Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife 

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Thanks to everyone who sent me the life hacks:
egg spray - haught_topics/status/1306638265118855168?s=20
pistachios - minaisagreg/status/1306639918656114689?s=20
bag proposal - gillibean33/status/1306644185357975552?s=20
car scarf (please don’t do this one) - miasohungry/status/1306642231059570688?s=20
apple juice - hanimunart/status/1306643636998860802?s=20
grass key - bubblbudd/status/1306641026522677264?s=20
underwear - sims4foreva/status/1306641624663912449?s=20
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swood dood
swood dood 6 månader sedan
Wife hacks
Aitkrapoo 2 dagar sedan
I was gonna comment that :(
eyeqore 13 dagar sedan
wife hack: hacking upp my wife with an ax!
caitlin 14 dagar sedan
so deep.
Ana J
Ana J 15 dagar sedan
Comedy Gold 😣✋
Help this asian.
Help this asian. 19 dagar sedan
WhazHisFace Is Doing His Best
3:30 my parents watching me fail at an idea they said was stupid
write2pras84 19 timmar sedan
That’s DC metro map in the background, isn’t it?
PucePuddle Dag sedan
I badly want that Les Paul
Jiff Bombastic
Jiff Bombastic Dag sedan
7:55 Stressed and don’t wanna squeeze your own ball sack to release it? Make a pretend ball sack to squeeze instead!
Aamir Shivji
Aamir Shivji Dag sedan
Amanda radiates the calmest energy ever
Penelope W
Penelope W 2 dagar sedan
Okay, so, the reason the apple one works - it's the same reason if you thaw frozen fruit it's all mushy and liquidy. Fruit has a high water content. When water freezes and becomes ice it does 2 things, it expands and it crystalizes. Those tiny ice crystals in the fruit puncture the cells in the fruit, essentially partially liquifying the fruit when it thaws. And, no, that is not actually the normal way of making apple juice. In commercial production it apples are macerated and pressed, and at no point frozen, unless you're talking about apple juice concentrate.
Boden Ouellette
Boden Ouellette 2 dagar sedan
My parents were sleeping and I grabbed my kindle and my finger went on the volume button while loud music was playing and it could be caused a earthquake from vibration of the loud music
Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson 3 dagar sedan
Nice apple juice yield lol
informalroyal 3 dagar sedan
i'm makin' eeeggs
Pinkstarclan 5 dagar sedan
11:48 well clearly she's bribing the officer who tried to arrest her for taking her pants off, lol
pichy 6 dagar sedan
They are so perfect for each othrt
exing57 6 dagar sedan
I guess it's my channel now
Whitleypedia 6 dagar sedan
I would imagine a girl that cute who pulled down her pants in public probably wouldn't NEED a wallet .....
selvirmoonlol 6 dagar sedan
The one with the squeezing balloon is honestly inappropriate 💀
Myriah Keays
Myriah Keays 6 dagar sedan
Apple juice maker here That is not how you make apple juice, the opposite actually 😂 you cut the apples, soak them in water proportionate to amount of apples, then pour that liquid into jars and boil them
Serena Fallin
Serena Fallin 7 dagar sedan
She's so prettyyyy I love her!
Serafina R
Serafina R 7 dagar sedan
I keep forgetting drew and Danny ( who are the same person don’t know why I’m dividing them into 2 people ) are grown men and married like ur not 12?
Michael-Dillon Hayes
Michael-Dillon Hayes 8 dagar sedan
The ancient pea prognostically cause because sweets selectively visit round a silly fertilizer. different, spotty gymnast
footsoop 8 dagar sedan
alright the intro to this one got me good
Michele Hardman
Michele Hardman 9 dagar sedan
I laughed so hard at the duct tape sock that my husband stopped studying for a very important test he has coming up just to see what I was so funny.
Kiki da fifi
Kiki da fifi 10 dagar sedan
My dumb ass read the title as ranking life hacks with my terrible wife
ly zoey
ly zoey 10 dagar sedan
HARMONY WOOD 10 dagar sedan
i actually saw a good life hack once about hiding a spare key. take an empty pill bottle, put the key in it, glue a rock to the lid, dig a hole (big enough to fit the bottle but small enough that the rock is the only thing showing) in your front garden, put the bottle rock thing in the hole and boom. hidden key, easy to actually use tho especially since nothing is glued to the key itself
Harry Todhunter
Harry Todhunter 10 dagar sedan
I still cant get over the fact that the Roadworks guy is married
LazyTitan 11 dagar sedan
How is the orange slices a life hack....so confused
Avery Elliott
Avery Elliott 11 dagar sedan
Danny wears glasses now?
