The 90s Guide to the Internet 

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Don't interrupt, Andrew.
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31 okt 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
Penelope 5 månader sedan
15 minutes of my life wasted. Thanks Drew
Chloe :3
Chloe :3 22 timmar sedan
餅抹茶 氷お茶
餅抹茶 氷お茶 5 dagar sedan
And one second dislike!!!
Pump Tegma
Pump Tegma 12 dagar sedan
peen lope
bea 17 dagar sedan
@Mr Manuels are vou depressed?
Mr Manuels
Mr Manuels 17 dagar sedan
Well what is not a waste of life?
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett 11 timmar sedan
Andrew: today’s video is brought to you by Squ- AnDrEw DoN’t inTerRuPt
Monster Truck
Monster Truck Dag sedan
Absurdity547 Dag sedan
A video from the old days... good ol 2020
Just Alula
Just Alula 2 dagar sedan
whenever that part where Andrew asks about the internet plays I just remember Wilbur Soot's Internet has Ruined Me music video
Madi 2 dagar sedan
hey remember when a kid could talk about chat rooms and no one was worried about it. i don't.
BitSents 2 dagar sedan
Why can I still not get over the outro drew does in this video, its so funny. or maybe i've lost my mind
Monochrome 3 dagar sedan
Just learned the www stands for world wide net lmao.
?? 4 dagar sedan
Drew and rew
Rose Blossom
Rose Blossom 5 dagar sedan
Logan Ford
Logan Ford 5 dagar sedan
The Seinfeld riff killed me
Abby Corin
Abby Corin 5 dagar sedan
2:25 8:09 that aged well
Aitkrapoo 6 dagar sedan
Andrew don’t interrupt
TheRemainingPiece 6 dagar sedan
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 7 dagar sedan
Drew... did you give a @ > - , ‘ - to Amanda?
3CH0 7 dagar sedan
Imagine conversations went like this: “
ylhocvhe 8 dagar sedan
It’s sex-free *because* the computer is in the middle of the living room. How is anyone going to have fun with porn surrounded by their whole family?
Nikonike 99
Nikonike 99 9 dagar sedan
7:31 A classic, always gets me 😂😂
Triton Miller
Triton Miller 9 dagar sedan
i learned alot thanks mr gooden!
Delta Lumb
Delta Lumb 10 dagar sedan
no but what was the thing dads will love?
snowpig007 11 dagar sedan
< : )
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 11 dagar sedan
I had to do frog surgery in 1995
Stephanie 420
Stephanie 420 11 dagar sedan
I think it says ‘cyberspace sets free’
Chy Anne
Chy Anne 12 dagar sedan
Im not over "Hunt the Wumbus" 😆
negative creep
negative creep 12 dagar sedan
this suburban family is invested in _stocks_ is that a common thing in suburbia
Keila B
Keila B 12 dagar sedan
Karthu S Pradeep
Karthu S Pradeep 13 dagar sedan
You are unbelievably funny😂😂
autism centeral
autism centeral 13 dagar sedan
Set us free
Towela Tembo
Towela Tembo 14 dagar sedan
Can someone please tell me where that picture in the back is from!!! I'm going crazy I know I know it I just don't know from where.
Stacy 14 dagar sedan
On your mark! Get set! We're RidIng oN tHe InTerNet!
Cool Beanz
Cool Beanz 14 dagar sedan
Just realized that Wilbur used clips from the internet video in his Internet Ruined Me song
Esther Sparrow
Esther Sparrow 15 dagar sedan
Yikes! Stripes!
Stephen Mitchell
Stephen Mitchell 15 dagar sedan
literally choked on my own lol at "honey can you change my diaper?".
The Hazel Verse
The Hazel Verse 15 dagar sedan
i think she said set us free lol
Peeps40836 16 dagar sedan
I swear, ever since I watch that ytp of this years ago, my mind is trying real hard to “correct” it.
EnigmaOfTheEchidna 16 dagar sedan
Yes Drew, sending an email is exactly like Vin Diesel doing a live!
