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Grab your reading glasses, today we're checking out some book.
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1 maj 2020



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Kommentarer 100   
bruh ً
bruh ً 11 månader sedan
Who are you
pumpkinpan Månad sedan
Kaedence Ward
Kaedence Ward 3 månader sedan
Who are you?
beaut1ful liies
beaut1ful liies 4 månader sedan
ThomasNorbdy 3 timmar sedan
7:56 There is a fucking footnote there.
Kiefer Pagute
Kiefer Pagute 4 timmar sedan
When logan says “Take the word no, and flip it around” it means yes.
peter fensom
peter fensom 8 timmar sedan
Look at dantdm's book. Its a comic story and its just genuinely just a good story.
peter fensom
peter fensom 8 timmar sedan
Its really good
Ostrich Ultimate
Ostrich Ultimate 11 timmar sedan
Half asleep Chris Book wasn’t that bad
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen 11 timmar sedan
Jake Paul admitting to committing a felony... checks out!
Braden Sorensen
Braden Sorensen 11 timmar sedan
Drew, you’re about to hit 3 million subs! When can we expect the book?!
Zoe Lynch
Zoe Lynch 17 timmar sedan
drew has the best Resting Dumb Face
chimetimepaprika 17 timmar sedan
The Contortionist. Awebo
sketchy. png
sketchy. png 17 timmar sedan
I've seen fanfiction oneshots better than some of these books.
Moon Moon
Moon Moon 22 timmar sedan
Jake Paul is a nonce, pass it on
Katherine Riggs
Katherine Riggs 23 timmar sedan
he’s getting dangerously close to 3 mil...
Mahiru Koizumi
Mahiru Koizumi Dag sedan
Jake Paul is why I'm lesbian.
Christina Marie Hicks
Christina Marie Hicks
Yep i do remember books..
Christina Marie Hicks
You have no respect at all..boy wonder fundraising st judes..
Nair Family
Nair Family Dag sedan
You mentioned Joey Graceffa's book and I actually read the first one, (haven't read the second) and I wanted to say that it's actually pretty okay. The book itself is very dystopian and it isn't really bad writing. It was alright and the idea was actually pretty good.
Dr Skelly Bones
Dr Skelly Bones 2 dagar sedan
jakes the kind of guy who prioritises his own pleasure (during sex) over his partners pleasure. also he thinks that being hit in the balls is worse that giving birth.
Sarah Maryja
Sarah Maryja 2 dagar sedan
I know Zoella got a lot of backlash over the collaboration with her publisher and i honestly don't care if she wrote the bulk of it, but i think it Girl Online was the perfect book for her audience at the time. Yes it's a cheesy and cliché book for 13 year old girls and a lot like many similar books but at least it had some discussion of mental health and propably got some teens into reading!
Stephanie Luther
Stephanie Luther 2 dagar sedan
Very generous of you to assume that Jake Paul wrote that book. I bet he wrote that intro and a ghost writer wrote the rest.
Solomon 2 dagar sedan
Bro are you wearing a fucking CONTORTIONIST shirt? That's so sick
Lexi Martinez
Lexi Martinez 2 dagar sedan
this is funny
americo 2 dagar sedan
Bruh the phone call scene sounds like sum crap straight out of gta5 when u get phone calls for a certain mission lmao
Philip Thomas
Philip Thomas 2 dagar sedan
An above ground pull that hasn't been filled has the same depth as an above ground pull that has been filled. The amount of water doesn't determine the depth of the pool itself, the depth is just determined by measuring the height pool's walls. Js.
phoenix axel
phoenix axel 2 dagar sedan
This is interesting to watch after charli came out with her book. No hate to her obviously, I think it’s cool her younger fans can have someone close to their age to look up to, but it’s interesting to see
Max Pupillo
Max Pupillo 2 dagar sedan
Who thinks when drew gets 3mil he should make about SVdownr books. That’s irony
Pingu the Noscoper
Pingu the Noscoper 2 dagar sedan
Only SVdownr book l’ve ever bought was DanTDMs book (l remember liking but l was 8 so l don’t know what that says)
Mariana Gonçalves
Mariana Gonçalves 2 dagar sedan
Crimson Nikos
Crimson Nikos 2 dagar sedan
It’s almost time for drew to write his book
ya know
ya know 2 dagar sedan
he forgot the Miranda sings books, there so funny😭
Zakariya Soondar
Zakariya Soondar 3 dagar sedan
I got a jake paul ad before this vid wtf
Gm_ difficulty
Gm_ difficulty 3 dagar sedan
Drew ngl I get why people read their favorite SVdownrs books cause of you wrote a book, even if it was about farm animals I’d probably it it
Snoovian 3 dagar sedan
1:38 left man be having a staring contest with a weeping angel
CJCHU 3 dagar sedan
Sneedies 3 dagar sedan
The way the adult Logan Paul decides to tell young girls men only see them as objects and sex is all they want from them is so genuinely sad. Like, i hope the young girls that read that book r okay now and I hope them and their girlfriends and probably also their unorthodox reptilian/amphibian pet r doing good.
