Let's Leave Pranks in 2020 

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31 dec 2020



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Benjamin Gardiner
Benjamin Gardiner 3 månader sedan
Why Hasn't he pinned a comment yet
Futuremotions 3 timmar sedan
SupaJohn679 :D
SupaJohn679 :D 5 dagar sedan
I think he has
tAnyA 23 dagar sedan
Well he did now
tAnyA 23 dagar sedan
@madi lol
Sam Nickell
Sam Nickell Månad sedan
491th reply I mean my bad
nopelsTaken 43 minuter sedan
also hello drew's mom
Ethan Bradberry
Ethan Bradberry 3 timmar sedan
I'm so glad I actually waited till the end of the ad, that ending is gold.
bigman dex the 2nd
bigman dex the 2nd 47 minuter sedan
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima 19 timmar sedan
The pranks will never end Drew, I know it's sad but we'll get through this together
Hannah Paxton
Hannah Paxton 23 timmar sedan
Ya the see through hospital gown, isn’t used for patients It’s for the doctors to use. It is used when doctors need to protect themselves, cause certain residents have certain needs in a hospital
Emily Dag sedan
I "love" those "pregnancy" pranks, which are super insensitive to people with fertility issues. I also "love" the "abuse" pranks because as someone from an abusive home, those are FUUUUNN-EEEE
Emily Dag sedan
I'd love to make a vlog about my graphic design stuff, but the vlog world is full of these idiots sooooo that won't happen
Sky Light
Sky Light Dag sedan
People should legitimately be depressed that those types of videos exist and continue to be made by grown ass adults.
PieGuy Studios
PieGuy Studios Dag sedan
Is just a prank broo
Jessica Andrews
Jessica Andrews Dag sedan
No offense but some families should not have children. Or there should be some sort of rules like this is basically exploiting children for to help them make money off youtube like this should be violating some child labor laws cus its just so wrong....
Jessis Pikman
Jessis Pikman Dag sedan
shot up an orphanage! [PRANK WARS] [THEY CRIED]!! 😱🤯😭
Atticus Cinched
Atticus Cinched Dag sedan
I don't watch the Slaiman guy but does he suck because he manipulates his gf and makes her cry for "pranks"? Tried to Google and couldn't find a lot
cicero maguire
cicero maguire Dag sedan
As someone who has suffered amnesia due to seizures and brain injury, I am honestly disappointed that this is an actual trend. Normally I joke about these sorts of things but this just isn't funny. They are making amnesia look like something that is entirely normal even though it's not. Although the acting is extremely trash to the point that it is funny.
Ioanna Moumtzellis
Ioanna Moumtzellis 2 dagar sedan
i love that you have the rainbows by radiohead
hotdog hotdog hot diggity dog
4:47 right when he turned around a Walmart ad played 😂
Turbkey Samdwich
Turbkey Samdwich 2 dagar sedan
“Do you know dog?” “What is dog?” “THIS IS DOG!” -this crappy SVdown family, 2020
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 2 dagar sedan
I'm the same age as that girl's bf, and I have a lower voice than he does
Rach 2 dagar sedan
7:38 "How about I take you out for a ride?" Can you.... . . . . _drive?_
iexinoir 2 dagar sedan
this is just borderline emotional manipulation, that's why i hate this kind of prank
sans 3 dagar sedan
I want to pet the pug so goddamn bad.
David F
David F 3 dagar sedan
“That’s what you do. That’s you being yourself” At that point if I really had amnesia I’d have broken into tears-and not tears of joy either
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby 3 dagar sedan
Comments being restricted can also mean that there are children in the video
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette 3 dagar sedan
Imagine drew and other commentary youtubers recommendations page
Kaiiryz 3 dagar sedan
“Children over the age of 18” so the video is directed towards U.S politicians?
Rihanna Arouna
Rihanna Arouna 3 dagar sedan
You didn't need to call them out like that-
Lucas Loopsy
Lucas Loopsy 4 dagar sedan
Drew dancing 7:38
Smil3 More it looks good on you
I swear the twins video was just to flex
ThatLittleKitten 5 dagar sedan
The same exact prank one week later makes me think that they actually do have goldfish memories
Robertino Gochev
Robertino Gochev 6 dagar sedan
My grandma will tell you that fucking around with a wheelchair is bad luck.
Robertino Gochev
Robertino Gochev 2 dagar sedan
@BZZC4S She's extremely superstitious.
BZZC4S 3 dagar sedan
lexi watson jeffrey
lexi watson jeffrey 7 dagar sedan
wow what a fun prank 🤩 buying a wheelchair you don't need so that an actually disabled person might not be able to get one 🥰 how fun
Thomas StJohn
Thomas StJohn 7 dagar sedan
my guy it's just a prank you burned down the down what the fuck
Bonafide Thought Criminal
I had a memory loss prank played on me about a year ago... was called Electroconvulsive Therapy. 😐
Robo Tech
Robo Tech 8 dagar sedan
Dobre dad: Do you remember the things we did when you were a child?? Memory loss Dobre: no Dobre dad: *internal dialogue* PHEEEEEW!!!!