Michael Harris
Michael Harris 16 dagar sedan
What was that spongebob clip?
Derelict Dingo
Derelict Dingo 18 dagar sedan
Imagine not seeing CS188's edit of this. "It's all right here at your fingertits!"
Carmen Mercedes
Carmen Mercedes 19 dagar sedan
"my mom took me to the Russian Ballet for my birthday" and i hated it It took me 10 minutes to get past that part XD
M B 20 dagar sedan
Aisha Faiha
Aisha Faiha 12 dagar sedan
Lord of the Jams
Lord of the Jams 23 dagar sedan
the last ‘andrew don’t interrupt’ got me
Mak Mak
Mak Mak 27 dagar sedan
(0-< fish
Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil 12 dagar sedan
Fishy fishy makin it stinky
Ruby 27 dagar sedan
This feels like they had no time to reshoot. It was all one go.
Logan Green
Logan Green 27 dagar sedan
MY KEYBOARD IS LIKE MY HEART IT SHINES IN RGB AND ITS FULL OF BLOOD- I'm sorry I couldn't not acknowledge that it's the same video
Riddle Me Fish
Riddle Me Fish 28 dagar sedan
cs188's YTP is where i first saw this-
Chicken Strip
Chicken Strip 28 dagar sedan
I wonder how all these people are doing now.
P S Y C H E 28 dagar sedan
Your videos are so good when just zooted.
DracoIsAlive 28 dagar sedan
Haha living in the old days XD
Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor 29 dagar sedan
tinyurl.com/womanxxxxch43 Tenendo conto dell'attuale situazione internazionale, l'inizio del lavoro quotidiano sulla formazione di una posizione garantisce la rilevanza del ritiro delle attivita correnti. Tenendo conto degli indicatori di successo, lo sviluppo socioeconomico contribuisce al miglioramento della qualita delle corrispondenti condizioni di attivazione.🤩 De repente, replicados de fontes estrangeiras, estudos modernos, iniciados exclusivamente de forma sintetica, sao combinados em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie. Como parte da especificacao de padroes modernos, os empreendedores na Internet sao ambiguos e estarao sujeitos ao anatema social-democrata. No entanto, nao se deve esquecer que um aumento do nivel de consciencia civica cria as pre-condicoes para as posicoes assumidas pelos participantes em relacao as tarefas definidas. A proposito, os paises em desenvolvimento ativo do Terceiro Mundo estao unidos em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie.
Micah Lambert
Micah Lambert 29 dagar sedan
Have you played hunt the wumpus?
Benigma 29 dagar sedan
Can someone explanation n the joke at 1:20? I’m p Never mind I just realized part way through the comment
Benigma 29 dagar sedan
Also the thing at 1:37 is just a blatant lie
ana 29 dagar sedan
i have never laughed so hard on yt and im not high.
Phantom Menacing
Phantom Menacing Månad sedan
this video 8-) :-& because i got turned into a
Sam Jaramillo
Sam Jaramillo Månad sedan
7:44 Today I learned that Bush played at the Miami arena on my 10th birthday
Erik LaRoi
Erik LaRoi Månad sedan
Drew is that a mellotron?
RealizeTheRealLife Månad sedan
Just wanted to say :-T
Luxxa Cat
Luxxa Cat Månad sedan
in the 90's? Spend all your time on the internet?! You have any idea how expensive that shit was back then!? You paid by the minute!! LOL! But actually, non of what they said was obvious for a 90's child!
