The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for 

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this movie was made for nobody.
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8 jan 2021



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Erem Hans
Erem Hans 44 minuter sedan
"fuel my LaCroix addiction-" drew, your danny is showing
Just about yaya was abt to pose I got an Ad lmao
JohnWick 7 timmar sedan
As a kid....I loved Sharkboy and lava girl movie
Skull king
Skull king 8 timmar sedan
Lol I love this movie can't believe you don't like it but that dream scene was hilarious 🤣😹🤣
Xman Gaming
Xman Gaming 14 timmar sedan
Love that movie
Sarah Carroll
Sarah Carroll 18 timmar sedan
Shark boy(or shark man) didn't even get a speaking part
Lucas Sakelarios
Lucas Sakelarios 18 timmar sedan
When is he gonna pin something?
Devasta The Seeker
I really wish the microwave that just instantly makes food from spy kids was real. Imagine just being able to throw some mince and frozen veggies in a microwave and getting a steak
Bella Umeki
Bella Umeki Dag sedan
even if the we can be heros movie wasn't the best can we appreciate the representation !!
Isaac Ogunmuko
Isaac Ogunmuko Dag sedan
Kids: SharkBoy and LavaGirl Adults: SharkMan and LavaWoman
Coco Loco
Coco Loco Dag sedan
This is where five has been....
Allie Authement
Allie Authement Dag sedan
Okay, drew is addicted to la croix too?? I’m now fully convinced they are definitely not two different people.
Random Kid
Random Kid Dag sedan
My little cousin was over once for a sleepover and he was obsessed w the sequel (he never watched the og what it was a og movie i used to love it) so we watched it and the whole time i was trying not to laugh so i wouldn’t have to explain why i was laughing
Blastoise Dag sedan
The Aliens: PRENK
Aussie Aussie
Aussie Aussie 2 dagar sedan
I cannot stress this enough to you all, don't do mushrooms or acid when you watch this movie. It's fucking nightmare fuel.
Bethany Prahst
Bethany Prahst 2 dagar sedan
But the music is low key fire in the first one ngl
Dylan Rivera
Dylan Rivera 2 dagar sedan
First video I watched from you!
Silke Kettelwell
Silke Kettelwell 2 dagar sedan
Dream dream dream dream dream dream dream
Zim Sisters
Zim Sisters 2 dagar sedan
Drew:”it’s the ugliest movie ever” Me: excuse me it’s 2005 what do you except it’s bad hd bc it’s in the 2000s you should be sued have you even the we can be heroes movie then you will get periodtttttt
Franklin's Stuff
Franklin's Stuff 2 dagar sedan
I asked for it but in 11 but I mean ya sorry.
Bean Man Loves Turtles
Guppy is the 6 year old version of that one kid who flexes thier dad's money
PeachyChild 3 dagar sedan
Sorry to say folks but the only reason I watched this cringy work was because of the delight that is Pedro Pascal
Grace A
Grace A 3 dagar sedan
Literally same
a komi who can't communicate
i'm 17 years younger than drew and this movie was not incredible guess I'm not in the target demographic
Zoey Nicole
Zoey Nicole 3 dagar sedan
HEY, I'm the one that ask for the sequel
Kevyn Espinosa
Kevyn Espinosa 3 dagar sedan
Great video!!! But I still love the sequels ♥️
Isaiah Archuleta
Isaiah Archuleta 4 dagar sedan
One day my nephew was watching this and most of the scenes I saw looked like they were in those liminal space areas that you feel like you've seen in those weird dreams that aren't quite nightmares but give you a weird feeling.
Kamran Qureshi
Kamran Qureshi 4 dagar sedan
Mr Electric became Mr White Van even thought Sharkboy and Lavagirl are already grown up.
Lamprey L
Lamprey L 5 dagar sedan
Dude i was thinking i was the only one who watched the movie which had adult sharkboy and lavagirl
Oliver Cartoon studios
You forgot the kiss
Zachary Henderson
Zachary Henderson 6 dagar sedan
If you think you'll ever want to make a sequel to a movie, put it into your actors' contracts.