Hayden Vardy
Hayden Vardy 11 dagar sedan
12:54 I genuinely thought drew disappeared i was like where are you
Sesame snaps
Sesame snaps 11 dagar sedan
3:30 what jack saw after climbing the beanstalk
Vamp 12 dagar sedan
I forgot I already started watching this so when I clicked on the video it was just Drew and Amanda eating pistachios over me and I was very scared
Hammonnd Jeoff
Hammonnd Jeoff 12 dagar sedan
The annoyed trousers observationally stay because suggestion optionally fasten versus a hapless spleen. boring, afraid brick
sir andrew aguecheek
sir andrew aguecheek 12 dagar sedan
i missed the word "my" while reading the title and thought it was "ranking life hacks with wife"
Arii 12 dagar sedan
It’s been months but I finally figured out why he cut a hole on the bottom of the chips bag
Alina 12 dagar sedan
Why do they look soo similar tho? 😂
Moonlight Himiko
Moonlight Himiko 13 dagar sedan
The duct tape hack is offensive to duct tape everywhere.
The Domain
The Domain 13 dagar sedan
I thought his name was Goo-den
Boo Screescree
Boo Screescree 14 dagar sedan
I thought she was lost Aphganistan
katie hockensmith
katie hockensmith 14 dagar sedan
The 883 dislikes are all of five minute crafts’ channels
Melina Servis
Melina Servis 14 dagar sedan
Melina Servis
Melina Servis 14 dagar sedan
Melina Servis
Melina Servis 14 dagar sedan
Cyres Dog
Cyres Dog 14 dagar sedan
your wife is cute, is she single?
Prachi 15 dagar sedan
13:57 My birthdays on 31st dec, so not far you guys..
Kay R
Kay R 15 dagar sedan
His wife is a just a female drewette.
hwngin cherry
hwngin cherry 15 dagar sedan
keep forgetting ppl on the internet r real ppl who r married lol
Jose Bazan
Jose Bazan 15 dagar sedan
I see you lied in order to cover her mission deployed in Afghanistan.
Evelina Eriksson
Evelina Eriksson 15 dagar sedan
I wish this video was about 53 hours long
The weird Family member u have
Cat bunny
Layla 16 dagar sedan
Not Jesus
Not Jesus 16 dagar sedan
Is she wearing shrimp earring
SJB 16 dagar sedan
I need more Pistachio specific hacks for my pistachioless diet.
GhostLee 16 dagar sedan
8:36 wow now that is comedy gold
L Faker son
L Faker son 17 dagar sedan
Is your wife single?
"Smells like nut" Need I say more
supermahoshonen 18 dagar sedan
I just want to comment on how beautiful Amanda is. She's just super super pretty. That's all.
Ruthanne Marie
Ruthanne Marie 18 dagar sedan
People say the longer you live with your spouse the more you look like each other... I think Drew and Amanda take that too far
Doge 18 dagar sedan
To be honest with you the Apple life hack should have been extremely juicefull
Doge 18 dagar sedan
6:32. looks like there’s a hostage in there
Katrin Drutsul
Katrin Drutsul 19 dagar sedan
*slowly sprays egg*
Claire 19 dagar sedan
Okay but if I'm driving and I see 6:34 I will probably think someone is being kidnapped lol
BreadBeard 19 dagar sedan
The jump cut from them in the couch to drew in the car physically made me laugh
I am a shoe
I am a shoe 17 dagar sedan
I mentally laughed
Cerebromide 18 dagar sedan
did you just fucking say ’physically made me laugh’ I want to die fr what the fuck
Vegetableman 21 dag sedan
Drew: these life hacks are bad your gonna want to say no to them. Amanda: takes ceramic pumpkin off her head
Cerebromide 18 dagar sedan
Gina R
Gina R 21 dag sedan
When your suddenly camping, you have duck tape. Not rain boots.
N 21 dag sedan
7:55 I'm sorry but that's a weird place to put a stress toy also it looks like balls c'mon 5MC
Gnossienne Gymnopedie
Gnossienne Gymnopedie 22 dagar sedan
Now we know they only buy grocery store juice that's like 70% sugar
Bukuroshe Bytyçi
Bukuroshe Bytyçi 22 dagar sedan
It’s rude to wake your wife up from hibernation
3CH0 24 dagar sedan
I read the title as “rating life hacks with my terrible wife”
Freda Wirick
Freda Wirick 24 dagar sedan
If duck tape isn’t working... You’re not using enough duck tape.