Cassiopea Knack
Cassiopea Knack Månad sedan
I’m an adult but I kept watching 😎 guess you can call me a rebel
Corinna Frye
Corinna Frye Månad sedan
I had "riding on the internet" as my ringtone for years. Never answered a call. Slaps too hard 🤷 Shout-out to Chadtronic
Kilibubble Cata
Kilibubble Cata Månad sedan
Them in 1997: "I'm so glad we don't have to dissect frogs like they did in the old days" Me in 1998: **had to dissect a frog in 6th grade biology** I thought I was going to make a point there but instead I just reminded myself that I'm old af
Jon Joyce
Jon Joyce Månad sedan
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington Månad sedan
This is the funniest video on this platform
l Månad sedan
since he said “damn i really wanted to hunt the wumpus” i haven’t stopped laughing
Maxim Airapetov
Maxim Airapetov Månad sedan
Can drew stop interrupting the video
Maxim Airapetov
Maxim Airapetov Månad sedan
Man, Drew’s living in the old age
Trenton H
Trenton H Månad sedan
666 dislikes oh god
carlos guia
carlos guia Månad sedan
YaBoiYoungTy Månad sedan
"Andrew, don't interupt"
Emily Speck
Emily Speck Månad sedan
“You can chat with people all over” No No that wasn’t a good thing it was a big mistake
Madison Lewe
Madison Lewe Månad sedan
How very 90’s
_Biip Bopp_
_Biip Bopp_ Månad sedan
My mom took away my PS4.
Kriterion Månad sedan
Cherry Pickling
Cherry Pickling Månad sedan
I hope u had a good day Drew
ThatOneSpnFan Månad sedan
It took me so long to realize the pattern on the picture frame was from those little bathroom cups...
hope1575 Månad sedan
Somehow it never occurred to me before now that Drew's name could be short for Andrew.
Ray Belloso
Ray Belloso Månad sedan
This is a comfort video for me and I can't explain why-
rock england
rock england Månad sedan
It looks like Drew is wearing a party hat in the thumbnail
Th3Mafia Månad sedan
just rewatched this..... funniest edits loool
Kiliano Olivera
Kiliano Olivera Månad sedan
Ohhhh, Halloween of 2020, the old days
Dream Månad sedan
8:03 your welcome
ShadowSorel Månad sedan
5:04 can't believe drew predicted the misha collins/bill clinton debacle
Not a horse
Not a horse Månad sedan
charlie uetz
charlie uetz Månad sedan
Everyone who enjoys this should watch redlettermedia. I’m sure that’s why this video came up on Drew’s recommendations in the first place.
Veer Patel
Veer Patel Månad sedan
*A N D R E W D O N T I N T E R R U P T*
Cap Baby
Cap Baby Månad sedan
Look at that Orlando magic shirt
CJN Månad sedan
My Free Space, Low Key
Drew: but today is Saturday Me: *eating cake at 11:00pm at night* “Yeah, yeah your right it is Saturday.”
HiddenSquid Månad sedan
“Andrew, shut the fuck up” Drew Gooden 2020
Tess Gillanders
Tess Gillanders Månad sedan
:-> (happy, in an evil way)
Drift 3.1415
Drift 3.1415 Månad sedan
I wonder if they uploaded this to the internet instead of putting it on any other thing so it would only be visible to people that already know how to use the internet
Whatever Whatever
Whatever Whatever Månad sedan
Man, they fucking hate Andrew.
KJACO Månad sedan
I love the paper cup design on the screen behind you.
Your Favorite Depressed Adolescent
Andrew being held at gunpoint: *Dials 911 * Operator: "911 what's your emergency?" Andrew: "Help I'm- Operator: *"Andrew, don't interrupt!"*
oliver _
oliver _ Månad sedan
...why did i not know www. stood for world wide web until i watched this video ;-;
some moronic penguin
holy shit i didn't know that either
*Alistair* Månad sedan
I feel like i’ve seen this on a music video....
Eleftheria K.
Eleftheria K. Månad sedan
Can we talk about how they got the most terrified kid to talk to the camera the most?😂
Sava Bien
Sava Bien Månad sedan
Ok to be fair email does get pretty wacky
superlolgal555 Månad sedan
10:53 wait... this lil boy ain't gay?
Brooklyn Bullard
Brooklyn Bullard Månad sedan
"If you liked it, shut the fuck up." Damn wasn't expecting to get absolutely demolished for liking a video.
Boris von Cookie
Boris von Cookie Månad sedan
your best video by far! Awesome dude!
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