave me alone paper clip
TheGenderman 4 dagar sedan
Do you just hate on every Drew Gooden video just because?
Callie Sommers
Callie Sommers 9 dagar sedan
I don’t understand if this is sarcastic or not
Korri.Pre 11 dagar sedan
Don’t disrespect Drew like that you eggplant of a person
Moonstriff Limestone
Moonstriff Limestone 13 timmar sedan
Honestly, as someone whose not sure if they are aromantic, alloromantic or aro-spec, a video about how you know if you're feeling romantic love would be really helpful.
cherryriot Dag sedan
i love ted danson in this video so fucking much. he's completely unhinged
coolguy Dag sedan
ted is so close to snapping
Josie Edgell
Josie Edgell 3 dagar sedan
thanks, now I want cake.
Certamaniac 3 dagar sedan
2:53 such Ben Wyatt vibes.
Mister Justice
Mister Justice 3 dagar sedan
This dude just keeps getting better looking with age.
Elijah Pippin
Elijah Pippin 3 dagar sedan
Not I, but the Spice Girls
So this is where all the comedy went. .
The Immortal Sun-kun
The Immortal Sun-kun 6 dagar sedan
This whole thing is like a fever dream.
Jess The Awfully Hideous Mess
6:52-6:55 always makes me laugh and I have no idea why
b0n3l3ss baenanas
b0n3l3ss baenanas 10 dagar sedan
the whole bit surrounding sol gordon’s false obituary is one of my favorite ‘lil nuggets of chaos on this platform
b0n3l3ss baenanas
b0n3l3ss baenanas 10 dagar sedan
that one person saying “‘planet z’. . . yeah” is my aesthetic
croissantcrust 10 dagar sedan
Why does drew fr give off substitute teacher energy tho, like a young pessimistic one in tight pants that hates his life
merdab8 11 dagar sedan
This is giving me Strong Kids Safe Kids! Vibes, which had Fonzie instead of Sam and it was about body parts. And being kidnapped. I think it's 80s too. I'll reply to my own comment with a link if I can find it.
Zoe Chase
Zoe Chase 11 dagar sedan
the sketch at 2:28 is probably one of my favorites from drew
b0n3l3ss baenanas
b0n3l3ss baenanas 10 dagar sedan
this video is one of my favorites of his
Beatrice Ojea
Beatrice Ojea 12 dagar sedan
Decades later and that heart is still right... what's going on with Jason's hair
Caden Pichler
Caden Pichler 12 dagar sedan
Why is ted green
its eggnog
its eggnog 14 dagar sedan
You can see it in his eyes that while on set of that movie Ted realized he was in the bad place
Maehedrose 14 dagar sedan
Pr0bab1y t0xic doll
Pr0bab1y t0xic doll 15 dagar sedan
When i was, a young boy...
Kage 16 dagar sedan
7:14........ no need to thank me pause on 7:15
a cat is on my head
a cat is on my head 16 dagar sedan
petition to force Elon Musk to give up on mars and take us to planet Z of funness instead
Roksforbrains 17 dagar sedan
Ok where can I buy these shirts they’re gold
delightfullyawkward 17 dagar sedan
Took me longer than I would've liked to realize that that was Jason Bateman and his sister. Someone probably said it at the beginning, but I most likely zoned out. Anyway, I kept thinking they looked familiar. And then the face he made and the way he said "she doesn't like my hair" was very Michael Bluth-esque and I was like wooaaaah it's Jason Bateman, he looks so young.
Amarok 18 dagar sedan
Micheal made this to show in the bad place.
S C 19 dagar sedan
Every now and then I get the initialism song stuck in my head
Emily 20 dagar sedan
I swear this is drew's funniest video. each time i watch i absolutely lose my shit every single time
Svndwich 22 dagar sedan
Actually drew the sun moves with the earth but the earth moves with the sun. The sun does move really fast through the universe we just along for the ride
i_don't_know 23 dagar sedan
this is the most confusing thing I have watched in years wtf.
