Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess 

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At first I was just confused, but now I'm mad.
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11 okt 2020



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Call Me Bill
Call Me Bill 6 månader sedan
Yeah this comment got pinned. Big deal.
Gaia The Leafwing
Gaia The Leafwing Månad sedan
ParrotPlays Månad sedan
carealoo744 4 månader sedan
I'd totally risk my life if it means I get to have fun for a day
carealoo744 4 månader sedan
Haven't seen any of these shows
Night of the living wolf
Night of the living wolf 4 månader sedan
*saids enthusiastically*
Lukaishere 20 minuter sedan
"And constantly interrupted by commercials" gets 15 second inskippble ad
Non' AchYourbusiness
Non' AchYourbusiness 4 timmar sedan
I see influence from Ryan George
Lydia Alexander
Lydia Alexander 7 timmar sedan
I recommend locast to replace access to local channel broadcasts for free (support with minimal donation). I'm not affiliated, promise.
Altus Show
Altus Show 8 timmar sedan
I can't tell if you've been spending too much time with Kurtis, or he's been spending too much time with you. Drew Gooden: Special Canada Division.
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 8 timmar sedan
G4 heretic!! TechTV 4 life. The Screensavers was the best show. Attack of the show was just a mutilated corpse of the screensavers.
Mikhil Muhuthan
Mikhil Muhuthan 9 timmar sedan
Let's be honest Cable TV is very very outdated and is very unnecessary
Miss Wyte
Miss Wyte 12 timmar sedan
Ugh I loved the Sing off, such a shame it got canceled, at least we got Pentatonix from it
Lorenzo Morris
Lorenzo Morris 16 timmar sedan
Wait a minute don't the're ads say no extra fees or something like that
Just Some Mothman With Internet Access
I know I'm late but is nobody going to talk about how Masked singer is literally on Hulu? There is literally zero reason for cable because Masked Singer, Holey Moley, ect. are on Hulu.
Fish stick Games
Fish stick Games 18 timmar sedan
ESPN Plus has live sports so no more cable
TheRealSmiley 20 timmar sedan
The rest of the results might not be what you're looking for. See more anyway
DNA Paint
DNA Paint Dag sedan
Thanking you for that little Sora sample treat
Owen Brown
Owen Brown Dag sedan
I just feel sorry for all the members of the community cast who have to host these shows,
Erin Pennington
Erin Pennington Dag sedan
And now the UK has its own version of “I Can See Your Voice”...great 😂
Piper Smith
Piper Smith Dag sedan
I have Disney+ and Netflix, but I got Netflix for the sole purpose of watching Avatar the Last Airbender over and over again.
Devasta The Seeker
Hey I love Law and Order Fbi New York Las Vegas
Bob Bowden
Bob Bowden Dag sedan
People hitting the thumbs down because Drew likes/dislikes a show they like/dislike
Ubaidillah Ahmad
how dare you say the watchmen tv show is good or original
jenmygem Dag sedan
Masked Singer and that Tone Deaf one are remakes of Thai or Korean variety shows. Whatever the original origin, those versions are superior. Also, I don’t know why Fox and CBS loves making cop shows but that theory Drew has on it being propaganda is kinda on point lol. I love crime shows but I hate the ones where cops bend the rules and are praised for it-which are most of them. Blue Bloods is the worse one by far, actual police brutality in it and it’s showcased as no big deal in the show.
Strangely Ukrainian
So you’re telling me that if I start working for Spectrum, I can get paid actual money just to plug something in and give someone a thumbs up?
cicero maguire
cicero maguire Dag sedan
The only good cop show I can think of is criminal minds. Only good hospital show I can think of is house. Those 2 shows are examples of a genre changing series. You could watch those shows forever and still find them entertaining. Another recommendation for people who like myself don't watch that kind of stuff is dexter. Very good show right there. I am not sure if it's still airing or not though so yeah. Also, cable is trash and way too expensive nowadays. The only stuff on cable I can think of that is interesting is adult swim and most stuff on there can be found on hulu or netflix.
Baum Dag sedan
I just realized that I have the same chair you do.
Gremlin Dag sedan
9-1-1 is about firefighters and is actually rlly good, wtf
Fernando A
Fernando A Dag sedan
TV just isnt worth it anymore. You pay $80+ for CONSTANT ads, pay extra to watch movies on demand, and wait for your favorite shows to play on schedule.
