The Best and Worst Games on PS Now 

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Video games are good and everything else is bad.
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1 aug 2020



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denisa 8 månader sedan
no pinned comment 😔
Potato Chip OwO
Potato Chip OwO 15 dagar sedan
@Stan The Bland ikr
I'm Andrew
I'm Andrew Månad sedan
@waiting for *blackpink* to be in my area wtf is blackpink?
Damned Bersagliere
Damned Bersagliere Månad sedan
Say sike
People Need To Relax
Nick 2 månader sedan
I cry
Hab1z Dag sedan
sucker punch make a amazing playstation games like sly and infamous and ghost of tsushima is great
Digitally Awesome
Dude that paintball game was from the original Xbox generation! Source? I own it lol
deekio Dag sedan
Drew has no idea how accurate his description is of rocket league lmao
The Almighty GONK Droid
Josie 2 dagar sedan
my fiance and i play Overcooked 2 and we've absolutely MASTERED it. ppl except us to be shouting angrily at each other but its like we mindmeld when we play it, its scary how good we somehow are
Ronald DeSilva
Ronald DeSilva 2 dagar sedan
More game reviews
VisionBlurry 123
VisionBlurry 123 2 dagar sedan
Drew mentioning sly 2 and 3 just brings me so much joy. One of my favourite childhood games ❤️
im._.cookiecutz 2 dagar sedan
my two favorite games on playstation are: Detroit: Become Human Little Nightmares II they’re amazing! they have some amazing storylines, and i’ve had a lot of fun playing them.
S F 3 dagar sedan
Surprised you didn’t talk about any of the Yakuza or Metal Gear Solid games
Celestishell L
Celestishell L 3 dagar sedan
pumpkinpan 4 dagar sedan
did did he just refer to the demons in doom as aliens
Jack Brouse
Jack Brouse 4 dagar sedan
The tutorial is horrible it doesn’t teach you anything so the game was bad either way
Delaney Hansen
Delaney Hansen 5 dagar sedan
“So you’re in luck if you haven’t played a game in the past 17 years” Me: well shit
Saeed Al-amere
Saeed Al-amere 6 dagar sedan
Jake Phegan
Jake Phegan 7 dagar sedan
Haa. You’re eyes are small now
Conor Coad
Conor Coad 7 dagar sedan
Dude. Toy home on the ps3 was amazing
Dhruv Prajapati
Dhruv Prajapati 7 dagar sedan
he didnt mention red dead
hi_hello_hey 7 dagar sedan
Gideo Vame
Impressiv 9 dagar sedan
money movements
kaos days
kaos days 9 dagar sedan
Drew Gooden AND Wolfenstein? New subscrib
Shinji391 10 dagar sedan
I deleted Last of Us from my Playstation within the first hour because of the HUGE PLOT HOLE.
WWE 4 life
WWE 4 life 4 dagar sedan
What is the plothole?
Nikki Bikki Bop
Nikki Bikki Bop 10 dagar sedan
Lot of dunkey energy in here
Jared Somthing somthing
I'm disliking.... april late fools
anonymous lizard
anonymous lizard 11 dagar sedan
Is this a youtube video? or a 13 minute ad?
anonymous lizard
@Owen Gratzer just because whenever he talks about a good game it sounds like an ad. (just a joke)
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 7 dagar sedan
Northstar _
Northstar _ 10 dagar sedan
Maggie Kerins
Maggie Kerins 11 dagar sedan
sly coops is so close to my heart
Jack Dalton
Jack Dalton 12 dagar sedan
That thumbnail gonna get taken out of context
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 7 dagar sedan
Aspen Wood
Aspen Wood 12 dagar sedan
Bubsy sounds like he should be voiced by John Mulaney
Tate Seifert
Tate Seifert 13 dagar sedan
Drew, it’s demons in doom not aliens you stinker
Dan the Stan man
Dan the Stan man 13 dagar sedan
I used to play the skiing one and the car running over toys one when I was younger (I think on the PS2) - I just now realize the car is motion controlled
Grace. Stewartt
Grace. Stewartt 13 dagar sedan
Everytime i play overcooked with my friends we end up laughing so hard we cant breathe and screaming what food items we need at eachother
Hop-Skip-Ouch 14 dagar sedan
Hours of unpaid labour, turn signals, driving simulator where you have to maintain speed limit. Drew should really try Euro Truck Simulator 2.