Josefina Guaita
Josefina Guaita 23 dagar sedan
“Staircase, Staircase”
adamcbourke 25 dagar sedan
Joanne would then go onto have a successful career under the stage name of Kristen Wiig
Bryce A
Bryce A 25 dagar sedan
The sun does moves in our solar system. This solar system moves in the galaxy, which moves in the universe.
Alexander Zhivkov
Alexander Zhivkov 27 dagar sedan
Actually the sun moves, along with our Solar system, and our Galaxy.... and so on :D
Caderjames 27 dagar sedan
This psa is edited like a kurtis Connor video did a shit ton of PCP
des n
des n 27 dagar sedan
She was 10 and he was 17 wtf??????????????
des n
des n 27 dagar sedan
Im going to hell for laughing at that
Strawberry Milk Socks
Strawberry Milk Socks 29 dagar sedan
"Ted Danson" "s e x u a l i n t e r c o u r s e"
Benigma 29 dagar sedan
The Girl l at 5:07 kind of reminds me of Giotto. I think it’s the outfit and blond hair.
Benigma 29 dagar sedan
I just noticed, her name is Joanna
Sera B
Sera B Månad sedan
Annabeth? **quietly remembers pjo**
Darrah Johnson
Darrah Johnson Månad sedan
hey I’m a teacher watching this on my lunch break and that hit deep :/
PotatoGod Månad sedan
I may be dumb but the mis aligned glasses fucking killed me
Xenja Nobody
Xenja Nobody Månad sedan
Eating a KitKat at 3:43-3:45 was a terrible mistake on my part XD
Plantern 45
Plantern 45 Månad sedan
OMFG I LAUGHED SO HARD WITH DREW'S RESPONSE TO THAT LADY. Lady: *"Well women are supposed to keep their virginity and not have sex for as long as they can while men, theyre supposed to lose their virginity early on."* Drew: *"Then men should just fuck men right?"*
Jojo H.
Jojo H. Månad sedan
Keep in mind he is SEVENTEEN!
Alone Forever
Alone Forever Månad sedan
This is my favorite channel honest to god, spoken by a true atheist 👍
Alone Forever
Alone Forever Månad sedan
rock england
rock england Månad sedan
I love that add read!
Cherry Pickling
Cherry Pickling Månad sedan
I hope u had a good day Drew
Abi Wright
Abi Wright Månad sedan
I’m sorry but Ted Danson repeatedly singing “if you love me, if you love me, if you loooove me” LITERALLY makes me cry laughing every time idk why
E. H.
E. H. Månad sedan
6:35, that's what i've been saying!!!!!!
frogwizzard Månad sedan
gibby good in bed baby yeah
Fusion Kush
Fusion Kush Månad sedan
I was kissing his little fish... Wtf 🤦🤣
moony Månad sedan
"I was only 10 and he wad 17" **Looks into the camera with a blank expression**
Power Double
Power Double Månad sedan
The sun doesn’t move? It’s actually moving very fast through infinite space. We are moving around in 5 different directions, everyone knows that...
Inspiration, Move me Brightly
Wait does that shirt say ITB IN THE BACK?? 🤔 like as in the back door?
【 Echo 】
【 Echo 】 Månad sedan
3:42 Am I crazy or does john sound and kinda look like matt watson
atuahelpme Månad sedan
6:18 this is the best thing i’ve ever seen
Ezgi Månad sedan
wait at 8:30 don't tell me that that's not jason bateman!
Ezgi Månad sedan
@DAISHORYUJIN 95 whoopsi overheard it
DAISHORYUJIN 95 Månad sedan
He.... says in the beginning that it is.
cynthia young
cynthia young Månad sedan
You can tell Ted does not want to be there. He's trying to be laid back. He's a middle aged man and it is just creepy. Wrong!!
floofy booper
floofy booper Månad sedan
At... At 3:41 did john say *fart sex*-
Ore Tychus
Ore Tychus Månad sedan
Am I the only one who saw Annabeth and almost shouted? (Pjo reference)
AA Månad sedan
The son does move tho...
miseachelle Månad sedan
i’m crying this was so funny ,, ON THE DICK?