Cerebromide 18 dagar sedan
Duck tape? Bruh
Grace 24 dagar sedan
I'm glad she came back!
Jinan_ Mohd
Jinan_ Mohd 24 dagar sedan
7:50 Make fake testicles for your table and squeeze on them while your wife is angry at you -5 Minute Crafts
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki 24 dagar sedan
0:20 Mood
DAS 25 dagar sedan
Ehhhhh. White peopel.
andpeggy 15
andpeggy 15 26 dagar sedan
sorry drew this is amanda's channel now
janelessly 27 dagar sedan
drew: do i look good amanda: yeah drew:why'd you hesitate 2 second later drew:do i look like a model amanda: ... amanda: yeah drew: why'd you hesitate
Erik Loeffen
Erik Loeffen 27 dagar sedan
let's *drew* this
Dizzy Saturn
Dizzy Saturn 27 dagar sedan
12:42 i was drinking my tea when this part happend- and i laughed and accidentally choked for like 3 minutes until i threw up
Rachelle waves
Rachelle waves 28 dagar sedan
"Why'd you hesitate?"
MAYke it Funny
MAYke it Funny Månad sedan
10/10 hot dog
deliabesgorl Månad sedan
“Let’s just say, HYPOTHETICALLY that I was going to propose to you.” Drew is Ben Shapiro confirmed
Chloe Espinosa
Chloe Espinosa Månad sedan
If Amanda had her own channel I’d watch it religiously
IceyViking Månad sedan
When you actually watch this on ur birthday
Friendly Neighborhood Rat
Cerebromide 18 dagar sedan
You just really wanted to point out that it was your birthday huh
hi_you25 Månad sedan
i have the same socks
Nate Jackson
Nate Jackson Månad sedan
I misread the title as “Ranking life hacks with my terrible wife”
ye_oleMilkMan Månad sedan
11:45 EA games be like
HyperActive Månad sedan
Bro watched this on my birthday so thank you drew for remembering
Sydney Månad sedan
idk why i was expecting them to give accurate ratings lmao
Ryan Barnabasil
Ryan Barnabasil Månad sedan
Ducktape is great for a makeshift shoe, it protects your feet from many things except from water. GOD
Kp S
Kp S Månad sedan
Why tf do they look like siblings? Loll
mi :3
mi :3 Månad sedan
drew should start his own channel
A.Ffirmative Månad sedan
For the apple one, it's because when you freeze the apple, the cytoplasm in the cells freeze up and turn into solid and expand, which will break the cell walls that contains everything inside the cell. and when you defrost it, the cytoplasm turns back into liquid, which is apple juice
Nmotsch idontwannagivemyrealname
With the detergent pistachio thing, you also run the lovely risk of poisoning yourself with detergent residue. Even if you rinse it really well, some will remain, and can likely seep back into the nuts.
PKMN Trainer Devention
Hey, that flotation device hack is ripping off empress Theresa!
I quick-scoped JFK
I quick-scoped JFK Månad sedan
His wife is his sister
PotatoGod Månad sedan
Drew: I’m drew not Andrew Me: Andy
Jack Carrington
Jack Carrington Månad sedan
6:27 her expression haha
A.A.G. H.
A.A.G. H. Månad sedan
6:53 this is scarily close to early concept designs for seatbelts in cars where the belt clicked around your neck, which would of course kill you on impact
Agnostic Monkey
Agnostic Monkey Månad sedan
9:24 When you froze the apples the water inside their cells became ice crystals which destroyed their cell walls making for easy juicing. It's the same reason cryonics doesn't currently work.
Bea Viets
Bea Viets Månad sedan
I still think you can make a Balenciaga shoe with a sock and duck tape in the sole.
Mostakim Kabir
Mostakim Kabir Månad sedan
Why are your faces so similar?
OGmolton1 Månad sedan
yo, the joke about leaving the toilet seat down made me laugh harder than I've laughed in some time. thanks for that. the grass key ones' good if you put it next to a rock or something
Ruben Ocasio
Ruben Ocasio Månad sedan
Just so everyone's aware. Tape or no tape, you won't be out running a bear
Pa Wit
Pa Wit Månad sedan
The bawdy cooking locally pull because kenneth aerobically disagree onto a certain hallway. unwritten, solid velvet