Bbomb 3 dagar sedan
The only SVdown drama I care about is who holds the record on bowsers big bean burrito.
Jake of all trades
Jake of all trades 3 dagar sedan
“What the fuck did I just read?” I lost it...
Utopia Light
Utopia Light 3 dagar sedan
I can't imagine anyone will actually buy theses books
Musa Brennan
Musa Brennan 3 dagar sedan
you would be so fucking good at doing audiobooks
Heya 3 dagar sedan
cyriaks book is pretty cool
Paul Viskup
Paul Viskup 3 dagar sedan
bruh did you even read danTDM's comic book not great but still unique
Audrey Bree Devilens
Audrey Bree Devilens 3 dagar sedan
Scrolling through the book?
G-Force FGT
G-Force FGT 3 dagar sedan
The 4th type of youtuber book is activity packs
Joshua Anderson
Joshua Anderson 3 dagar sedan
I wanna see Jake Paul’s first draft of the book and see how much intellect is in that tiny brain of his
millicent devina
millicent devina 3 dagar sedan
I wonder if Drew has come back to this and how fucked up Jake Paul is..
lydia pinnell
lydia pinnell 3 dagar sedan
I miss charlieissocoollike 😭😭😭😭
PMtoAM 4 dagar sedan
I always liked the book of mythicality
winkie3331 4 dagar sedan
15:27 "it is at least better than scrolling through the book"
Cloud Kitsune
Cloud Kitsune 4 dagar sedan
DanTDM had a good book, I also like the series the popularmmos made
амогус 4 dagar sedan
That's cuz you're literally 7
Jeskers18 4 dagar sedan
This may just be me but it looks like Gabby tried to copy Bo Burnham's book.
Meghan A.
Meghan A. 4 dagar sedan
you're almost at 3 million subscribers now. you should probably start planning your book
Renner Ren
Renner Ren 4 dagar sedan
I actually do need a haircute
Kuhgs 5 dagar sedan
Pt 2
Kuhgs 5 dagar sedan
Or 2
linkislovely 5 dagar sedan
Hope you've started writing your book, you're almost at 3mil
Sameen Mannal
Sameen Mannal 5 dagar sedan
Me, a self-taught writer who writes fanfiction: _Man, I feel better about my stories after finding out about SVdownr books_
Tyleezie 5 dagar sedan
It’s true drew I do need a haircut says my wife
frogsrcool 5 dagar sedan
oh god gabbie hanna
frogsrcool 5 dagar sedan
okay, okay i admit it wasn't that bad but..... still
Rakyoon 5 dagar sedan
I wrote weird furry stories when I was 14 on Wattpad with more readability and life lessons than this book.
Great Greebo
Great Greebo 5 dagar sedan
I know I’m late to the game...but what about ONISION?!? This human dumpster fire wrote a total of 3 books.I would LOVE to see you review those🤣
Gab Ocampo
Gab Ocampo 6 dagar sedan
10:44 how u do that?
амогус 4 dagar sedan
What do you mean?
Ishan Kumar
Ishan Kumar 6 dagar sedan
As usual, Michael bay is a reason for another dumpster fire.
Bonnie Fitz
Bonnie Fitz 6 dagar sedan
hes almost at 3 mill... get ready for a book
exeHacker 6 dagar sedan
Petition for Drew to publish a book.
Silentgreenninja !
Silentgreenninja ! 6 dagar sedan
Nice shirt.
Cl Arice Tayag
Cl Arice Tayag 6 dagar sedan
The good colony orly point because oven additionly store given a debonair permission. obscene, callous transmission
Margaret Gard
Margaret Gard 6 dagar sedan
He’s almost at 3M followers, when can we expect the book?