Uncle Phil
Uncle Phil Månad sedan
Drew Gooden- the Planet Z of Funness
Frankie Gray
Frankie Gray Månad sedan
little stinke
Joseifumi higashikata
Oh shit how can I tell
Abby Schneider
Abby Schneider Månad sedan
said she didnt like my hair is my favourite part
Jon Snow
Jon Snow Månad sedan
The sun moves too.
Sophie Webley
Sophie Webley Månad sedan
drew gives me aggressive Ben from parks and rec vibes
Cave Månad sedan
What, you didn’t write your own fake obituary? I did it in fourth grade.
Realm of the misunderstood
It is SUCH a mindfuck when I hear my name said out loud by people in videos (justine)
Rambl3On Månad sedan
This video was hilarious drew!
Liquid Mercury
Liquid Mercury Månad sedan
Hey teacher, our first teacher let us use our phones in class soooooo?
DAISHORYUJIN 95 Månad sedan
I see what you’re doing....
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi Månad sedan
Ah well too bad I was born in the late 90’s and missed watching this ‘’ masterpiece”.
Jess Palmer
Jess Palmer Månad sedan
How dare young Jason Bateman be so cute though!
Iúri Coelho
Iúri Coelho Månad sedan
Baby don't hurt me
Smol Dawnny
Smol Dawnny Månad sedan
The 90s was a fukin fever dream💀
vertical lettuce
vertical lettuce Månad sedan
youtube says ive watched this but i have no memory of it so ig i get to enjoy it again
Jade Bobo
Jade Bobo Månad sedan
George H. W. Bush won the 1988 election so I guess that fake obituary wasn't completely wrong
L M Månad sedan
6:54 drew really looks like John Mulaney
Thomas Stuart
Thomas Stuart Månad sedan
who is this PSA for? To prevent stds? or inspire strong marriages?
HJ Månad sedan
2:35 Drew be sounding like Ben Wyatt
Cream Puff
Cream Puff Månad sedan
My teacher actually does golf though that’s the thing-
pastel grindy
pastel grindy Månad sedan
"i was ten and he was seventeen" baby u a victim
Rylee G
Rylee G Månad sedan
Rachael Leduc
Rachael Leduc Månad sedan
Okay but is no one going to talk about how FINE Jason Bateman was at 23? Like god damn
Autmar The Grand
Autmar The Grand Månad sedan
your thumbnails are bad but man man man man funny? who knew man was woman?
Sirsha Mcpeek
Sirsha Mcpeek Månad sedan
you should make a video about a flat earth documentary on Netflix called "Behind the Curve"
Hoogaloo Månad sedan
7451 comment pog
miss voorhees
miss voorhees Månad sedan
Well now I know I'm in love with my boyfriend, thanks Ted dansen
appleb0b Månad sedan
Blen Månad sedan
7:31 I'm scared
Roomhead Månad sedan
I fall asleep to all of your videos
LaShan Da
LaShan Da Månad sedan
I laugh to tears throughout this whole video
WrongDuckHead Månad sedan
Why was class only 14 minutes long? Did we just wait in the hallway for like 20-40 more mins (depending on what grade we are)
Pecas _25
Pecas _25 Månad sedan
9:44 she is sooo pretty
CA Wondergirl
CA Wondergirl Månad sedan
Me too Joanna...me too
MahoganyGamer Månad sedan
F u n s e x
Rohan Khubchandani
Rohan Khubchandani Månad sedan
"I was 10 and he was 17, and that's when I knew I was in love" yeah no, that's how you knew you were groomed
Anna O'Keefe
Anna O'Keefe 18 dagar sedan
It was probably really one sided
Drander -
Drander - Månad sedan
I love that the captions for the one guy at 3:41 says "Fun Sucks."
chris phucker
chris phucker Månad sedan
the end actuslly made me sad
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