Legend of Meep
Legend of Meep Dag sedan
Bruh spectrum charged me for setting up my own wifi.
Isla Rain
Isla Rain Dag sedan
Dish is still hunting me for a monthly fee for my family from 2011
Lawrence Bohnenkamp
I don’t always subscribe, but when a man mentions his love for not just G4 (not just the channel but best 2 shows), he earned it.
EpicTacozCM Dag sedan
I like the rookie
PieGuy Studios
PieGuy Studios Dag sedan
Plus theres peacock for the office parks and rec brooklyn 99 and discovery+ with tlc discovery history food network and a hole bunch of other stuff including trvll
Player Dag sedan
14:45. Goddamn, my cable company made me put down a 100 buck deposit per remote, refunded when my service ended. But jesus.
Gerhard B.
Gerhard B. Dag sedan
That "F@ck Spectrum" part make me harder than fully cured concrete. Loved every second. Spectrum is the devil.
Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen Dag sedan
Lua Costa
Lua Costa Dag sedan
I want hello fresh in Brasil! (or just the usual brasilian imitation of grigows stuff)
Matthew Hall
Matthew Hall Dag sedan
Yeah, I know I am late. First I want to point out that something like 65% of all Americans who have a broadband internet service have cable internet. That is internet that is delivered to your home over...the cable TV lines. So, most people are getting internet from the same folks who deliver cable TV. All those folks thinking they are pretty slick cutting the cord have to understand the giga-brain execs at Cable TV Worldwide INC. just charge more for internet service to those of you who decline TV service. They get their nut no matter what. Also, if you were to add up the cost of internet only + all the streaming services you need at a minimum you are paying the same if not more than regular TV + Internet.
Jessica Clarke
Jessica Clarke Dag sedan
Love the shirt
Scratch Bashing
Scratch Bashing Dag sedan
2:43 he's so jealous lol
Alexander Supertramp
Rugrats MD The Dog's the doctor lol
Eirwen Johnston
Eirwen Johnston Dag sedan
when he said constantly getting interrupted by commercials i immediately got an ad
Shinji Ikari
Shinji Ikari Dag sedan
I just pirate everything 🤷🏾‍♀️
LorenzoMii123 Dag sedan
6:40 lol "shirtless Obama"
Larry Stylinson
Larry Stylinson Dag sedan
Lol I watched a lot of the goverment arresting bad guys show
Milo O
Milo O 2 dagar sedan
I’m pretty sure America ripped both Masked Singer and I Can See Your Voice from South Korean TV
Michaela 2 dagar sedan
Spectrum fucking sucks. I paid $55 for my internet for 3 years before they raised it to $90, called them to ask why and they said "oh you were part of a year long promotional discount when you first signed up". Offered to lower it again if I bundled it with cable for a total of $120, which would practically double in another year. Everyone else I know is still paying $55 for just internet and they too have never heard about a discount either. Biggest rip offs.
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 2 dagar sedan
Is the part about him having to pay a fee to exist a contract he signed for really crazy doh?
Jeffrey Delmonico
Jeffrey Delmonico 2 dagar sedan
Sing it with me! 6:10 Buhm Buhm Let's all go to cooourt. Buhm Buhm Let's go make some laaaaaw now.
soupp7 2 dagar sedan
brooklyn nine-nine does not take the crime show approach at all, but i guess its more of a sitcom then crime show
tonydaletony 2 dagar sedan
Haven't turned on TV or had cable for 5 years now...
Ritz Scythe
Ritz Scythe 2 dagar sedan
I'm playing KH HD remix and was like what is sora going off about for a second there.
Naomi Ramos
Naomi Ramos 2 dagar sedan
they're basically taking it from Korean variety shows omg ....
Jayne 2 dagar sedan
I love how upset he got about cable. He's not wrong AT ALL.