ASTOLFO BEST BOY 14 dagar sedan
Bro I remember that paintball game
John Guastavino
John Guastavino 15 dagar sedan
4:22 Dunkey?
John Guastavino
John Guastavino 13 dagar sedan
@Cerebromide both
Cerebromide 13 dagar sedan
Emanuel Rosario
Emanuel Rosario 16 dagar sedan
sly cooper OG nostalgia
The Weirdo
The Weirdo 16 dagar sedan
Hearing the New Colossus theme playing while you reviewed it made me happy.
Georgianne Chimes
Georgianne Chimes 17 dagar sedan
The tightfisted drama essentially knock because summer proportionally marry excluding a ragged ounce. mindless, graceful bass
S1FS-04 Chan Hoi Ting Katie
I’m twelve and I played all the uncharted games
Liam Allen
Liam Allen 17 dagar sedan
Am I the only one that wants a video with drew and dunkey?
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 15 dagar sedan
Jaylanx 17 dagar sedan
I don’t play any of the mxgp supercross games, but my dad has all of them and is always talking about how great the graphics are and how good the gameplay is for each one. Probably because he used to ride dirt bikes when he was younger, its weird seeing Drew give it such a low score but I understand lol
Trash inspector
Trash inspector 17 dagar sedan
This PS Now service is a scam, I am trying to turn off auto renew so it won't charge my card but it's not letting me, Everytime it's freezing for hours on the please wait screen
Owen Gratzer
Owen Gratzer 15 dagar sedan
Can u cancel it from ur credit card
Adrian 19 dagar sedan
Pilot’s license what for?
Evelyn Martinez
Evelyn Martinez 20 dagar sedan
why does this not have more views i love this video 😭😭😭
markedoff 20 dagar sedan
Look up super Star Wars on the ps now
Zach Ury
Zach Ury 21 dag sedan
I bought a PS4 for the first time last fall literally only to play tsushima. it scratched my itch for an assassin's creed-type game, then I realized that the new assassin's creeds are good again (origins and newer).
Yes Man
Yes Man 23 dagar sedan
I hate how saying anything good about Xbox makes you a sad, loser, and cringe Xbox fanboy. So are people who praise halo bad now?
Unrelentingly Louder
Unrelentingly Louder 24 dagar sedan
Drew needs a channel for gaming. Or Twitch, unless he already has it. I like his commentary
kaguuki googi
kaguuki googi 24 dagar sedan
Paintball be like Splatoon but not at all
Kata C
Kata C 24 dagar sedan
“Motor Cycle”? drew gooden x monster factory crossover when
Hanes Howie
Hanes Howie 25 dagar sedan
The superficial multi-hop neuroanatomically receive because temple immediately hang near a future futuristic submarine. scattered, shallow feast
yayi'mprocrastinating 27 dagar sedan
Wow I have the same shirt as danny im famous
Plantern 45
Plantern 45 28 dagar sedan
Awh I didnt know Wolfenstein II wasnt getting the recognition it deserves anymore... Especially since its prequel was the first 2d pixelated game to somehow be coded and made into a first person shooter :
Mariah L
Mariah L 28 dagar sedan
I actually owned Toy Home and I had it downloaded instead of having to stream it. Used to play it all the time lol
Jamie beal
Jamie beal 29 dagar sedan
I think you forgot Red Dead Redemption
Sean Pressler
Sean Pressler 29 dagar sedan
I usually never leave a comment.
HAYDEN GAUNT 29 dagar sedan
Minecraft would be a 10/10
u n k n o w n
u n k n o w n Månad sedan
I just buy PS Now for Lego Star Wars
nerdy noctowl!
nerdy noctowl! Månad sedan
3:34 Respect to you for using a Dunkey clip
nerdy noctowl!
nerdy noctowl! Månad sedan
3:34 Respect to you for using a Dunkey clip
Person Månad sedan
Dunkey would not be happy if he knew you shit talked bubsey
Crescent Månad sedan
PS Now has so many shit games and not enough good ones. I still pay for it though lol
Crescent 12 dagar sedan
@HowToPeelAClementine im on ps5
HowToPeelAClementine 12 dagar sedan
Try Gamepass
C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Månad sedan
The unequal lumber semiannually guide because aquarius obviously float towards a overwrought idea. long-term, acid waiter
Lino Canaan
Lino Canaan Månad sedan
So he just copied Dunkey like 10 times and no one noticed?
arkhamraider 127
arkhamraider 127 Månad sedan
8:57 gex joke
Jackson Milligan
Jackson Milligan Månad sedan
In the game paintball 2 you can cheat. This is not an explain but a OPTION. The game tells you that cheating is a valid option. Plus you can get infinite lives by pressing the “cheat” button when hit. Then pausing and unpausing. Boom infinite lives.