No Thank you
No Thank you 6 dagar sedan
Fuck, I am now having a mental breakdown
YouTube Rabbit Holes With 'Coke'
walmart duck
walmart duck 7 dagar sedan
lol i thought it was a really cool movie when i was like 9
Andrew Dozier
Andrew Dozier 7 dagar sedan
I’m incredibly insulted that you didn’t include Up in the Pixar discussion and I am thus unsubscribing
Emma Pursley
Emma Pursley 7 dagar sedan
My 4 year old loves this movie
I C E D C R E A M 7 dagar sedan
hE RuiNeD My DreAm joUrNaL!
Serafina R
Serafina R 7 dagar sedan
Before watching this I was like no don’t hate on shark boy and lava girl that was my childhood 2:57 Yeah nvm this movie is messed up lol
Nora Nagy-Leranth
Nora Nagy-Leranth 7 dagar sedan
Ew I was always happy that sharkboy and lavagirl were just friends in the movie because whenever there are two opposite gender main characters they always have to have some romance 🙄 so thanks, sequel, for ruining it and making them have a child 👍
Ian Hill
Ian Hill 7 dagar sedan
this became one of my favorite movies when i first saw it.
Ching Thianhoih Vualnam
Thought he was wearing a NASA. Neat. 😅👍
Caitlin B
Caitlin B 8 dagar sedan
“Some of the visuals are so hideous, It’s actually disturbing.” God it’s so funny I don’t get it
Never Ever
Never Ever 8 dagar sedan
If water and fire are contrary forces, how did he put his salmon in her volcano. uhhhhh
James Woznik
James Woznik 8 dagar sedan
The noxious arch embryologically tug because seeder subsequently hand through a white snowstorm. sassy, reminiscent music
This Boi Loves P!nk
This Boi Loves P!nk 8 dagar sedan
Wait but it’s cannon that in Sharkboy and Lavagirl, every time Sharkboy touches Lavagirl, it Burns him. So how did they have a kid???
Mediocre Productions
Mediocre Productions 9 dagar sedan
Everybody hated Sharkboy and Lavagirl?........okay DREW
Arian Mahmood
Arian Mahmood 9 dagar sedan
"And then we eat the box" 🤣🤣🤣
tuj teh stronk
tuj teh stronk 9 dagar sedan
Wow Danny's deep fake clearly went well
Dz Gaming
Dz Gaming 9 dagar sedan
dude just because you dont like it donsnt mean nobody likes it
Hafflockman 9 dagar sedan
ts3 and io SUUUUUUUUCK
FLYING DUCK 10 dagar sedan
Gauri Ram Mohan
Gauri Ram Mohan 10 dagar sedan
is that priyanka chopra????
Ender Pup
Ender Pup 10 dagar sedan
Everyone in spy kids was a strange choice. They had Danny Trejo for gods sake.
Serj Tankian
Serj Tankian 10 dagar sedan
Extreme EJplayZ
Extreme EJplayZ 10 dagar sedan
Truely Greg
Chyll Apla-on
Chyll Apla-on 10 dagar sedan
Sorry to all of you but I love Sharkboy and Lavagirl duhhh
Epic Roblox Sk8r
Epic Roblox Sk8r 11 dagar sedan
Funny how so many people were like “this was my childhood.” Or “this was the best movie of my childhood.” When it really wasnt
Orson Jarrett
Orson Jarrett 11 dagar sedan
3:14 Makes sense cause the movie looks like it was made in Kid Pix 3D
Carl Wheezer
Carl Wheezer 11 dagar sedan
I’m 9 it still sucks
THE REAL Nerf boy 10
THE REAL Nerf boy 10 11 dagar sedan
I hated we can be heroes. It’s actually my least favorite film EVER.
wallie is cool
wallie is cool 11 dagar sedan
i do not tolerate Sharkboy and Lavagirl slander
Tinuviel 12 dagar sedan
LMAO OMG I have never seen even a trailer of this movie. I can't believe it looks soooo bad!!!
N̷a̷b̷i̷h̷a̷ 12 dagar sedan
10:00 is that fucking priyanka chopra lmfaooo 😂😂😂
Demo 12 dagar sedan
Loved it by the way
Maeada King
Maeada King 12 dagar sedan
Who is he talking about when he said...."everyone hated."??? WHO IS EVERYONE? I just want to talk.
Short and Fat
Short and Fat 12 dagar sedan
Yo! the aliens are the illuminati!