Robo Tech
Robo Tech 8 dagar sedan
These prank videos were so stupid that the trauma made me lose my memory. What is this thing I'm typing on? What are these funny looking things I'm typing? What is "typing"? What are those 4 round things on my car? What is round, what is a car?
Grace 8 dagar sedan
I mean, they might be idiots, but the dobre twins bond is kinda cute
Grace 8 dagar sedan
They are SO mean to Shopie! She was CRYING! And they just humiliate her!
Ethan Harrison
Ethan Harrison 8 dagar sedan
why is youtube kids always so unfunny, its like that brendan fraser style comedy where he just states the obvious and thats somehow funny?
Lieve Hulsebos
Lieve Hulsebos 9 dagar sedan
Missed opportunity to point at Danny and ask if that's him
Emilie•Ink. 9 dagar sedan
Piper does a lot of pranks there way out of hand
guinea corns97
guinea corns97 9 dagar sedan
wait does gahdi just mean got ye
paulina 9 dagar sedan
did yall know that "dobre" means good in polish? so dobre brothers would be good brothers
nikhil reddy
nikhil reddy 10 dagar sedan
How would these pranksters react when one of them actually break their neck, lose their memory or actually have to move around in a wheelchair? Shove a camera in their face and profit off it?
smile girl Jackie
smile girl Jackie 10 dagar sedan
You funny
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 10 dagar sedan
I decided to see what Jatie Vlogs’ latest video, and they got married (Video posted (4/6/2021) so good for them I guess. Give it five years and they’ll become a family channel
neighborhood of memes
neighborhood of memes 10 dagar sedan
0:06 “...there is no news about elden ring today”
ttb ttb
ttb ttb 10 dagar sedan
im only 2 min into the vid and i can't stop laughing 😂
ava 10 dagar sedan
cool radiohead album in the back
Gwendolyn Williams
Gwendolyn Williams 10 dagar sedan
me sitting here with depression, social anxiety, anxiety, adjustment disorder, adhd combined, having anxiety attacks, and going to therapy very often watching people use my mental illnesses as an exuse one at a time:
Skadoosh Noodle
Skadoosh Noodle 11 dagar sedan
when you're having a bad day already and you drop something 😂 16:05
Emilie•Ink. 11 dagar sedan
If that girl did that prank on me I would just be like your a horrible person good bye and left threw my friendship bracelet on the ground
Moffattman 93
Moffattman 93 11 dagar sedan
I can hear my brain cells dying seeing meare snippets of these "prank" videos. I thought they went extinct years ago xD
orlitoon 11 dagar sedan
“There is no choice but to go up.” Cardi: Okay
TindraSan 11 dagar sedan
omg memory loss doesn't even work like that...
Eva Studios
Eva Studios 12 dagar sedan
I love that in this video drew has a side ahoge Edit: in the start he has a side ahoge Edit 2: nvm there’s more parts in the video where he has a side ahoge ive watched this vid multiple times but somehow I can’t always remember each time in the vid where he has a side ahoge
pulptarantino 13 dagar sedan
How in the hell did that horrible acting manage to obtain 11 million subscribers? Something is just not right in the world.
John 14 dagar sedan
Prank channels. The herpes of SVdown.
TheGenerate S
TheGenerate S 14 dagar sedan
I'm sorry, but did the person holding that small pug just say "your parents are probably going to get divorced" while shaking it around like a puppet? This isn't a fever dream right, this is a kids video?
CallieBestGirl 14 dagar sedan
Why hasn’t he pinned me yet?
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 12 dagar sedan
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog 14 dagar sedan
6:05 Oliver tree explaining the lyrics to his songs for the millionth time
just a smøl tøwn gir
@Rabid Hog ohh
Rabid Hog
Rabid Hog 9 dagar sedan
@just a smøl tøwn gir he has a song called hurt where he talks about this scooter crash he had where he broke a bunch of shit
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir 10 dagar sedan
dr pill
dr pill 14 dagar sedan
i had to continuously pause the video when the dobres were on its so hard to watch their videos without cringing
matti makela
matti makela 14 dagar sedan
if only the peroblems justs staring in 2021
Regan Hounshell
Regan Hounshell 14 dagar sedan
Kinjal Dixit
Kinjal Dixit 14 dagar sedan
WHAT? you are CFO of pictureofhotdog.com??? is this a para.. rap...panra.. dobre crap?