Mélanie Sonier
Mélanie Sonier 2 dagar sedan
Wow! Your bitching on 69$... Here in Canada, We pay way more than 100$, we have to get a bundles(tv,home phone & internet) and if you buy them separate, you pay maybe 10$ less than the bundle prices... Right now im paying 159.99$ plus taxes. So total is 184.00$ per month. Thats also the cheap bundle with little to No channels, Basic phone no Long distance calls and the smallest internet of 150. The only advantage we have on you is that there is no contracts and the price stays the same for a year. I wanted a tv channel for my 3y and payed 80$ because i could not have only one channel, i had to buy another bundle called kids🤦🤬 God i hate Canada for having no options!!! No options on internet service, on electricity suppliers and so much more things😡 Thankfully i canceled that bundle and got netflix & prime for way less and so many kids show(netflix mostly😁)
Shelby Pinholster
Shelby Pinholster 2 dagar sedan
Wait... Attaway General isn't on TV is it? It's just on TikTok, right?
Darcy O'Queef
Darcy O'Queef 2 dagar sedan
I'm just glad you included the masterpiece that is Attaway General. May we always have medical professionals trained at a tik tok hospital🙏
Spoopsi UwU
Spoopsi UwU 2 dagar sedan
the american idol part reminded me of ryan george so much
Steppin Razor
Steppin Razor 2 dagar sedan
It was sad when G4 just became Cops and Cheaters
Hyperion 666
Hyperion 666 2 dagar sedan
My dad pays for cable because it has Fox "News". i can't imagine he thinks it's worth it but he can't imagine going without
punkuke 2 dagar sedan
I don't understand why they have judges on singing competitions that aren't singers or even musicians.
catalyst1234 2 dagar sedan
i fucking screamed when i heard the voice line lmao 6:44
Stars Falling
Stars Falling 2 dagar sedan
My dad just canceled our cable (because we were also paying $100 per month on cable) and we just use our internet options like Netflix. He wanted to flip through channels still so we bought a satellite that plays 800 local channels for free! We just had to by the thing for 100 dollars.
The Pez Dispenser
The Pez Dispenser 2 dagar sedan
So were not gonna talk about how this lady in I Can See Your Voice committed Stolen valor
Eugenio Bonello
Eugenio Bonello 3 dagar sedan
I pay $149.45 here in nor cal. What is this promised land you speak of??
carmen h
carmen h 3 dagar sedan
ncis is the superior government cop navy show
Emily69 Walemother05
Emily69 Walemother05 3 dagar sedan
I just don't get why you pay so much for basically just watching ads and cop dramas, in the UK you get a TV license to watch BBC channels and the only ads you get are like a minute and a half that just advertise the other shows on the channel. As you paying for it means they don't need ads to support themselves, and other channels that do have ads don't need you paying anything bc they already got advertisers who support it.
Skye Jackson
Skye Jackson 3 dagar sedan
Your rant on spectrum was spot on. I work for them as tech support and dear god... explaining all those hidden fees to people has to be the worst part of my job. If only I could say “because we fucking hate you” because that’s what it feels like 😔
Lemon 3 dagar sedan
Well yes All the crime shows are the same but there just so addicting 😩 /hj
Sneedies 3 dagar sedan
5:00 you’ve got police propaganda, police propoganda Miami flavour, police propaganda-
Heidi Thomson
Heidi Thomson 3 dagar sedan
That sort of pricing is called drip costing and it is illegal in Australia
dani folco
dani folco 3 dagar sedan
the thing is, masked singer is a korean show called 미스터리 음악쇼 복면가왕 (misteuri eumaksyo bokmyeongawang) or “king of the masked singer” since 2015. since the show was massively popular in korea, many countries created their own versions. the singers on the korean one are amazing. i recommend han jisung and hong joochans performances. since han jisung is a rapper, everyone was shocked by his voice. and hong joochans voice is extremely beautiful. even though americans ruined it like everything else, it was amazing while it lasted.
Alora Garrett
Alora Garrett 3 dagar sedan
he deserves an award for placing his adds so perfectly😌
Didi Dogster
Didi Dogster 3 dagar sedan
NZ has a free cable service and streaming platform. I mean it’s shit and has 12 channels and the streaming platform has shitty as stuff but honestly. It’s free.