Nicolo warnking
Nicolo warnking 7 dagar sedan
You should cover pewds book (I’m saying this midway through the video so you might already have in this video, but still)
Dimitrije Djurdjevic
Dimitrije Djurdjevic 7 dagar sedan
well i see that Drew is reading Patrick Batemans new book
Gabe Bell
Gabe Bell 7 dagar sedan
This is my favorite book svdown.info/post/video/hpexkJOumHF92Ks.html
King DeeDeeDon't
King DeeDeeDon't 7 dagar sedan
only 80k until you have to write a book drew!
apostrophe catastrophe
it’s almost time for Drew to write his own book
That Local Car Guy
That Local Car Guy 8 dagar sedan
I hated Jake Paul before I watched this, reeeaaaallllllyyyyyyyyy hate him now.
priyanshi miglani
priyanshi miglani 8 dagar sedan
Wait drew is about to hit 3 mil what if he writes a book-😳
Elle Gilmore
Elle Gilmore 8 dagar sedan
Krazykat 8 dagar sedan
He nearly needs to write a book
Graffiti - 64
Graffiti - 64 8 dagar sedan
he's right, how did he know?! I do need a haircut : 0
Carlos Santana
Carlos Santana 8 dagar sedan
Their writing style is so fucking painful. Especially Jake Paul's, it's worse than a middle schooler's.
Agathe Pons
Agathe Pons 8 dagar sedan
"There are some good poems" ---- Proceeds to name exactly *no* poems. I mean I would believe you but I've already read too many critics at this point to be convinced that this work should've been published. (Just my opinion)
Itzsnowygacha 9 dagar sedan
I swear drew always has a sponsor
vicky wen
vicky wen 9 dagar sedan
you're almost at 3 mil subs when is your book coming out?
how to edit tv
how to edit tv 9 dagar sedan
Oh god i do need a heircut
Black Dog
Black Dog 9 dagar sedan
The fact that I share a name with Jake Paul makes me somewhat ill.
Matthew Coscia
Matthew Coscia 9 dagar sedan
“Scrolling through the book”
Sarah Chung
Sarah Chung 9 dagar sedan
"as you're scrolling through the book"
Pancake Master
Pancake Master 9 dagar sedan
Why was this even published?
ツTiffany 9 dagar sedan
I would rather read a shitty Wattpad fan fiction than read Jake Paul's book. Yikes. And the title of the book sounds like it's a music video, "you gotta want it." What.
Zomby Jano
Zomby Jano 9 dagar sedan
H. G. Wells? Tolkien? Douglas Adams? I only read fine literature from Logan Paul. *looks at script* Jake Paul! *looks at script again* I can't read.
4rkain3 9 dagar sedan
WHYJDSKDNSK LITERALLY I NEED A HAIRCUT RN *AND* I ONLY DON’T READ BOOKS BC OF VIDEO GAMES. Listen, I used to be an avid reader. I still love reading. But… I also love exploring. So games like No Man’s Sky, Elite: Dangerous, Skyrim V: The Elder Scrolls, Minecraft: The Last Earthbender, Subnautica, etc. are even more intriguing.
4rkain3 9 dagar sedan
Also: You’ll need to write a book soon. Just 0.8 M more subscribers before you *diversify*!
Hat Luce
Hat Luce 9 dagar sedan
Ur almost at 3mill ur going to write a book soon
srivathson sam
srivathson sam 9 dagar sedan
" Shirts are overrated " Cringe max
korvisca petrova
korvisca petrova 10 dagar sedan
I had to convert 170 miles per hr to km/hr to see how fast was that and it came to *223km/hr.*
Fladist 10 dagar sedan
Oh, look Drew almost has to write a book.
micah 10 dagar sedan
Nice Contortionists shirt. Exoplanet is still a masterpiece
Just Cakes
Just Cakes 10 dagar sedan
Hey Drew you're almost at 3 million subscribers, whens the book coming to stores?
Ella O'Malley
Ella O'Malley 10 dagar sedan
SVdownr books are just influencers bragging about themselves but passing it off as advice so they don’t seem narcissistic.
Jacob Cannon
Jacob Cannon 10 dagar sedan
0:42 yeah you’re getting a little too close
Biggy Cheese
Biggy Cheese 10 dagar sedan
Once you hit 3 million subs huh
Hutch x2 Dutch
Hutch x2 Dutch 10 dagar sedan
I love your fucking shirt.
Madrigal E
Madrigal E 11 dagar sedan
So Jake Paul wrote "Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life"?
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