Federico Arrojo
Federico Arrojo 12 dagar sedan
Literally just pacific rim uprising but without the cool robots
Leah Allman
Leah Allman 12 dagar sedan
So we just gonna ignore that they’re both named Taylor or
Carastuffz 13 dagar sedan
I litteraly watched it and it's SOOO GOOD EEEEE
:/ 13 dagar sedan
Joel Hayes
Joel Hayes 13 dagar sedan
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Have a blessed day, brothers and sisters in Christ!
Natalie Nicole Campos
Natalie Nicole Campos 13 dagar sedan
Adult me is ashamed-
Lex Chariandy
Lex Chariandy 13 dagar sedan
no priyanka chopra no
Doge 14 dagar sedan
Dream dream dream dream shark strength
Doge 14 dagar sedan
I’ve got shark strength. Ahhhh ( throws grown man on mat like it’s a super power ). I’m four years old so that’s cool
lemon._. bananas
lemon._. bananas 14 dagar sedan
mc is sorta useless
Cameron Kar
Cameron Kar 14 dagar sedan
“How did this guy ever get to be president? He can’t even put 2 sentences together.” US citizens rn 😂
whoelsecantheyadd 14 dagar sedan
MIDNIGHT STAR 15 dagar sedan
The cost of shark boy and lava girl probably comes from the sheer amount of c.g.i instead if the quality.
MIDNIGHT STAR 15 dagar sedan
The spy kids universe is almost as big as the MCU.
Ryan Mccoy
Ryan Mccoy 15 dagar sedan
Shooter Mcgavin is President? that means Happy Gilmore is in the Spy Kids Universe. This is a good day.
Slamblaster 15 dagar sedan
Now that I've done a little thinking, the fact that she's still Lava Girl is just as weird as him being Sharkboy still...
Matthew Moser
Matthew Moser 16 dagar sedan
Okay this movie is pretty terrible in hindsight, but I remember liking it as a child
Sugarlily Love
Sugarlily Love 16 dagar sedan
We can be heroes is better than the other one
vans4menu 16 dagar sedan
Legit I was 8 in 2001. Still incredibly disappointed.
Mark Flood
Mark Flood 16 dagar sedan
Danm that sounds like the second worst thing to happen that year
MAYke it Funny
MAYke it Funny 16 dagar sedan
Why do I keep forgetting Drew has a wife
Sydney Opal
Sydney Opal 17 dagar sedan
I like how he says it shouldn't be shark boy it's should be sharkman and just completely ignore the whole Lavagirl situation.
Some guy
Some guy 17 dagar sedan
Neat shirt
Gex_69 17 dagar sedan
My question is how do sharkboy and lavagirl exist, didn’t max make them up in his dream journal, or is this an alternative universe where sharkboy and lava girl ( along with other made up heroes) exist?
Eat At Joe's
Eat At Joe's 9 dagar sedan
That, and probably.
Cheyenne Stevenson
Cheyenne Stevenson 17 dagar sedan
Nah nah nah nah nah, he better stop trashing the original Sharkboy and Lavagirl I’m aboutta unsubscribe.
Oliver Cauble
Oliver Cauble 17 dagar sedan
We were all asking for it, it was just rhetorical though.
Talia Godfrey
Talia Godfrey 17 dagar sedan
"Still animated well enough to hold the attention of a child." 22 slapping the shit out of Joe
Bill Joe
Bill Joe 17 dagar sedan
Did you just tell me everyone hated shark boy and lava girl?! Is that actually a thing, I always thought that movie was a banger and that everyone shared my love for it
Jenna Marx
Jenna Marx 18 dagar sedan
Am I the only one who think that spy kids is really bad???
Water Reptile
Water Reptile 18 dagar sedan
Naomi Griffin
Naomi Griffin 18 dagar sedan
Not you shitting on spy kids and shark boy and lava girl. Yes the new ones be sucks but the originals are the only good thing to happen to this country honestly this whole world
Marty Mcfly
Marty Mcfly 18 dagar sedan
“except cars 2” lmao
Arthur Martin
Arthur Martin 18 dagar sedan
that relatable moment when that kid says to expell another kid, and you through a book at his neck. i know that happens to me all the time ;)
Diogo R
Diogo R 18 dagar sedan
Wait you are married? But aren't you just 25?
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin 19 dagar sedan
Spy kids president was George Clooney, come on man.
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