The guys who turned minimalism into a religion 

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24 jan 2021



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Kommentarer 100   
The IDK place
The IDK place 2 månader sedan
I accidentally ate my cat
Stargirl Rocker
Stargirl Rocker 2 dagar sedan
I’m just replying to make it 500
B u m b l e B e e
B u m b l e B e e 9 dagar sedan
Lol same
Personguy Månad sedan
last comment lol
Bingle Månad sedan
Tinie Panini
Tinie Panini Månad sedan
Trey Stone
Trey Stone 3 timmar sedan
The bearded guy looks like a long-haired Metroman.
chimetimepaprika 13 timmar sedan
Damn, I always fill my voids with drugs, sex, and Club Penguin
Juan Hansbrough
Juan Hansbrough 13 timmar sedan
Their book looks soo interesting and I would love to buy it! But that would be another possession and I don't need more of those in my life
adian 17 timmar sedan
have you been working out Drew? Looking good!! :)
Reina Algabri
Reina Algabri 18 timmar sedan
Why would you get rid of pants, doing laundry every isn’t fun.
spedracer4U 23 timmar sedan
Guy should get minimal with that forehead he's sporting.
Pumpernickel Dag sedan
totally the cadence of an evangelical youth pastor
PrimalTheEmperor (primal9000)
These people ruined the ideology/philosophy of Minimalism...
Zakarii Tsui
Zakarii Tsui Dag sedan
I myself am a minimalist, and I just want to let you all know that these two guys are right in the sense that we have a consumerism problem, and minimalism does help a little just like vegans does its part to help animals. But their cult-like approach is off putting. Research minimalism outside of these guys, and if you dig it then cool, if not then oh well. I use minimalism as a way to help ME, and it's definitely not for everyone. I never liked owning a lot of things, so it was a natural step for me to give up what I felt was junk. But that's what I was comfortable with. I also think minimalism is a broad spectrum. There's people who don't use furniture. There's others who have plenty of furniture but it is all used and serves a purpose. I have little to no things in my apartment, but I have wall shelves with pictures of my girlfriend and pets because minimalism to me isn't the elimination of things, but giving space to the things you value most. First and foremost the "minimalist" journey is for the benefit of you. If you want to make a change go for it, but if you want 5 closets stuffed with clothes and 8 throw blankets on your 3 couches then go for it. :)
PSheng WengWeng
PSheng WengWeng 2 dagar sedan
I hate that one guys hair. The skinny one with that pompadour.
Credits unknown
Credits unknown 2 dagar sedan
Micheal reeves been drugged out pf his mind explaining the hedonic treadmill has more sense than whatever they say.
Per Ole
Per Ole 3 dagar sedan
Basically, two rich guys, who chose to be minimalists, tell people, that you feel happy with less stuff. Tell that someone, who is really poor. Ah, and by the way, rich people are more happy overall, there are studies proving that.
Money4Nothing 3 dagar sedan
"Action Items" is a common business term. I had no idea you were such a businessperson.
maxwell klem
maxwell klem 4 dagar sedan
It's matt and ryan from supermega
RedCaio 4 dagar sedan
Your 'sponsored' segments have got to be the longest on youtube. "Oh he's talking about his sponsor, but should I stick around? I mean we're only 3/4ths into the runtime - surely there's more video after he's done talking about the sponsor...right?" Nope
Papi Chulo
Papi Chulo 4 dagar sedan
I love your shirt
hope6six 4 dagar sedan
They’re so minimalist the only subjects of their videos are white American southerners 🤔
Mustard n Biscuits
Mustard n Biscuits 4 dagar sedan
SIGH-Another day, another scam in 🇺🇸!!!
Intermezzo 5 dagar sedan
Money isn't important, it doesn't make you happy. So just give it all to us!
TMW Productions
TMW Productions 5 dagar sedan
no one is gonna talk about how churches actually do that and call them testimonies ?
Robertino Gochev
Robertino Gochev 6 dagar sedan
Gaping void in his life, lmao.