dambruh 15 dagar sedan
Superkids 15 dagar sedan
If this gets ten likes I'm asking someone random where babies come from
curlkat the kneecap theif
"Otherwise I will start cryi-"
mafiacat88 16 dagar sedan
Oh man, watching actual children talk with that specific influencer cadence is just...it's so fucked up. There is no way in HELL that those kids will be well adjusted adults
just a smøl tøwn gir
just a smøl tøwn gir 10 dagar sedan
Agni Vancruz
Agni Vancruz 16 dagar sedan
How does anyone believe that bad acting? Watching this on April 1st & I'm still not feeling the pranks😂
T. de Goeij
T. de Goeij 16 dagar sedan
The pranks are bad, but the acting takes the cake. SVdown is a strange place man, imagine making content this poor in so many different ways and becoming successful.
mr.sceoaccmorumnetetnt 16 dagar sedan
at least this time they're fake, not "I shot someone in the street and killed him, leaving his body to rot" prank
Safe&SoundEquine 16 dagar sedan
This is so many levels of fucked up
Molly K.
Molly K. 16 dagar sedan
the only two genders are Bad Boyfriend and Good Vlogger
pippa brooke
pippa brooke 17 dagar sedan
the jatie vlogs guy got married about a week ago, to the girl who he pranked, tormented and made cry
09 17 dagar sedan
I like how Marcus lost his memory and donʼt even remember hoodies but remembers english when it's not his first language
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson 17 dagar sedan
the boyfriend??????? arent they like 8
Swagadoubles 17 dagar sedan
this hurts
Laila Ahmed
Laila Ahmed 19 dagar sedan
Cryptic Corgi
Cryptic Corgi 19 dagar sedan
Did he find a way to plug his song in the fake amnesia prank video? This feels like early 2010's
Mae West
Mae West 19 dagar sedan
i am like 6 months older than piper and when she posted her memory loss video i was so exited bc she was like my idol
Mae West
Mae West 19 dagar sedan
i wonder if the royalty family knows that what they do is what leads to a divorce
Max Flower
Max Flower 20 dagar sedan
I think your refrigerator is running
SocialistAnthems 13 dagar sedan
Is my lefrigerator lunning? Who is this? *hangs up phone*
Spaghetti Dealer
Spaghetti Dealer 20 dagar sedan
Mischief 20 dagar sedan
I’m in a Box
I’m in a Box 20 dagar sedan
It really sucks knowing they made her cry, and then made fun of her. Jesus christ
nikki nike
nikki nike 20 dagar sedan
I’d suggest Mishkali (also has a channel called L.) if you are interested in what it is actually like to have memory loss. They got amnesia and explained the whole experience. These prank channels really don’t seem to comprehend how actually harming these videos are, so please try to counteract them by watching videos from people who actually experience it. I know I’ve had a family member get dementia and it really tore the whole family apart. Furthermore, I was a fan of the SVdownr I mentioned earlier and it genuinely made me sad to see someone I had been watching for years go through that.
IBRAHIM KANTE 21 dag sedan
7:40 it looks like she doesnt want to remeber the song
Allan Partridge
Allan Partridge 22 dagar sedan
"children over the age of 18" wow never heard of republicans? jealous.
L Roumph
L Roumph 22 dagar sedan
And we are not the same person we may have similar lives we may have similar WiFeS but we are different none the less cause I am drew and I am Danny and I am GrOoT. 😃. like if you know what I mean
Sweep 23 dagar sedan
I want to die
big boy Billy
big boy Billy 23 dagar sedan
That's the same wheelchair my grandfather has
turner hobbs
turner hobbs 23 dagar sedan
The fuckin dog talks?
Jiyu Starfam
Jiyu Starfam 24 dagar sedan
"I lost my memory prank *on my mom*" Me: wewearcute flashbacks
TheSlimeyGrimer 24 dagar sedan
If only you knew how things were gonna be, rest easy my sweet prince u will be missed 😔🙏
Lewis I
Lewis I 24 dagar sedan
Who the hell actually watches those videos
Chicken Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich 19 dagar sedan
LVBBoi 24 dagar sedan
_they did a montage of her in the wheelchair_
Power Double
Power Double 26 dagar sedan
This is the cringeist stuff I’ve ever seen
KoSXxPotatisbarnetXD 26 dagar sedan
How do these people look themselves in the mirror without throwing up, I really dont get it
MickeyMations 27 dagar sedan
Is it just me or does the boyfriend from that one girls video look like if Justin Bieber had a baby with Jake Paul
Zev Deaner
Zev Deaner 22 dagar sedan
wait a minute
Matthew McGuire
Matthew McGuire 27 dagar sedan
“Never change youtube, never change. This video is sponsored by squarespace :)” Never change SVdown, never change lol Actually I could see a dating website for horses meant to hook up different horses for breeding purposes based on their family stock lol
Kade Bast
Kade Bast 28 dagar sedan
For some reason the title gives me major “today my brother pushed me so I’m starting a Kickstarter to put him down” vibes
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