The Console Wars 

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music used:
1:38 - svdown.info/post/video/eHaweLGYmY6InZY.html
3:47 - svdown.info/post/video/l6iAk9GKnYBtqJY.html
5:07 - svdown.info/post/video/eoCQkq2JaaaG09U.html
5:46 & 11:51 - svdown.info/post/video/bISIaK5oiGWbns0.html (thanks ChrisRayGun for reminding me about this song)
7:32 - svdown.info/post/video/a56eqJCAhYp7yK8.html
13:42 - svdown.info/post/video/sImDosSKoqFwrtE.html (thanks EmpLemon for showing me this one)
The rest are various songs from www.epidemicsound.com/
Similar videos I'd recommend:
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Chris Ray Gun - "Make Halo Great Again"
Mystic - "PS3 vs Xbox 360 Documentary: The Video Game Battle of the 21st Century"


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30 jun 2020



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- oaklolk -
- oaklolk - 9 månader sedan
console more like video game console
Oz God
Oz God 5 dagar sedan
Rust -
Rust - 6 dagar sedan
Failingpepper 11
Failingpepper 11 12 dagar sedan
Not really that good tbh
Sir Jeffmuhammed
Sir Jeffmuhammed 16 dagar sedan
Machi 17 dagar sedan
Gibran Adnan
Gibran Adnan 3 timmar sedan
9:55 that moment when drew roasts a game you've wanted for years
CarnelJr Faulkner
CarnelJr Faulkner 5 timmar sedan
1:17 14:28 youtube comments in a nutshell
BUMBA 6 timmar sedan
Only problem with xbox is you can have gamepass on your computer so why would someone who owns a computer with a controller buy an xbox when they can buy a ps5 and play the exclusive games without having to buy both consoles
BUMBA 7 timmar sedan
Damn Drew you got all the good ps2 games right
Hab1z Dag sedan
10:27 me too
sorrelsoupp Dag sedan
don't you DARE slander viva piñata trouble in paradise
Eden :[
Eden :[ Dag sedan
Xbox gamers are chads
Epic Gamer the
Epic Gamer the Dag sedan
As someone who has had a Xbox for 7 years it has been painful to not have any exclusives and the worst part is all my friends are on ps4
laksdjaksj wueyiwu
you forgot about wiiu 🙄
Andrew Mooney
Andrew Mooney 2 dagar sedan
This is just a hypothesis but I don't think you can use that space bc while the console took it out from the number at the end , MAYBE the bar is set to the maximum and the rest of the bar is what was subtracted beforehand which is why you can't use it Also I know this was 9 months ago but maybe Drew never got an answer so I thought id provide him with something
A dELITED Youtube channel
I am watching this as a nintedo fan
Chloe Massar
Chloe Massar 2 dagar sedan
I believe that nintendo has the best games and I that it is the best.
Justin Marts
Justin Marts 2 dagar sedan
What the fuck. Its insane that he talked about not moving the xbox or youd ruin your copy of madden 08 because I found out that you werent supposed to move an xbox when my friend used to play his 360 vertical and it fell and ruined his copy of madden 08
Jim Cornette
Jim Cornette 3 dagar sedan
Real console war was 360 v ps3 that was a legit serious arguments about them
Eden :[
Eden :[ Dag sedan
Xbox gamers are Chad's PS gamers are nerds
Wobble Cobble
Wobble Cobble 3 dagar sedan
god i had fond memories of my xbox 360 until my dad decided to smash it so now that’s the only thing i can think of, except for half life 2, i have such good memories of it
Nick Clark
Nick Clark 4 dagar sedan
14:12 r/cursedimage approves
Bigd48 Yep
Bigd48 Yep 4 dagar sedan
Don’t be hating on don bradman cricket
Sone Berrios
Sone Berrios 4 dagar sedan
It sounds like you gotta defragement your hard drive, that free space probably isnt consecutive space so the ps4 cant use it. But thats just based off the brief explanation you gave.
the true Snom Vish
the true Snom Vish 4 dagar sedan
so... where does nintendo play into this
Michelle Wilt
Michelle Wilt 4 dagar sedan
When the PC takes throws them all in the trash... Bahaha sorry, I had to. I'm not a PC player. Can't afford to have a gaming computer. Consoles are cheaper and easier to access. As far as it goes, in 2021, I haven't gotten either of the new consoles. PS5 is still sold out the world over and the new Xbox hasn't released. And frankly, I don't care.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 5 dagar sedan
That storage drive me nuts on the ps4. I filled up my 1T memory on the first day.