Corbin Beech
Corbin Beech 6 dagar sedan
It always seems strange to see recovered addicts who make it their life's work to talk about their addiction. I get wanting to help people, at at some point you should probably move on
George Immanuel
George Immanuel 7 dagar sedan
Ugh there're too many lamps :(
HardwareLust 7 dagar sedan
Drew, where can I get that shirt?
Nicolas Leone
Nicolas Leone 7 dagar sedan
Hey drew my friend had that shirt!
Gus Korogi
Gus Korogi 7 dagar sedan
Why does the one guy look like extreme drew 💀
The Crab Maestro
The Crab Maestro 7 dagar sedan
"Memories are in our heads not the objects" this is true, but you've got to remember that the objects can remind you about the memories if you forget. Imagine that you're 70 and you still have your pokemon cards, but you havent thought about pokemon for 50 years. Imagine how amazing it would be to be reminded of that thing by finding that object when you clean up. I agree that unnecessary stuff is bad, but sometimes stuff can be very good to keep.
johnres baja
johnres baja 7 dagar sedan
Clearly the people in the comment section didn't understand the true meaning of minimalist. 🥱
Princess Bowtruckle
Princess Bowtruckle 8 dagar sedan
6:02 Sooo ... Steve Harvey?
SirPhoebus 8 dagar sedan
F that I want a huge castle with tons of fandoms stuff in it.
Makenzie Chavez
Makenzie Chavez 8 dagar sedan
Guys this is just the beginning of fight club
Jaina Olfert
Jaina Olfert 9 dagar sedan
Bro this just makes me think about school presentations
kikoen 9 dagar sedan
wayupn 10 dagar sedan
This is for rich people to feel good about throwing away all their stuff so that can buy new stuff.
wayupn 10 dagar sedan
They even have the "American conman" look.
wayupn 10 dagar sedan
The ted talk grift is a easy game. Adopt the manurisms and easy to understand learning point, then charge 50k for each fifteen minute talk for Execs around the world.
Will Stuntz
Will Stuntz 10 dagar sedan
the first guy looks like drew tell me im wrong
Natalie Massey
Natalie Massey 10 dagar sedan
My uncle watched this documentary and started acting like this for about a month before he went bought new stuff to replace what he got rid of lmao
Daniel 10 dagar sedan
These guys are just marketers... Selling the same product over and over again. They are what they hate.
Sabrina Mitchell
Sabrina Mitchell 10 dagar sedan
I'm def a little bit minimalist just cause me and my husband especially him are very stingy but like we don't really have any decorations or anything fancy we just don't but stuff we don't need but man I couldn't take it as extreme as some ppl
Belley K.
Belley K. 10 dagar sedan
The guy that first came up looks like the bare minimum requirements of being a Steve Bushemi look-alike.
else thompson
else thompson 10 dagar sedan
my teeth are cold ok bye
Madawi Dag sedan
same ok bye
Shinji391 10 dagar sedan
Cigarettes used to make me throw up so I literally just stopped. But vaping helped until that started to make me sick.
Shinji391 10 dagar sedan
The Minimalists would probably just put their kids on ADHD drugs.
Shinji391 10 dagar sedan
Sounds like you're being indoctrinated into a cult to me!! Holy shit, sounds like a church sermon up the ass.
jjthepizzaman 10 dagar sedan
They should have been so minimalistic that the documentary is just 10 seconds of them saying minimalism good stuff bad.
Anthony de Lange
Anthony de Lange 11 dagar sedan
They're so minimalist they say the same shit over and over
Knell Peek
Knell Peek 11 dagar sedan
I'm dying this guy looks like Drew left in a dehydrator
Feubrune 11 dagar sedan
I could never get behind the whole minimalism thing. I like things. My Yu-Gi-Oh collection and my clothes and my various trinkets and photo walls and plushies make me happy and I'm tired of feeling ashamed or like I have to apologize for liking material things.
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh 11 dagar sedan
There's been plenty of minimalism in India for a long time.....and it sucks!
Shantanu Singh
Shantanu Singh 11 dagar sedan
There's been plenty of minimalism in India since a long time.....and it sucks!
Maria Annette
Maria Annette 12 dagar sedan
I made a video on this too! svdown.info/post/video/bHdudKRndbKdras.html These minimalist cult people messed with my head. I also made it really long as a preventive measure.