SillyBuckle4990 Xbox
SillyBuckle4990 Xbox 3 dagar sedan
Me: huh this channel is pretty good Also me: I’m not sure if I should sub yet hmmmmmm
Elisabeth Belknap
Elisabeth Belknap 3 dagar sedan
the masked singer is on hulu idiot
ShinigamiComplex 3 dagar sedan
*Laughs in free over the air tv*
Addy 3 dagar sedan
drew teach us how to pay taxes
Pink Milkshake、
Pink Milkshake、 3 dagar sedan
6:02 ace attorney be like
Boston Teaparty
Boston Teaparty 3 dagar sedan
Lol why did this feel like a dissertation
DustyTheDog 3 dagar sedan
I just got a samsung 7 series TV and it came with Tubi TV, Pluto, and Samsung TV Plus pre-installed. While many channels are shared between those applications, there are still a couple hundred channels of regular TV to choose from, not including the free movies on those services. I haven't had cable since I moved out of my parents house 6 years ago, I only have internet because of the free TV and streaming services
Hana Omer
Hana Omer 3 dagar sedan
“And constantly interrupted by commercial” *Gets an ad*
David Carlstedt Ringius
snufkin stan
snufkin stan 3 dagar sedan
4:09 if they wanted their crowd to sound real why did they use a sound effect from super smash bros brawl
Ashlyn Berry
Ashlyn Berry 3 dagar sedan
My family has a local cable provider and uses whatever free streaming services there are. On TV Plus, there's Wipeout and Tastemade channels, and on Roku there's shows that have been around for decades. We hardly ever go on TV Plus and Roku, and pretty much only watch cable for news. SVdown and TikTok are way better than cable shows.
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ
xAkira X ಠ_ಠ 3 dagar sedan
S.W.A.T and Criminal Minds 👌 Your right tho the formula is usually the same 😂
Mystique ?
Mystique ? 4 dagar sedan
constantly interrupted by commercials commercials play nice
LittleGhosty 4 dagar sedan
I love the Uncle Iroh shirt! Even though I can't see all of it, I know it is amazing.
Drop Æ
Drop Æ 4 dagar sedan
Ok but NCIS is good
Joshua R. Hofele
Joshua R. Hofele 4 dagar sedan
Right at the moment he was complaining about commercials during moves there was an ad😂
GamerJackson 4 dagar sedan
Mask singer is the best
GamerJackson 3 dagar sedan
@Flying Stick Productions mine too
Flying Stick Productions
It's my favorite show :)
Tweeny ゆうたお Twinkies
I only watch NCIS for abbie (however u spell it) i just appreciate good goth representations bc most shows make us seem like satan loving pessimistic dummies.. when its just fashion and music.
I am a shoe
I am a shoe 4 dagar sedan
Say fuck if you love drew
Nathan Miner
Nathan Miner 4 dagar sedan
My boy Drew did not just put Scrubs in the medical "so bad it's good" cable category....
Sheep Undefined
Sheep Undefined 5 dagar sedan
My bill started listing a sports package, so we called in thinking it was a mistake. Turns out it wasn't, they changed it so *everyone* got the sports package now! ...It was the same price as before, they didn't...they didn't like, make it cheaper, they just made it mandatory. They literally just fucking thought "well some of these people are saving twenty bucks a month because they're not into sports, we can't have that. Those twenty bucks belong to us.
Just Alex
Just Alex 5 dagar sedan
15:34 soon they're gonna frame you for murder, and y'all are gonna go to jail for 30 years.
s-izzle 5 dagar sedan
Rest in peace T.V. it was a long, slow death
Certamaniac 5 dagar sedan
End stinger is gold. Major Bob Loblaw vibes: "why should you go to jail for a crime somebody else . . . noticed."
Mackenzie Boudreaux
Mackenzie Boudreaux 5 dagar sedan
drew: constantly interrupted by commerci- ad: heeyyyyy
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 5 dagar sedan
They wouldnt be risking their lives. Covid is hardly any worse than the flu. Stop spreading liberal misinformation.
Casey Jones
Casey Jones 5 dagar sedan
You should do a video on the hilariously awful singing Bruce Jenner did.
Gunhaver 5 dagar sedan
Watch the first few seasons of the original Law and Order. It's all Dick Wolf's fault. He fucking nailed the algorithm for making the perfect cop drama so well, that it spawned over 20 other shows that use his formula. Dick Wolf is the god of modern TV drama. Most of the other rip offs just don't work though except for exactly one. Dick Wolf himself consulted on the cop drama parody episode of Community (directed by Rob Schrab) and its fucking amazing. They made an entire Law and Order plot fit into about 20 minutes and it ends up being hilarious
Tigershark 006
Tigershark 006 5 dagar sedan
The good doctor is the only one of these shows I like
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