The Senate
The Senate 5 dagar sedan
Just me grateful you’re not a mobile gamer
Jack Brouse
Jack Brouse 6 dagar sedan
When does drew gooden 3 come out
Alaric Schiller
Alaric Schiller 6 dagar sedan
on PS4, when you exit out of netflix and are on the tv and movie app if you just press the ps home button it will take you back to netflix or whatever you where watching last. lil life hack for you
Anacet 6 dagar sedan
Nakey Jakey looks a bit different
I couldn’t really Think of a name
No one cares about either side I just want flash player 2 to come out. :(
Charlie Fearnall
Charlie Fearnall 8 dagar sedan
G-force is the best gamer I've ever played!!! How could you
Coolboy 99
Coolboy 99 8 dagar sedan
You might have worse grades and not be a baseball prodigy, but do you know what you gained? Fun
Garrett Culley
Garrett Culley 8 dagar sedan
Imagine if history went way differently and this argument was Nintendo Vs. Sega.
KatiTheRat •
KatiTheRat • 8 dagar sedan
Okay but some of the smaller lesser known games on PlayStation now are really fucking cool
E V E R Y T H I N G 8 dagar sedan
Good controller
E V E R Y T H I N G 8 dagar sedan
Respect the tittling of the vid
Awesomeness Does Stuff Sometimes
Scott the woz? Is that you????
Local Aussie
Local Aussie 8 dagar sedan
Guess I'll buy a switch then
Irish Empire
Irish Empire 8 dagar sedan
I wonder how Drew feels about the Bethesda buyout.
Jerry Owen
Jerry Owen 9 dagar sedan
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Jerry Owen
Jerry Owen 9 dagar sedan
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Katie N.
Katie N. 9 dagar sedan
I frickin love ATV Offroad Fury 2.
Jason Douglas
Jason Douglas 9 dagar sedan
Only if you were all alive for nintendo vs sega , coke vs pepsi and wwf vs WCW
SirDurtle 9 dagar sedan
13:47 As an Xbox user, and with a dad that used to work at Microsoft, I am aware of this weird habit and also have an explanation. While my dad worked at a completely different area in the company, he was constantly having the issue where a boss would be promoted or replaced, and the next guy would feel the need to put his name on whatever they were working on. The new bosses would almost always change something for no reason, and then the whole team would have to spend weeks or months fixing random bugs and user complaints because the interface changed for no other reason than that the new boss wanted to do something. So thats probably why that keeps happening.
Triton Miller
Triton Miller 10 dagar sedan
you know mom a C ISNT THAT BAD!
Thine Spidet
Thine Spidet 11 dagar sedan
Drew calling Sam and Max “That Detective Game” hurt my soul. That stung. Goddamn.
colin 11 dagar sedan
Anyone else notice the funimation on his ps4
Just Some YT user
Just Some YT user 12 dagar sedan
If you have to choose I still think all the ps4 exclusives make it worth it!
mny 12 dagar sedan
Drew i thought I knew you but you Radiohead :/
Sawyer O
Sawyer O 12 dagar sedan
you should get a counsel if you don't have the money for a computer
CuckooCuck 12 dagar sedan
Honestly I have no idea what's gping on with your PS4. Mine runs just fine to be honest. Maybe it's a userside issue?
Shriya Naidu
Shriya Naidu 13 dagar sedan
Yeah, the content was different but it was more fun than the ticktock ones!
Hanes Howie
Hanes Howie 13 dagar sedan
The ill-informed fear universally bomb because trout principally wriggle next a open fiber. rainy, imminent spider
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 14 dagar sedan
i dont know why everyone argues about this, maybe because im just chilling with my DS and XBOX 360
Jeremy Green
Jeremy Green 14 dagar sedan
I went rogue on this one. I bought a switch. I mean, I also have a PS4 and an X-Box 360 hooked up in my livingroom... But my Switch gets played everyday and they are kind of gathering dust at the moment. Haha... Not that I dislike either console though, I think they are all great in their own way.
AL7 F4
AL7 F4 15 dagar sedan
this man uses the best video game soundtracks for his videos
Fox Excess
Fox Excess 15 dagar sedan
The 140gb space free thing is bizarre to me. Mine doesn't stop letting me do things until it's down to around 10gb free. If I was stuck with that problem holy sht I would have switched to xbox
Fox Excess
Fox Excess 15 dagar sedan
If you want YT or Netflix on your homepage on PS just download the actual apps for them and they'll show up on your main screen like your games. Surprised he didn't figure that out, but also Sony's fault for not making it more clear.
Jerry Robinson
Jerry Robinson 15 dagar sedan
The enthusiastic gallon distally juggle because club reversely bang behind a ossified slice. phobic, ubiquitous help
Ghost Dude
Ghost Dude 15 dagar sedan
Right know I have a switch and a ps4 I’m planning to buy a Xbox one just that they keep going out of stock
Ghost Dude
Ghost Dude 15 dagar sedan
I mean I totally agree with this video
ThisIsUmi 15 dagar sedan
Drew is a KH fan? I see he's a man of culture as well.