TindraSan 12 dagar sedan
"There was a g a p i n g v o i d in my life, and I filled that void withe literal hot hair and a sense of superiority."
TindraSan 12 dagar sedan
Minimalism creeps me out. I feel uncomfortable with just how plain and empty everything looks after cleaning my room (even worse now when I live in an apartment that is too big and I can't afford alot of furniture. the place is only big due to weird circumstances also it's cheap for it's size but I still struggle w/ money -god I want a roommate it's so empty here I'm so lonely- )
RuskiVodka 12 dagar sedan
We live in a society... based
Candace Carpenter
Candace Carpenter 12 dagar sedan
These guys are like “This one weird trick will solve all your problems!” And then they go on to say how they are more enlightened than everyone else because they shop less.
DV 12 dagar sedan
all i learned is to fill the void with nothing
Epsilon Not
Epsilon Not 12 dagar sedan
The dude on the left in the video thumbnail is what you would look like after 8+ years of meth, piss jugs and big rigs
MIDNIGHT STAR 12 dagar sedan
i turned nihilism into a religion
Banana :D
Banana :D 12 dagar sedan
there's nothing i can enjoy more than drew ranting about a subject i know nothing about
Offduty 57z66
Offduty 57z66 13 dagar sedan
1:21 - the guy on the left actually looks a bit like David Miscavige....!
ElectricStrawberries -
ElectricStrawberries - 13 dagar sedan
GOD, I CAN'T STAND DAVE RAMSEY. I live in Tennessee and the entire Econ curriculum for highschoolers revolves entirely around what that man has to say. No shit -- my whole semester of senior econ was just watching Dave shame us for our financial choices, love God, and spend two hours explaining one very basic concept.
Seth Tigner
Seth Tigner 13 dagar sedan
0:29 a... minimalist definition?
Six Million
Six Million 13 dagar sedan
Less clutter in your home gives you more happiness? Color me surprised
Beatrice Ojea
Beatrice Ojea 13 dagar sedan
I DO spend more money on shoes than on higher education...... I should have refused the scholarship and PAID!!! I feel so ashamed
mortimermcmirestinks 14 dagar sedan
You should make a video about Dave Ramsey, the guy in this documentary who says "I want it, I want it now". Dude's the platonic ideal of a guy who used to be poor, got rich, completely forgot what it was like to be poor, and now makes a living telling poor people how to get rich. Some of his advice includes: - Don't do anything that would get you a credit score (don't get a house until you can buy one in cash, same for a car, don't get a credit card, etc) - Before anything else, get $1500 and lock it away for emergencies (not actually a terrible idea but he seems genuinely unable to understand that many people don't have hundreds of dollars just laying around) - You Too Can Be Rich If You Stop Buying Starbucks Every Day
AWESOM-O 14 dagar sedan
There is a saying that can relate to this: "Those who say that money can't buy happiness, never had any.”
Josie Cornett
Josie Cornett 14 dagar sedan
I took a buzzfeed quiz that told me I was susceptible to cult manipulation, and it’s absolutely true.
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena 14 dagar sedan
“It’s like if you went to church and the sermon was about how the pastor became successful”. Bruh that’s exactly what those jet plane seed faith televangelists do.
Hopeful Hyena
Hopeful Hyena 14 dagar sedan
That’s why Moses wasn’t allowed into the land of milk and honey. Too many fidget spinners.
Matthew 14 dagar sedan
Things are not things, but the things are the true things.
Owen However
Owen However 14 dagar sedan
The fucking privilege of being able to choose to have nothing
Mystique ?
Mystique ? 15 dagar sedan
I always tell myself that I will not be loved if I do not buy a certain toothpaste
Esther Sparrow
Esther Sparrow 15 dagar sedan
3:30 My niece actually saw a Dawn Power Wash commercial today and immediately asked me if that's what I use. Now I'm supposed to wonder if that was a moment of devaluation?
muddy moisturizer
muddy moisturizer 15 dagar sedan
to become a true minimalist ,you have to remove all non-vital organs from your body.
potential accident
potential accident 15 dagar sedan
Matt d'avella is crying in the corner😂😂
EU•iLO 15 dagar sedan
Hell yeah, give us nothingggg
Alexander Adams
Alexander Adams 15 dagar sedan
9:40 he has a blender, isn’t that what teeth are for?