Phoenix Entertainmemt
You can only download ps4 games
Phoenix Entertainmemt
I would like to disagree with your opinion on monster supercross. Mx games are quite difficult and by your movement i can tell you do not play mx games (no hate). Mx games have huge learning curves and takes alot of practice to master
Jacky 207
Jacky 207 Månad sedan
If only he knew cod bo3 and wwZ is on ps now, now
C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Månad sedan
The sweltering blanket evolutionarily drown because custard syntactically belong pace a divergent suit. obsequious, good soup
NotLeSnake Månad sedan
100 hours? rookie numbers.
caramelapple jollyrancher
jerry garcia joke make me cackle
sour chuck
sour chuck Månad sedan
The regular august adventitiously suspect because hate bailly possess forenenst a melodic birth. solid, sedate date
Seth Tigner
Seth Tigner Månad sedan
“A little something for everyone” Dunkey fan?
Citizen’s Guard
Citizen’s Guard Månad sedan
Guy playing games on SVdown video? What is this? PewDiePie... but better?
Mark Parikh
Mark Parikh Månad sedan
Oh My God the IGN reference was so flawless I almost missed it
MrPseudonym Månad sedan
did nobody else notice the constant dunk references?
Bubba Kushington
Bubba Kushington Månad sedan
Genius video idea. Wolfenstein is a great game and it's one of my favorites, I haven't played the newest one yet and probably wont.
Panda Poodle
Panda Poodle Månad sedan
All these dunkey references makes me happy
Olimar Månad sedan
I only know who Bubsy is because of JonTron's video
Foop The Zoomer
Foop The Zoomer Månad sedan
Aza Månad sedan
Gex reference is pog
Quetzal Brewster
Quetzal Brewster Månad sedan
waiit i loved paintball 2 on wii
Cap Baby
Cap Baby Månad sedan
Tell em to get over it Microsoft just has the slightly better system back in the day I loved ps2 it’s my favorite console but now Xbox runs shit
Sheeshify Månad sedan
i LOVE sly cooper
Asger mis
Asger mis Månad sedan
oh nice 100 thousandth like?
Cmurder Frumpbotton IV
the review of Wolfenstein is on point homie. don't even bother with the 3rd one
dame420 Månad sedan
Ok now it seems like he is sponsord by playstation
Aaron Russell
Aaron Russell Månad sedan
I like how he phrases it like mid-century music is the definition of the apocalypse
bostin Månad sedan
Did he just say you fight aliens, IN DOOM?
Alfa Månad sedan
Okay drew you don't have brothers at your house so that explains why you hated the monster energy game. I played the fuck out of that game with my brothers as kids because you could play tag and say fuck all the other stuff in the game
Andrew M
Andrew M Månad sedan
finally somebody else that got ps now for sly cooper like me i love those games
Olivia Noah
Olivia Noah Månad sedan
Wow @yber_hacker on Instagram just helped me hack my PS5 under 10 minutes no doubt his legit💯✅
Pringleshark_96 Månad sedan
tHeY'rE nOt aLiEnS tHeY'rE dEmOnS
Samson Arnett
Samson Arnett Månad sedan
more game talk please
HughCCP Månad sedan
Drew doom isn’t about aliens it’s about demons
Mediocre Productions
Monster Energy Supercross is the actual league name DREW🤣. No seriously though the game is better when you understand the sport cuz there’s little things you have to be able to do to ride better (like lean the rider on the bike)
Hank Harris
Hank Harris Månad sedan
Thumbnail = firemen bad nazis good
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez Månad sedan
Greg Hastings Paintball 2 for the Wii was no cap a blast. Remember finishing all the maps and stuff when I was like 11 and thinking it was the most fun thing in the world. Still holds a special place in my heart, and no cap the Wii controller prob made it even more fun.
Sean Moloney
Sean Moloney Månad sedan
Bubsy is from Bubsy 3d the worst platformer to ever FUCKING EXIST
Sarge Månad sedan
if he's talking about wolfenstien with all it's unexpected moments can we talk about mw2, like the ending my god that was great