Matthew McGuire
Matthew McGuire 15 dagar sedan
Jimmy Neutron was literally the very first video game my brothers and I played on our PS2, our first console lol. Our parents bought it for Christmas so that we would be occupied while they packed up everything cause we were moving. They also bought us a hot wheels game and a bionicle game, but my younger brother and I couldn’t agree on which one to play so we compromised by playing our little brothers choice, which was Jimmy Neutron lol
Dustmopthepig 15 dagar sedan
Drew when are we gonna get a sibling reveal
TJ Connell
TJ Connell 16 dagar sedan
no no no no no, im sorry i love you but Don Bradman is a goddamn Australian national treasure not "this shit"
Georgianne Chimes
Georgianne Chimes 17 dagar sedan
The cooperative father neurochemically glue because geology geographically belong along a ad processing. tight, agonizing pleasure
Jesús Miguel Pérez Durán
BRO, SHREK 2 IS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE GAME I LOVED THAT SHIT. And I find it so fucking funny that it was a mf Shrek game of all things lmao
Michael Matta
Michael Matta 17 dagar sedan
the kingdom hearts music in the background...
WindterrorBW 19 dagar sedan
So, because of oh dear Covid, we have to use distance learning. As a result, they have to makes slides. So we were in our EMS (economics) class, and we were learning about Needs and Desires, and one of the pictures he showed was a PS5, and I kid you not, *THIS DUDE JUST STARTS SPAMMING THINGS LIKE,* "PS5 is ass." ON A DAMN *SCHOOL MEETING .*
Mus Vur
Mus Vur 19 dagar sedan
PC won that war years ago
DodderingOldMan 19 dagar sedan
How dare you disrespect Don Bradman Cricket!?
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid 19 dagar sedan
You can play rocket league with me whenever you want
Bing Bong
Bing Bong 19 dagar sedan
I see it as PS5=Crash Bandicoot fans, Xbox series x=Halo fans
LtCdrXander 19 dagar sedan
Why do people make such a big deal out of what game console people like? Who cares?!
Arti 20 dagar sedan
uh console, yea I sure hope it video games.
Swe Tv
Swe Tv 20 dagar sedan
Your ps4 sould not be so slow and dear god clean that dust of your consoles
YoStefan 20 dagar sedan
Pc master race.
Eldudio 14
Eldudio 14 23 dagar sedan
I like how Nintendo is never brought up cuz it’s kind of in its own league. Not that it’s necessarily better (definitely not worse) but they’re always off doing their own thing.
R. 25 dagar sedan
I actually just bought a PS4
Taifu 25 dagar sedan
pc master race
WhatIsLifeAnyway 25 dagar sedan
PlayStation vs. Xbox is heated, but it will simply never top the insanity, pretentiousness, and craziness that ensues in the "football vs. soccer" debate.
Porcupine Swine
Porcupine Swine 25 dagar sedan
"I remember being obsessed with unlocking achievements" thanks, Steam
roguebrot 25 dagar sedan
This video is gabbage
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 26 dagar sedan
ayy i have that same amazon external storage drive
SWR 26 dagar sedan
Like consol wars on SVdown is illegal but strange for some reason I saw someone doing console wars today it was Cringe and capital 😶
wadan shams
wadan shams 26 dagar sedan
Mini fridge vs wifi router
simqbi 26 dagar sedan
uuu dying light music , nice
Karim Dumoulin
Karim Dumoulin 26 dagar sedan
I discovered your channel a few days ago, i am already fan. I am from Belgium so... Greetings from Brussels : Fries, Stromae, Tintin, Waffles, Chocolate and Mossels.
Yeet 27 dagar sedan
7:38 ''shit did I accidentally open Dying Light?''
marco bothma
marco bothma 27 dagar sedan
Why at 7:30 did the dying light theme start to play?
Vish the Fish
Vish the Fish 28 dagar sedan
Bry W
Bry W 28 dagar sedan
Gaming pcs are a lot better because once it gets older than you can still play the new games, you'll just have to turn down the graphics
Claire Kane
Claire Kane 29 dagar sedan
me a gen z who has no idea what he’s saying: yea totally yea
VOLANT Moon 29 dagar sedan
Console wars is stupid
StickRolled Månad sedan
Nintendo switch is the superior console
HoAu Månad sedan
Eric Primavera
Eric Primavera Månad sedan
I think the console wars will end the more cross play happens and there are less exclusive
Arthur Durham
Arthur Durham Månad sedan
I just don't get the value of an xbox these days when all the games are on PC unless you're really not tech savvy.
Frudini Månad sedan
I’m more of a Nintendo kid, I think the switch is great :)
Pa Wit
Pa Wit Månad sedan
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Aubree Shelton
Aubree Shelton Månad sedan
Станислав Марков
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C Larice Tayag
C Larice Tayag Månad sedan
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