Turkish_ Albino
Turkish_ Albino 15 dagar sedan
Would love to see these minimalists go to a war zone or financially impoverished zone and convince people that actually they're leading lives of pure bliss without possessions...
littleblueclovers 15 dagar sedan
Minimalism is like veganism. A good cause with the most insufferable vocal minority. The people who practice it (but don’t make it their main personality trait) are good people.
Rettequetette 16 dagar sedan
The worst thing is that it's not even true, at least not for everyone. I have a lot of "stuff", a lot of things that make me happy because they are nice to use or even to look at - some both. Also, a lot of things can help you bring back beautiful memories - so yeah, they make you happy. I really appreciate the things I have. Another thing: this whole concept makes me feel bad in a way for people who have no choice - people who have nothing like homeless people, refugees, all kinds of poor people around the world.
Jaymen Burgy
Jaymen Burgy 16 dagar sedan
Him calling his mom “mom” to other people instead of “my mom’ has infuriated me since I was a child
Amanda Ashman
Amanda Ashman 16 dagar sedan
They showed this doc to us several times at an iop center for substance abuse treatment hahaha
Dragonfly 16 dagar sedan
Imagine making two whole documentaries with the same stuff, and the FIRST one is BETTER than the second one. That’s the definition of a money grab when you aren’t even adding to your first message.
Shaun Barrie
Shaun Barrie 16 dagar sedan
"By their own logic they should be cutting things out of their life that don't add any additional value but... that's not what they're doing... at ALL."
enelysenc 16 dagar sedan
Those documentaries are actually just very long commercials, so you would buy their books to get the solution.
Walkin Fenix
Walkin Fenix 16 dagar sedan
Little did Drew know... He was looking at a future version of himself.
Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino 16 dagar sedan
6:47, damn I was at least expecting them to change their wording lol
Serena Tsukino
Serena Tsukino 16 dagar sedan
Lmao it actually does sound like slam poetry XD
Rettequetette 17 dagar sedan
Ooh, I think I bought a pair of shoes when I was in college. I feel so bad.
Uh Yeah
Uh Yeah 17 dagar sedan
drew gooden vs evil drew gooden who stole his monologue from the spongebob squarepants movie
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson 17 dagar sedan
ok im a minimalist but i absolutely hate these kinds of attitudes in docs like this. it's so fuckin annoying. that woman really said "i will not be loved if i dont have this toothpaste. my children will not value me if i dont have this dish soap." no honey, we just dont want you to be dirty. and btw, if people want things, it's ok to have things. you dont need to shame them. it's all about moderation, like all else in life.
-- 17 dagar sedan
Minimalism for me is a good way to keep my messy behaviour in check, it stops me from becoming messy, having poor hygiene and dropping self care. That's just a tool I use to keep my life somewhat stress free, I also do like owning the same shirts lol it makes getting dressed easy (as a man no one cares what I wear, as long as it's clean and I don't smell!)
Landry Ellis
Landry Ellis 17 dagar sedan
Otto von Bismark
Otto von Bismark 17 dagar sedan
Hi Drew, thank you for another great video. You are probably the only youtuber who makes me laugh consistently. I know you shouldn't be getting these many praises since it might get to your head (from that other video you talked about the ego thing) but I think you deserve it.
TJ G 19 dagar sedan
It’s obvious what’s going on here. They have raging cocaine addiction and they created “minimalism”’ to justify spending all their money on the cocaine.
Ellie Long
Ellie Long 19 dagar sedan
are we going to ignore that the Ryan guy’s last name is Nicodemus like... the guy in the Bible that went to Jesus looking for answers is Josh supposed to be Jesus?? is the last name a coincidence?? what is going on here
Luminescence 16 dagar sedan
I'm down to ride this conspiracy theory train, I'm interested in where it ends up
Sub-Zero Speaks
Sub-Zero Speaks 19 dagar sedan
Gaping void in my life
Angelo PARK
Angelo PARK 19 dagar sedan
Josh is discount Drew.
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